SerierSUNY Series in Religious Studies

74 Værker Popularitet 9,724 (698 Medlemmer) 938 Bøger 2 Anmeldelser 3.7
The Advaita Worldview: God, World, And Humanity by Anantanand Rambachan 10 eksemplarer
America's Alternative Religions by Timothy Miller 49 eksemplarer
American Religious Empiricism by William Dean 7 eksemplarer
Bede Griffiths: A Life in Dialogue by Judson B. Trapnell 10 eksemplarer
Bhakti Religion in North India: Community Identity and Political Action by David N. Lorenzen 1 eksemplar
The Birth of the Khalsa: A Feminist Re-Memory of Sikh Identity by Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh 2 eksemplarer
Boundaries of Our Habitations: Tradition and Theological Construction by Delwin Brown 14 eksemplarer
Buddhism and Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka by Patrick Grant 3 eksemplarer
Buddhist Faith and Sudden Enlightenment by Sung Bae Park 24 eksemplarer
A Buddhist History of the West: Studies in Lack by David R. Loy 43 eksemplarer
The Buddhist World of Southeast Asia by Donald K. Swearer 52 eksemplarer
Concerning Creativity: A Comparison of Chu Hsi, Whitehead, and Neville by John H. Berthrong 4 eksemplarer
Critical Reflections on the Paranormal by Michael Stoeber 5 eksemplarer
Dattatreya: The Immortal Guru, Yogin, and Avatara: A Study of the Tranformative and Inclusive Character of a Multi-Faceted Hindu Deity by Antonio Rigopoulos 10 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Death, Ecstasy, and Other Worldly Journeys by John J. Collins 13 eksemplarer
Defending the Faith: Nineteenth-Century American Jewish Writings on Christianity and Jesus by George L. Berlin 4 eksemplarer
The Deities Are Many: A Polytheistic Theology by Jordan D. Paper 62 eksemplarer
Dispelling Illusion: Gaudapada's Alatasanti, With an Introduction by Douglas A. Fox 2 eksemplarer
Early Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism: The Mahayana Context of the Gaudapadiya-Karika by Richard King 11 eksemplarer
Egyptian Light and Hebrew Fire: Theological and Philosophical Roots of Christendom in Evolutionary Perspective by Karl W. Luckert 10 eksemplarer
Ethics for a Small Planet: New Horizons on Population, Consumption, and Ecology by Daniel C. Maguire 13 eksemplarer
Freud on Sublimation: Reconsiderations by Volney Patrick Gay 2 eksemplarer
From Early Vedanta to Kashmir Shaivism: Gaudapada, Bhartrhari, and Abhinavagupta by Natalia Isayeva 13 eksemplarer
Ganapati: Song of the Self by John A. Grimes 29 eksemplarer
The Gods Have Landed: New Religions from Other Worlds by James R. Lewis 30 eksemplarer
A Heart of Wisdom: Religion and Human Wholeness by Maurice S. Friedman 6 eksemplarer
The Hidden Lives of Brahman: Sankara's Vedanta through His Upanisad Commentaries, in Light of Contemporary Practice (SUNY Series in Religious Studies ) by Joël André-Michel Dubois 1 eksemplar
Hindu Bioethics for the Twenty-First Century by S. Cromwell Crawford 8 eksemplarer
A Hindu theology of liberation : not-two is not one by Anantanand Rambachan 7 eksemplarer
History As Apocalypse (Suny Series in Religion) by Thomas J. J. Altizer 9 eksemplarer
India's Agony over Religion by Gerald James Larson 21 eksemplarer
Indian Critiques of Gandhi by Harold G. Coward 4 eksemplarer
The Integrity of the Yoga Darsana: A Reconsideration of the Classical Yoga by Ian Whicher 14 eksemplarer
The Johannine world : reflections on the theology of the Fourth Gospel and contemporary society by David J. Hawkin 2 eksemplarer
Karma and Rebirth: Post Classical Developments by Ronald W. Neufeldt 12 eksemplarer
The Life and Teachings of Sai Baba of Shirdi by Antonio Rigopoulos 19 eksemplarer
