SerierCambridge Studies in Linguistics

151 Værker Popularitet 15,583 (382 Medlemmer) 1,005 Bøger 2 Anmeldelser 4.1
Prosodic Systems and Intonation in English by David Crystal 9 eksemplarer1
Operators and nucleus : a contribution to the theory of grammar by Pieter A. M. Seuren 3 eksemplarer2
The sentence in written English; a syntactic study based on an analysis of scientific texts by Rodney D. Huddleston 2 eksemplarer3
The Grammar of Case by John M. Anderson 12 eksemplarer4
Linguistic Evolution: With Special Reference to English by M. L. Samuels 15 eksemplarer5
Inflectional Morphology by P. H. Matthews 12 eksemplarer6
Phonological Rules and Dialect Variation by Gillian Brown 3 eksemplarer7
The Generative Interpretation of Dialect: A Study of Modern Greek Phonology by Brian Newton 5 eksemplarer8
The Dyirbal Language of North Queensland by R. M. W. Dixon 18 eksemplarer9
Transformational Grammar as a Theory of Language Acquisition by Bruce L. Derwing 13 eksemplarer10
Early Syntactic Development: A Cross-Linguistic Study with Special Reference to Finnish by Melissa Bowerman 7 eksemplarer11
Accent and Rhythm by W. Sidney Allen 16 eksemplarer12
The Social Differentiation of English in Norwich by Peter Trudgill 4 eksemplarer13
Old English phonology by Roger Lass 6 eksemplarer14
Presupposition and the delimitation of semantics by Ruth M. Kempson 7 eksemplarer15
The Linguistic Theory of Numerals by James R. Hurford 3 eksemplarer16
English Phonology and Phonological Theory: Synchronic and Diachronic Studies by Roger Lass 5 eksemplarer17
The Syntax of Welsh by G. M. Awbery 6 eksemplarer18
A Grammar of Yidiɲ by R. M. W. Dixon 5 eksemplarer19
Foundations of theoretical phonology by James Foley 7 eksemplarer20
Foundations of Linguistics by Dieter Wunderlich 11 eksemplarer22
Principles of Diachronic Syntax by David W. Lightfoot 9 eksemplarer23
A Functional Approach to Child Language by Annette Karmiloff-Smith 8 eksemplarer24
Psychological Reality in Phonology: A Theoretical Study by Per Linell 1 eksemplar25
Studies in the Acquisition of Deictic Terms by Christine Tanz 2 eksemplarer26
On Explaining Language Change by Roger Lass 7 eksemplarer27
Referential-Semantic Analysis: Aspects of a Theory of Linguistic Reference by Torben Thrane 3 eksemplarer28
Ngiyambaa: The Language of the Wangaaybuwan by Tamsin Donaldson 4 eksemplarer29
Quantity in historical phonology : Icelandic and related cases by Kristján Árnason 4 eksemplarer30
The Phonetic Description of Voice Quality by John Laver 9 eksemplarer31
A Grammar of Diyari, South Australia by Peter Austin 6 eksemplarer32
Georgian Syntax: A Study in Relational Grammar by Alice C. Harris 4 eksemplarer33
Socio-Historical Linguistics: Its Status and Methodology (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics) by Suzanne Romaine 4 eksemplarer34
Explanations in the Study of Child Language Development by Martin Atkinson 5 eksemplarer35
The Future in Thought and Language: Diachronic Evidence from Romance by Suzanne Fleischman 11 eksemplarer36
Variation in an English Dialect: A Sociolinguistic Study by Jenny Cheshire 1 eksemplar37
Functional Syntax and Universal Grammar by William A. Foley 12 eksemplarer38
Syntactic Theory in the High Middle Ages by Michael A. Covington 8 eksemplarer39
Syntactic chains by Kenneth J. Safir 3 eksemplarer40
Semantics and Syntax by J. Miller 1 eksemplar41
Mass Terms and Model-Theoretic Semantics by Harry C. Bunt 2 eksemplarer42
Metrical Phonology and Phonological Structure by Heinz J. Giegerich 1 eksemplar43
Natural Syntax by John Haiman 2 eksemplarer44
Variation in Australian English by Barbara M. Horvath 4 eksemplarer45
Parallel Structures in Syntax Coordination, causatives and restructuring by Grant Goodall 3 eksemplarer46
Principles of Dependency Phonology by John Mathieson Anderson 2 eksemplarer47
Discourse Structure and Anaphora: Written and Conversational English (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics) by Barbara A. Fox 2 eksemplarer48
The development of English aspectual systems : aspectualizers and post-verbal particles by Laurel J. Brinton 2 eksemplarer49
Predication theory : a case study for indexing theory by Donna Jo Napoli 3 eksemplarer50
From Etymology to Pragmatics by Eve Sweetser 28 eksemplarer54
