SerierContributions in American History

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The Politics of Loyalty: The White House and the Communist Issue 1946-1952 by Alan D. Harper 3 eksemplarer2
The Vanity of Power: American Isolationism and the First World War, 1914-1917 by John Milton Cooper 3 eksemplarer3
City and country: rural responses to urbanization in the 1920s by Don S. Kirschner 1 eksemplar4
Political Change in California: Critical Elections and Social Movements, 1890-1966 by Michael Paul Rogin 4 eksemplarer5
Negroes and the great depression; the problem of economic recovery by Raymond Wolters 5 eksemplarer6
Protestants Against Poverty: Boston's Charities, 1870-1900 by Nathan Irvin Huggins 2 eksemplarer9
The Meaning of Freedom of Speech: First Amendment Freedoms from Wilson to FDR by Paul L. Murphy 4 eksemplarer15
The Butterfly Caste: A Social History of Pellagra in the South by Elizabeth W. Etheridge 4 eksemplarer16
First Freedom. The Responses of Alabama's Blacks to Emancipation and Reconstruction by Peter Kolchin 8 eksemplarer20
California and the Dust Bowl Migration (Contributions in American History) by Walter J. Stein 11 eksemplarer21
Purity crusade: sexual morality and social control, 1868-1900 by David J. Pivar 12 eksemplarer23
America for Americans: Economic Nationalism and Anglophobia in the Late Nineteenth Century by Edward P. Crapol 3 eksemplarer28
From Contraband to Freedman: Federal Policy toward Southern Blacks, 1861-1865 by Louis S. Gerteis 2 eksemplarer29
Efficiency and Expansion: Foreign Trade Organization in the Wilson Administration, 1913-1921 by Burton I. Kaufman 2 eksemplarer34
The New Deal in Georgia: An Administrative History by Michael S. Holmes 1 eksemplar36
The Gun in America: The Origins of a National Dilemma by Lee Kennett 6 eksemplarer37
History of Black Americans: From Africa to the emergence of the cotton kingdom by Philip Sheldon Foner 6 eksemplarer40
Uncertain Saints: The Laity in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, 1900-1970 by Alan Graebner 4 eksemplarer42
The Philadelphia Riots of 1844: A Study of Ethnic Conflict by Michael Feldberg 4 eksemplarer43
Beyond the Civil War Synthesis: Political Essays of the Civil War Era (Contributions in American History) by Robert P. Swierenga 4 eksemplarer44
Battles Lost and Won: Essays from Civil War History by John T. Hubbell 3 eksemplarer45
The Popular Mood of Pre-Civil War America by Lewis O. Saum 4 eksemplarer46
A Loyal Opposition in Time of War: The Republican Party and the Politics of Foreign Policy from Pearl Harbor to Yalta by Richard E. Darilek 3 eksemplarer49
When Farmers Voted Red: The Gospel of Socialism in the Oklahoma Countryside, 1910-1924 by Garin Burbank 1 eksemplar53
Henry Highland Garnet: A Voice of Black Radicalism in the Nineteenth Century by Joel Schor 5 eksemplarer54
Blacks in the American Revolution by Philip Sheldon Foner 11 eksemplarer55
The Prophet's Army : Trotskyists in America, 1928-1941 by Constance Ashton Myers 2 eksemplarer56
Working Dress in Colonial and Revolutionary America by Peter Copeland 10 eksemplarer58
A Right to the Land: Essays on the Freedmen's Community (Contributions in American History) by Edward Magdol 4 eksemplarer61
The French forces in America, 1780-1783 by Lee B. Kennett 4 eksemplarer65
Cold War Political Justice : The Smith Act, the Communist Party, and American Civil Liberties by Michal R. Belknap 5 eksemplarer66
Manning the New Navy: The Development of a Modern Naval Enlisted Force, 1899-1940 (Contributions in American History) by Frederick S. Harrod 5 eksemplarer68
Transatlantic Revivalism : Popular Evangelicalism in Britain and America, 1790-1865 by Richard Carwardine 19 eksemplarer75