A Light Too Bright: The Enlightenment Today: An Assessment of the Values of the European Enlightenment and a Search for New Foundations by Paulos Mar Gregorios 3 eksemplarer
Make Me A Man!: Masculinity, Hinduism, And Nationalism In India by Sikata Banerjee 6 eksemplarer
Mantra by Harvey P. Alper 10 eksemplarer
Mappila Muslim culture how a historic Muslim community in India has blended tradition and modernity by Roland E. Miller 3 eksemplarer
The Meaning of Religious Freedom: Modern Politics and the Democratic Resolution by Franklin I. Gamwell 8 eksemplarer
Meditation and the Classroom: Contemplative Pedagogy for Religious Studies by Judith Simmer-Brown 8 eksemplarer
The Minimalist Vision of Transcendence: A Naturalist Philosophy of Religion by Jerome A. Stone 11 eksemplarer
Modern Indian Interpreters of the Bhagavadgita by Robert N. Minor 6 eksemplarer
The Mystic Experience: A Descriptive and Comparative Analysis by Jordan D. Paper 16 eksemplarer
The Need for a Sacred Science by Seyyed Hossein Nasr 22 eksemplarer
Nonviolence to Animals, Earth, and Self in Asian Traditions by Christopher Key Chapple 13 eksemplarer
The Perfectibility of Human Nature in Eastern and Western Thought by Harold Coward 7 eksemplarer
Perspectives on the New Age by James R. Lewis 32 eksemplarer
The Politics of Myth: A Study of C.G. Jung, Mircea Eliade, and Joseph Campbell by Robert S. Ellwood 55 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Purifying the Earthly Body of God: Religion and Ecology in Hindu India by Lance E. Nelson 8 eksemplarer
Religion and Peacebuilding by Harold G. Coward 17 eksemplarer
Religion and Radical Empiricism by Nancy Frankenberry 3 eksemplarer
Religion, Theology, and American Public Life by Linell Elizabeth Cady 9 eksemplarer
Religious Conscience, the State, and the Law: Historical Contexts and Contemporary Significance (S U N Y Series in Religious Studies) by John McLaren 1 eksemplar
The religious dimensions of Confucianism by Rodney Leon Taylor 5 eksemplarer
Religious pluralism and truth : essays on cross-cultural philosophy of religion by Thomas Dean 9 eksemplarer
Religious Therapeutics: Body and Health in Yoga, Ayurveda, and Tantra by Gregory P. Fields 9 eksemplarer
Religious Understandings of a Good Death in Hospice Palliative Care by Harold Coward 9 eksemplarer
Samadhi: The Numinous And Cessative in Indo-Tibetan Yoga by Stuart Ray Sarbacker 7 eksemplarer
The Sermon on the Mount: A Theological Interpretation by Carl G. Vaught 22 eksemplarer
Shankara and Indian Philosophy by Natalia Isayeva 15 eksemplarer
The Solidarity of Kin: Ethnohistory, Religious Studies, and the Algonkian-French Religious Encounter by Kenneth M. Morrison 8 eksemplarer
The South Asian Religious Diaspora in Britain, Canada, and the United States by Harold G. Coward 4 eksemplarer
The Spiritual Roots of Restorative Justice by Michael L. Hadley 13 eksemplarer
Spirituality and Human Nature by Donald D. Evans 10 eksemplarer
Spirituality in Hospice Palliative Care by Paul Bramadat 5 eksemplarer
Studying the Sikhs: Issues for North America by John Stratton Hawley 1 eksemplar
The Truth of Broken Symbols by Robert C. Neville 10 eksemplarer
Understanding Mantras by Harvey P. Alper 21 eksemplarer
When prophets die : the postcharismatic fate of new religious movements by Timothy Miller 7 eksemplarer
Woman As Fire, Woman As Sage: Sexual Ideology in the Mahabharata by Arti Dhand 4 eksemplarer
A Word Fitly Spoken: Context, Transmission, and Adoption of the Parables of Jesus by Philip L. Culbertson 7 eksemplarer
Yoga and Psychology: Language, Memory, and Mysticism by Harold G. Coward 8 eksemplarer


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