Relevance relations in discourse : a study with special reference to Sissala by Regina Blass 2 eksemplarer55
On Definiteness by Andrew Chesterman 1 eksemplar56
The Syntax of Noun Phrases by Alessandra Giorgi 12 eksemplarer57
Conditions on Phonological Government by Monik Charette 1 eksemplar58
Grammatical Voice by M. H. Klaiman 17 eksemplarer59
The Syntax and Semantics of Middle Constructions: A Study with Special Reference to German (Cambridge Studies in Linguis by Sarah M. B. Fagan 1 eksemplar60
Universal Grammar and Language Learnability by Anjum P. Saleemi 1 eksemplar61
A-Morphous Morphology by Stephen R. Anderson 36 eksemplarer62
Switch-Reference and Discourse Representation by Lesley Stirling 1 eksemplar63
A Theory of Aspectuality by Henk J. Verkuyl 7 eksemplarer64
Lexicon in Acquisition by Eve V. Clark 9 eksemplarer65
English auxiliaries structure and history by Anthony R. Warner 1 eksemplar66
Grammatical Theory in the United States from Bloomfield to Chomsky by P. H. Matthews 8 eksemplarer67
Negative and Positive Polarity A Binding Approach by Ljiljana Progovac 1 eksemplar68
Ergativity by R. M. W. Dixon 32 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse69
The Syntax and Pragmatics of Anaphora by Yan Huang 1 eksemplar70
Information Structure and Sentence Form by Knud Lambrecht 12 eksemplarer71
Principles of English Stress by Luigi Burzio 8 eksemplarer72
A Performance Theory of Order and Constituency by John A. Hawkins 7 eksemplarer73
Historical Syntax in Cross-Linguistic Perspective by Alice C. Harris 19 eksemplarer74
The Syntax of Negation by Liliane Haegeman 2 eksemplarer75
Syntax and Parsing by Paul Gorrell 2 eksemplarer76
Italian Syntax and Universal Grammar by Guglielmo Cinque 3 eksemplarer77
Restrictiveness in Case Theory by Henry Smith 4 eksemplarer78
Intonational Phonology by D. Robert Ladd 31 eksemplarer79
The Raising of Predicates by Andrea Moro 4 eksemplarer80
Historical Linguistics and Language Change by Roger Lass 19 eksemplarer81
A Notional Theory of Syntactic Categories by John M. Anderson 1 eksemplar82
Possession by Bernd Heine 7 eksemplarer83
The Dynamics of Focus Structure by Nomi Erteschik-Shir 2 eksemplarer84
Phonological Representations: Their Names, Forms and Powers by John Coleman 4 eksemplarer85
Slavic Prosody by Christina Y. Bethin 4 eksemplarer86
Conditionals and Prediction: Time, Knowledge and Causation in Conditional Constructions by Barbara Dancygier 3 eksemplarer87
Creole Genesis and the Acquisition of Grammar: The Case of Haitian Creole by Claire Lefebvre 3 eksemplarer88
Lexical Strata in English: Morphological Causes, Phonological Effects by Heinz J. Giegerich 6 eksemplarer89
Morpheme Order and Semantic Scope by Keren Rice 9 eksemplarer90
Lexical Phonology and the History of English by April McMahon 14 eksemplarer91
Tone Sandhi: Patterns Across Chinese Dialects by Matthew Y. Chen 12 eksemplarer92
Inflectional Morphology: A Theory of Paradigm Structure by Gregory T. Stump 7 eksemplarer93
Phonology and Language Use by Joan Bybee 24 eksemplarer94
Morphological Productivity by Laurie Bauer 5 eksemplarer95
The Syntax of Adjuncts by Thomas Ernst 13 eksemplarer96
Regularity in Semantic Change by Elizabeth Closs Traugott 14 eksemplarer97
Children's discourse : person, space and time across languages by Maya Hickmann 3 eksemplarer98
Relevance and Linguistic Meaning by Diane Blakemore 14 eksemplarer99
Syntactic Change by Ian Roberts 9 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse100
Alliteration and Sound Change in Early English by Donka Minkova 2 eksemplarer101
Lexical Categories: Verbs, Nouns and Adjectives by Mark C. Baker 31 eksemplarer102
Modes of discourse : the local structure of texts by Carlota S. Smith 5 eksemplarer103
Morphology and Lexical Semantics by Rochelle Lieber 6 eksemplarer104
The Acquisition of Complex Sentences (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics) by Holger Diessel 1 eksemplar105
Reduplication by Sharon Inkelas 7 eksemplarer106
Fluent Aphasia by Susan Edwards 4 eksemplarer107
Mental Spaces in Grammar by Barbara Dancygier 4 eksemplarer108
The Syntax-Morphology Interface by Matthew Baerman 9 eksemplarer109
Linguistics and the Formal Sciences by Marcus Tomalin 10 eksemplarer110
