SerierCall of Cthulhu RPG Scenarios

204 Værker Popularitet 14,863 (448 Medlemmer) 3,003 Bøger 21 Anmeldelser 3.5


Shadows of Yog-Sothoth by Sandy Petersen 25 eksemplarer2010 (1st printing), 2302 (2nd printing)
The Asylum and Other Tales by Sandy Petersen 24 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse2012 (1st printing), 2303 (2nd printing)
The Fungi from Yuggoth (Call of Cthulhu Adventure) by Keith Herber 24 eksemplarer2305
Curse of the Chthonians by David A. Hargrave 29 eksemplarer2306
Masks of Nyarlathotep by Larry DiTillio 47 eksemplarer2307 (1st edition), 3304 (2nd edition)
Trail of Tsathogghua by Keith Herber 19 eksemplarer2308
Fragments of Fear by Sandy Petersen 33 eksemplarer2310
Alone Against the Dark: Defying the Triumph of the Ice by Matthew J. Costello 16 eksemplarer2312
Terror From the Stars by Scott Aniolowski 30 eksemplarer2313
Spawn of Azathoth: Herald of the End of Time by Keith Herber 23 eksemplarer2316 (1st edition)
The Statue of the Sorcerer & The Vanishing Conjurer by Mike Lewis 43 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse2318
Green and Pleasant Land: The British 1920s-1930s Cthulhu Sourcepack by Pete Tamlyn 45 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse2320
The Great Old Ones (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying, 1920s Setting) by Doug Lyons 55 eksemplarer2321
Mansions of Madness by Fred Behrendt 35 eksemplarer2327 (1st edition)
Horror on the Orient Express [Box Set] by Geoff Gillan 42 eksemplarer2331 (1st edition)
Tales of the Miskatonic Valley by Kevin A. Ross 41 eksemplarer2334 (Lovecraft Country 4)
Fearful Passages (Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game Series) by Marion Anderson 43 eksemplarer2335
At Your Door by L. N. Isynwill 51 eksemplarer2326
Escape From Innsmouth (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying, 1920s) by Kevin A. Ross 36 eksemplarer2338 (Lovecraft Country 5)
The Thing at the Threshold (Call of Cthulhu) by Paul McConnell 27 eksemplarer2339
Adventures in Arkham Country by Kevin Hassall 48 eksemplarer2342 (Lovecraft Country 6)
King of Chicago & The Secret of Marseilles by Gary Sumpter 36 eksemplarer2348
Strange Aeons: Three Unusual Times & Places by Lucya Szachnowski 45 eksemplarer2353
In the Shadows by Gary Sumpter 35 eksemplarer2357
Horror's Heart: A Short Call of Cthulhu Campaign in Montreal (Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying) by Sheldon Gillett 50 eksemplarer2359
Utatti Asfet: The Eye of Wicked Sight by Owen Guthrie 35 eksemplarer2360
The Complete Masks of Nyarlathotep by Larry DiTillio 136 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser2361 (3rd edition), 23118 (4th edition)
The Compact Trail of Tsathoggua by Keith Herber 41 eksemplarer2362
Minions by Paul McConnell 25 eksemplarer2365
Secrets by Brian M. Sammons 47 eksemplarer2367
The Dreaming Stone by Kevin Ross 31 eksemplarer2368
Escape From Innsmouth - Second Edition, Expanded & Revised by Kevin Ross 45 eksemplarer2371
Dead Reckonings by Kevin Ross 21 eksemplarer2373 (Lovecraft Country 8)
Day of the Beast by Keith Herber 33 eksemplarer2374
Before the Fall: Innsmouth Adventures Prior to the Great Raid of 1928 by Dula 36 eksemplarer2377 (Lovecraft Country 9)
Beyond the Mountains of Madness by Charles Engan 100 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse2380
No Man's Land: WWI Mythos Action With the Lost Battalion by Sam Johnson 38 eksemplarer2385
Ramsey Campbell's Goatswood and Less Pleasant Places by Scott David Aniolowski 49 eksemplarer2393
Shadows of Yog-Sothoth: A Global Campaign to Save Mankind (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying) by Sandy Petersen 63 eksemplarer2397 (2nd edition)
Cthulhu Classics by Scott Aniolowski 32 eksemplarer3301
Cthulhu Casebook (Call of Cthulhu) by William A. Barton 49 eksemplarer3305