Farmers Without Farms: Agricultural Tenancy in Nineteenth-Century Iowa by Donald L. Winters 2 eksemplarer79
Sobering up : from temperance to prohibition in antebellum America, 1800-1860 by Ian R. Tyrrell 2 eksemplarer82
The Divided Metropolis: Social and Spatial Dimensions of Philadelphia, 1800-1975 by William W. Cutler 7 eksemplarer85
John Eliot's Indian Dialogues: A Study in Cultural Interaction by John Eliot 4 eksemplarer88
The XYZ Affair by William Stinchcombe 3 eksemplarer89
American Foreign Relations: A Historiographical Review by Gerald K. Haines 4 eksemplarer90
Fellow Workers and Friends: I.W.W. Free-Speech Fights As Told by Participants by Philip S. Foner 5 eksemplarer92
The Evolution of American Electoral Systems by Paul Kleppner 3 eksemplarer95
Toward a New South: ? Studies in Post-Civil War Southern Communities by Vernon Burton 4 eksemplarer97
To Free a People: American Jewish Leaders and The Jewish Problem in Eastern Europe, 1890-1914 by Gary Dean Best 4 eksemplarer98
Voting in revolutionary America : a study of elections in the original thirteen states, 1776-1789 by Robert J. Dinkin 3 eksemplarer99
Good and faithful labor : from slavery to sharecropping in the Natchez District, 1860-1890 by Ronald L.F. Davis 3 eksemplarer100
History of Black Americans: From the emergence of the cotton kingdom to the eve of the compromise of 1850 by Philip S. Foner 5 eksemplarer102
History of Black Americans : from the Compromise of 1850 to the end of the Civil War by Philip Sheldon Foner 3 eksemplarer103
The Southern Enigma: Essays on Race, Class, and Folk Culture by Jr. Walter J. Fraser 3 eksemplarer105
The Great "Red Menace": US Prosecution of American Communists, 1947-1952 by peter steinberg 1 eksemplar107
At Home on the Range: Essays on the History of Western Social and Domestic Life by John R. Wunder 2 eksemplarer108
Law, alcohol, and order : perspectives on national prohibition by David Kyvig 2 eksemplarer110
Propaganda in an open society : the Roosevelt administration and the media, 1933-1941 by Richard W. Steele 3 eksemplarer111
Radical Beginnings: Richard Hofstadter and the 1930s (Contributions in American History) by Susan Stout Baker 4 eksemplarer112
Organize or Perish: America's Independent Progressives, 1913-1933 by eugene tobin 2 eksemplarer114
The Antislavery Rank and File: A Social Profile of the Abolitionists' Constituency by Edward Magdol 5 eksemplarer117
American Frontier and Western Issues: An Historiographical Review by Roger L. Nichols 2 eksemplarer118
The Paradox of Professionalism: Reform and Public Service in Urban America, 1900-1940 by Don S. Kirschner 1 eksemplar119
Arms at Rest: Peacemaking and Peacekeeping in American History (Contributions in American History) by Joan R. Challinor 2 eksemplarer121
Close neighbors, distant friends : United States-Central American Relations by John E. Findling 3 eksemplarer122
A state divided : opposition in Pennsylvania to the American Revolution by Anne M. Ousterhout 2 eksemplarer123
American Urbanism: A Historiographical Review by Howard Gillette 3 eksemplarer125
Shades of the Sunbelt: Essays on Ethnicity, Race, and the Urban South by Randall M. Miller 3 eksemplarer128
Keepers of our past : local historical writing in the United States, 1820s-1930s by David J. Russo 0 eksemplarer129
The fragmentation of New England : comparative perspectives on economic, political, and social divisions in the eighteenth century by Bruce Colin Daniels 1 eksemplar131
The New Deal and Its Legacy: Critique and Reappraisal by Robert Eden 1 eksemplar132