Derivations in Minimalism by Samuel David Epstein 5 eksemplarer111
Markedness by Paul de Lacy 3 eksemplarer112
Subjects and Universal Grammar by Yehuda N. Falk 4 eksemplarer113
Syntactic Relations by P. H. Matthews 7 eksemplarer114
The Syntax of Agreement and Concord by Mark C. Baker 9 eksemplarer115
Verb Meaning and the Lexicon by Gillian Catriona Ramchand 4 eksemplarer116
Functional Categories by Pieter Muysken 9 eksemplarer117
Syntactic Anchors: On Semantic Structuring by Juan Uriagereka 2 eksemplarer118
The Syntax of Argument Structure (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics) by Leonard H. Babby 2 eksemplarer120
The Contrastive Hierarchy in Phonology by B. Elan Dresher 3 eksemplarer121
Mirrors and microparameters : phrase structure beyond free word order by David Adger 1 eksemplar122
Coordination in Syntax (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics) by Niina Ning Zhang 3 eksemplarer123
Onsets suprasegmental and prosodic behaviour by Nina Topintzi 2 eksemplarer125
The grammar of polarity pragmatics, sensitivity, and the logic of scales by Michael Israel 4 eksemplarer127
Grammatical Categories: Variation in Romance Languages by Maria Rita Manzini 9 eksemplarer128
Symmetry in syntax: merge, move and labels by Barbara Citko 5 eksemplarer129
Vowel Patterns in Language by Rachel Walker 7 eksemplarer130
Objects and Information Structure by Mary Dalrymple 6 eksemplarer131
The Modular Architecture of Grammar by Jerrold M. Sadock 5 eksemplarer132
Network morphology a defaults-based theory of word structure by Dunstan Brown 8 eksemplarer133
Morphosyntactic change a comparative study of particles and prefixes by Bettelou Los 4 eksemplarer134
The Emergence of Meaning (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics) by Stephen Crain 4 eksemplarer135
Symmetry Breaking in Syntax by Hubert Haider 2 eksemplarer136
Null subjects by José Camacho 2 eksemplarer137
Morphological Typology : from word to paradigm by Gregory [Ed] Stump 7 eksemplarer138
Output-Driven Phonology: Theory and Learning (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics) by Bruce Tesar 3 eksemplarer139
The Syntax of Imperatives (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics) by Asier Alcázar 5 eksemplarer140
The acquisition of syntactic structure : animacy and thematic alignment by Misha Becker 3 eksemplarer141
The Universal Structure of Categories: Towards a Formal Typology by Martina Wiltschko 5 eksemplarer142
The Minimalist Program : the nature and plausibility of Chomsky's biolinguistics by Fahad Rashed Al-Mutairi 4 eksemplarer143
Elementary syntactic structures : prospects of a feature-free syntax by Cedric Boeckx 5 eksemplarer144
Categorial Features: A Generative Theory of Word Class Categories (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics) by Phoevos Panagiotidis 4 eksemplarer145
Case: Its Principles and Its Parameters by Mark Baker 1 eksemplar146
The phonology of consonants: harmony, dissimilation and correspondence by Wm G. Bennett 2 eksemplarer147
Inflectional Paradigms: Content and Form at the Syntax-Morphology Interface by Gregory [Ed] Stump 4 eksemplarer149
English nouns : the ecology of nominalization by Rochelle Lieber 2 eksemplarer150
Morphological Complexity (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics) by Matthew Baerman 3 eksemplarer153
Communicative functions and linguistic forms in speech interaction by Klaus J. Kohler 3 eksemplarer156
Form and meaning in word formation : a study of Afrikaans reduplication by Rudolf P. Botha 2 eksemplarerSupplemental
The Lexical Field of Taste by A. E. Backhouse 2 eksemplarerSupplemental
Modern Irish by Mícheál Ó Siadhail 29 eksemplarerSupplemental
The synchrony and diachrony of the Balkan infinitive : a study in areal, general, and historical linguistics by Brian D. Joseph 2 eksemplarerSupplemental
Theory and Description in Generative Syntax by Liliane M. V. Haegeman 3 eksemplarerSupplemental
Young People's Dyirbal: An Example of Language Death from Australia by Annette Schmidt 7 eksemplarerSupplemental
The acquisition of aspect and modality : the case of past reference in Turkish by Ayhan Aksu-Koç 3 eksemplarerSupplementary Volume


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