Curse of Cthulhu: A Campaign of Desperate Struggle Against the Brotherhood by Keith Herber 38 eksemplarer3306
The Stars Are Right! - Nine Disturbing Tales of Mankind's Corruption (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying) by Keith Herber 59 eksemplarer23100 (2nd edition)
Spawn Of Azathoth: Herald of the End Of Time (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying) by Keith Herber 29 eksemplarer23101 (2nd edition)
Tatters of the King by Tim Wiseman 79 eksemplarer23104
Mansions of Madness (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying, 1920s Era) by Michael DeWolfe 40 eksemplarer23110 (2nd edition)
Terrors from Beyond by Gary Sumpter 20 eksemplarer23113
Strange Aeons II: Nine Adventures in Unusual Times & Places (Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying) by Christopher Smith Adair 18 eksemplarer23117
Canis Mysterium: A Scenario with Bite by Scott Haartman 12 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse23124
The Two-Headed Serpent by Paul Fricker 21 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse23125
The House of R'lyeh: Five Scenarios Based on Tales by H.P. Lovecraft (Call of Cthulhu roleplaying) by Brian Courtemanche 13 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse23127
Terror From The Skies by Colin Hart 15 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse23128
Horror on the Orient Express: A Luxury Campaign Spanning the European Continent (Call of Cthulhu roleplaying) by Geoff Gillan 24 eksemplarer23130 (2nd edition)
Dead Light: Surviving One Night Outside of Arkham (Call of Cthulhu roleplaying) by Alan Bligh 12 eksemplarer23132
Nameless Horrors: Six Dreadful Adventures for Call of Cthulhu by Mike Mason 24 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse23133
Ripples from Carcosa: Three Scenarios Exploring Hastur, Carcosa, & The King in Yellow (Call of Cthulhu roleplaying, #23134) by Oscar Rios 23 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse23134
Gateways to Terror: Three Evenings of Nightmare by Chaosium Inc 9 eksemplarer23140
Cold Harvest: Roleplaying During the Great Purges by Chad Bowser 16 eksemplarer23143
Alone Against the Flames: A Solo Adventure for the Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed. Quick-Start Rules (Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying) by Gavin Inglis 20 eksemplarer23145
Doors to Darkness by Brian M. Sammons 26 eksemplarer23148
Reign of Terror by Mark Morrison 14 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse23149
Masks of Nyarlathotep (Omnibus PDF, Vol. I and II) by Larry DiTillio 22 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse23153
Alone Against the Dark: A Solo Play Call of Cthulhu Mini Campaign. by Chaosium Inc 15 eksemplarer23154
Shadows Over Stillwater: Against the Mythos in the Down Darker Trails Setting by Chaosium Inc 3 eksemplarer23156
Scritch Scratch by Lynne Hardy 5 eksemplarer23157
Dead Light & Other Dark Turns: Two Unsettling Encounters on the Road by Alan Bligh 6 eksemplarer23159
Call of Cthulhu: A Cold Fire Within (Pulp Cthulhu) by Chaosium Inc 8 eksemplarer23162
The Shadow Over Providence by Jon Hook 5 eksemplarer23163
Mansions of Madness Vol.I (Call of Cthulhu) by Chaosium Inc 2 eksemplarer23167
Does Love Forgive? by Lynne Hardy 4 eksemplarer23172
Alone Against the Tide by Chaosium Inc 2 eksemplarer23174
The atomic beast by Bob Geis 1 eksemplarGenCon 2011
Cthulhu Invictus - Fabulae by Chad Bowser 2 eksemplarerCthulhu Invictus Scenario Seeds
Alone Against the Frost: Solitaire Adventure in Canada's Wilds by Glen Rahman 7 eksemplarer23164
The Lightless Beacon: When the Lights Went Out by Leigh Carr 2 eksemplarer7th Edition (#WeAreAllUs)
Call of Cthulhu - The Bleeding Stone of Iphtah by Anonymus 0 eksemplarer