The Southern Frontiers, 1607-1860: The Agricultural Evolution of the Colonial and Antebellum South by John Solomon Otto 1 eksemplar133
Looking south : chapters in the story of an American region by Winfred B. Moore, Jr. 2 eksemplarer136
News in the Mail: The Press, Post Office, and Public Information, 1700-1860s (Contributions in American History) by Richard Burket Kielbowicz 4 eksemplarer138
A quest for security : the life of Samuel Parris, 1653-1720 by Larry Dale Gragg 6 eksemplarer142
Anti-Racism in U.S. History: The First Two Hundred Years by Herbert Aptheker 18 eksemplarer143
Racism, Dissent, and Asian Americans from 1850 to the Present: A Documentary History by Philip S. Foner 2 eksemplarer148
The American Grocery Store: The Business Evolution of an Architectural Space by James Mayo 3 eksemplarer150
"Worthy Partner": The Papers of Martha Washington by Joseph E. Fields 9 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse155
The Moment of Decision: Biographical Essays on American Character and Regional Identity by Randall Miller 0 eksemplarer156
Northern Labor and Antislavery: A Documentary History by Philip S. Foner 0 eksemplarer157
Loyalists and Community in North America by Robert M. Calhoon 5 eksemplarer158
Abraham Lincoln: Sources and Style of Leadership by Frank J. Williams 1 eksemplar159
The Home-Front War: World War II and American Society by Kenneth Paul O'Brien 2 eksemplarer161
No king, no popery : anti-Catholicism in Revolutionary New England by Francis D. Cogliano 2 eksemplarer164
French newspaper opinion on the American Civil War by George M. Blackburn 1 eksemplar171
The Frontier in the Colonial South: South Carolina Backcountry, 1736-1800 by George Lloyd Johnson 2 eksemplarer175
Andrew Jackson and His Tennessee Lieutenants: A Study in Political Culture by Lormen A. Ratner 4 eksemplarer176
Utopianism and Radicalism in a Reforming America: 1888-1918 by Francis Shor 2 eksemplarer178
Frontier Profit and Loss: The British Army and the Fur Traders, 1760-1764 by Walter S. Dunn, Jr. 4 eksemplarer180
The Final Frontiers, 1880-1930: Settling the Southern Bottomlands by John Solomon Otto 3 eksemplarer183
Keeping the Faith: Race, Politics, and Social Development in Jacksonville, Florida, 1940-1970 by abel bartley 0 eksemplarer184
A Chief Justice's Progress: John Marshall from Revolutionary Virginia to the Supreme Court by David Robarge 4 eksemplarer185
African America and Haiti : emigration and Black nationalism in the nineteenth century by Chris Dixon 2 eksemplarer186
Members of the Regiment: Army Officers' Wives on the Western Frontier, 1865-1890 by Michele J. Nacy 2 eksemplarer187
An Independent Woman: The Life of Lou Henry Hoover by Anne Beiser Allen 4 eksemplarer188
The American Dole: Unemployment Relief and the Welfare State in the Great Depression by Jeff Singleton 3 eksemplarer189
Like Fire in Broom Straw: Southern Journalism and the Textile Strikes of 1929-1931 by Robert Weldon Whalen 3 eksemplarer191
Purity and Hygiene: Women, Prostitution, and the "American Plan," 1900-1930 by David J. Pivar 3 eksemplarer193
Cadwallader Colden: A Figure of the American Enlightenment by Alfred R. Hoermann 1 eksemplar195
In the affairs of the world : women, patriarchy, and power in colonial South Carolina by Cara Anzilotti 2 eksemplarer196
The Eliot Tracts: With Letters from John Eliot to Thomas Thorowgood and Richard Baxter by Michael P. Clark 2 eksemplarer199
Uncommon Americans: The Lives and Legacies of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover by Timothy Walch 1 eksemplar200
The Life of George Rogers Clark, 1752-1818: Triumphs and Tragedies by Kenneth C. Carstens 3 eksemplarer203


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