Joc Internacional

Games Workshop

Trail of the Loathsome Slime by Marcus L. Rowland 12 eksemplarerMM1 01029
Nightmare in Norway by Marcus L. Rowland 15 eksemplarerMM3 01031

Descartes Editeur

Éditions Sans-Détour

Etranges époques 1&2 - Supplément Appel de Cthulhu by Alessandro Mana 1 eksemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 13
Sans Détour - L'Appel de Cthulhu JDR - Sous un Ciel de Sang 1 eksemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 25
Appel de Cthulhu 6 ED N°38 Le Musée de Lhomme 1 eksemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 38
L'Appel de Cthulhu V7 - Aventures effroyables by Tristan Lhomme 2 eksemplarerÉditions Sans-Détour 42

ADP Systems

The curse by Tony Hickie 1 eksemplar
Shades of night by Tony Hickie 1 eksemplar
The Armstrong malison by Tony Hickie 1 eksemplar

Cthulhu Reborn

Deadwave by Mark Morrison 1 eksemplarCR3003
The Past is Doomed by Geoff Gillan 2 eksemplarerCR3004
The Machine King by Geoff Gillan 1 eksemplarCR3006
In a Different Light by Dean Engelhardt 2 eksemplarer
Porphyry and Asphodel by Penelope Love 3 eksemplarer

Dark Cult Games

The Star on the Shore by Ben Burns 6 eksemplarerDCG-SS-SC-1

Dark Osprey

Golden Goblin Press

Tales of the Crescent City: Adventures in Jazz Era New Orleans by Stuart Boon 12 eksemplarerGGP1401
De Horrore Cosmico - Six Scenarios for Cthulhu Invictus (Call of Cthulhu) by Oscar Rios 4 eksemplarerGGP1502
De Horrore Cosmico 7th Edition Conversion Notes by Oscar Rios 1 eksemplar
Tales of the Caribbean (Golden Goblin Press Presents) by et al. Phredd Groves 2 eksemplarerGGP1603
Cold Warning by Scott David Aniolowski 3 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelseGGP1701
Riot at Red Plank by Phredd Groves 1 eksemplarGGP1803
Fronti Nulla Fides by Oscar Rios 2 eksemplarerGGP1907
Tails of Valor by Stuart Boon 2 eksemplarerGGP1911
Riding The Northbound by Oscar Rios 2 eksemplarerGGP1909
Legends of New Orleans by Oscar Rios 2 eksemplarerGG10010
Black Goat of New Orleans by Matthew Morgan 2 eksemplarerGGP

Goodman Games

Age of Cthulhu: Death in Luxor by Harley Stroh 13 eksemplarerAge of Cthulhu 1
Age Of Cthulhu 2 Madness In London Town by Rick Maffei 17 eksemplarerAge of Cthulhu 2
Age Of Cthulhu: Shadows of Leningrad by Mike Ferguson 15 eksemplarerAge of Cthulhu 3
Age of Cthulhu: Horrors from Yuggoth by Adrian M. Pommier 9 eksemplarerAge of Cthulhu 4
The Long Reach of Evil (Age of Cthulhu, Vol. 5) by Mike Ferguson 8 eksemplarerAge of Cthulhu 5
Age of Cthulhu 7: Timeless Sands of India by Jon Hook 4 eksemplarerAge of Cthulhu 7
Age of Cthulhu 6: A Dream of Japan by Brendan J. Lasalle 7 eksemplarerAge of Cthulhu 6
Age of Cthulhu: Starfall Over The Plateau of Leng by Jon Hook 4 eksemplarerAge of Cthulhu 8
Age of Cthulhu: The Lost Expedition by Jon Hook 3 eksemplarerAge of Cthulhu 9


The Horrible Secret of Monhegan Island (Call of Cthulhu) by Gary Pilkington 11 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelseGrenadier 701


Miskatonic River Press

New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley by Keith Herber 22 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelseMRP0003
Our Ladies of Sorrow by Kevin Ross 17 eksemplarerMRP0005
More Adventures in Arkham Country by Scott David Aniolowski 13 eksemplarerMRP0007
Tales of the Sleepless City by Scott David Aniolowski 8 eksemplarerMRP0011
Lux in Tenebras: A Light in the Darkness by Chad Bowser 1 eksemplar

New Comet Games

Open Design LLC

Red Eye of Azathoth by Chad Bowser 3 eksemplarerREAz

Otherworld Creations

Pagan Publishing

Alone on Halloween-a Solo Scenario Against the Children of the Night (Call of the Cthulhu) by John Tynes 13 eksemplarer1000
Devil's Children by David Conyers 7 eksemplarerPAG1001
Walker in the wastes by John H Crowe 24 eksemplarerPAG1002
Coming Full Circle by John H Crowe 31 eksemplarerPAG1003
The Realm of Shadows by Blair Reynolds 36 eksemplarerPAG1006
Mortal Coils by Dennis Detwiller 34 eksemplarerPAG1007
The Resurrected 3: Out of the Vault by John Tynes 18 eksemplarerPAG1009 (The Resurrected 3)
Final Flight by John H Crowe 13 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelsePAG1011
Bumps in the Night by John H. Crowe III 6 eksemplarerPAG1014
Grace Under Pressure (Call of Cthulhu: The Resurrected, Vol 1) by Jeff Barber 9 eksemplarerPAG2100 (The Resurrected 1)
Of keys & gates (The resurrected) by John H Crowe 7 eksemplarerPAG2101 (The Resurrected 2)
Tales of Terror: Scenario Ideas for Call of Cthulhu by Steve Hatherly 4 eksemplarerPAG2102 (Scenario Seeds)
More Tales of Terror: Scenario ideas for Call of Cthulhu by Steve Hatherly 4 eksemplarerPAG2105 (Scenario Seeds)

Pinnacle Entertainment

Adios, A-Mi-Go! by Shane Lacy Hensley 25 eksemplarerWeird West Dime Novels 8 (9007)

Sentinel Hill Press

The Dare by Kevin A. Ross 2 eksemplarerSHP-HS-1

Sixtystone Press

Diggin' up the world by Dan Harms 1 eksemplarSSP001

Sons of the Singularity

Stygian Fox

New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley (2nd Edition) by Keith Herber 4 eksemplarer
The Unbearable Likeness by Simon Brake 2 eksemplarerFXC-01
The Dark Forest by Chitin Proctor 2 eksemplarerFXC-02
Autophagia: Fear & Infection In From the High Seas by Tyler Omichinski 2 eksemplarerFXC-03
Nakuko: The Weeping Child by Glynn Owen Barrass 2 eksemplarerFXC-04
I Want to Play by Adam Gauntlett 1 eksemplarFXC-07
The Foulness Island Vanishings: A Corrupting Infiltration in a Time of War by Glynn Owen Barrass 1 eksemplarFXC-08
Under A Winter's Snow by Nathan Ross 2 eksemplarerFXC-09
The Darkness Over Eaglescar by Glynn Owen Barrass 2 eksemplarerFXC-10
Salo's Glory by Glynn Owen Barrass 2 eksemplarerFXC-11
Whatever Happened To Alicia Thorne? by Sean Smith 2 eksemplarerFXC-13
Station 'S' by Rachael Randolph 2 eksemplarerFXC-16
Darkness in the Void by Glynn Owen Barrass 2 eksemplarerFXC-17

Theatre of the Mind

The Arkham Evil by John Diaper 10 eksemplarerT-1
Death in Dunwich (Call of Cthulhu) by Ed Wimble 14 eksemplarerT-2
Pursuit to Kadath by Bob Gallagher 16 eksemplarerT-3
Whispers From the Abyss and Other Tales (Call of Cthulhu) by Chip Bickley 9 eksemplarerT-4
Glozel Est Authentique! by Bob Gallagher 7 eksemplarerT-5

Three Fourteen Games

Triad Entertainments

Two Starving Gnolls

Pax Cthuliana by Jarle Haktorson 2 eksemplarerTSG0001

Weird 8

Sun Spots by Dave Sokolowski 1 eksemplarW8_004


The Books of Uncle Silas 1 eksemplar
Collecting dust by Harris Burkhalter 1 eksemplar
The colony by David Conyers 1 eksemplar
Fear of falling by Steve Hatherley 1 eksemplar
The horror on Haldon Hill by Rick Lippiet 1 eksemplar
The maze of madness: a gothic horror adventure by Geoffrey Cordery 1 eksemplar
Never say never by Adam Gauntlett 1 eksemplar
A New Jerusalem by Adam Gauntlett 1 eksemplar
Niteside Dreams 1 eksemplar
The Preacher and the Cross..pdf 1 eksemplar
Call of Cthulhu - Return to the Monolith by Anonymus 0 eksemplarer
The screaming horror of Creech Hill by Christian Jensen Romer 1 eksemplar
Spirits over Arkham by Terry White 1 eksemplar
Tatterdemallion - An Experience in Fear 1 eksemplar
Devil's Children by David; Witteveen David; Godley Conyers, David 1 eksemplarThe Witch Cycle 1
Call of Cthulhu - Thin Jack by Anonymus 0 eksemplarer
Call of Cthulhu - The thing in the park by Anonymus 0 eksemplarer
Here Be Dragons by Deane P. Goodwin 1 eksemplar
Pagan Call 0 - Background by Kevin Anderson 1 eksemplarPagan Call 0
Pagan Call 1 - The Fall of Guthlac Abbey by Kevin Anderson 1 eksemplarPagan Call 1
Pagan Call 2 - The Clan by Kevin Anderson 1 eksemplarPagan Call 2
Pagan Call 3 - The Blue Stone by Kevin Anderson 1 eksemplarPagan Call 3
Pagan Call 4 - The Tower by Kevin Anderson 1 eksemplarPagan Call 4
Pagan Call 5 - Shadow Kingdoms by Kevin Anderson 1 eksemplarPagan Call 5
Pagan Call 6 - Annwn by Stephane Gesbert 1 eksemplarPagan Call 6
Mystery on Mona by Oscar Rios 1
The Secret of Silcestre by Andy Miller 1 eksemplarMiskatonic Respository


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