ForlagsserierMathematical Notes

Dynamical Theories of Brownian Motion by Edward Nelson 4 eksemplarer3
Homolgy of Cell Complexes by George E. Cooke 6 eksemplarer4
Tensor Analysis by Edward Nelson 8 eksemplarer5
Lectures on Vector Bundles over Riemann Surfaces by Robert Clifford Gunning 3 eksemplarer6
Notes on Cobordism Theory by Robert E. Stong 5 eksemplarer7
Stationary Stochastic Processes by Takeyuki Hida 12 eksemplarer8
Topics in dynamics. I, Flows by Edward Nelson 5 eksemplarer9
Lectures on Riemann Surfaces by R. C. Gunning 10 eksemplarer12
Topics in Algebraic and Analytic Geometry: Notes from a Course of Phillip Griffiths by Phillip Griffiths 8 eksemplarer13
Lectures on Complex Analytic Varieties by R. C. Gunning 7 eksemplarer14
Fourier Analysis on Local Fields by M. H. Taibleson 3 eksemplarer15
Global variational analysis : Weierstrass integrals on a Riemannian manifold by Marston Morse 2 eksemplarer16
Introduction to Partial Differential Equations by G. B. Folland 25 eksemplarer17
Introduction to Ergodic Theory by Iakov Grigorevich Sinai 7 eksemplarer18
Estimates for the [delta]-Neumann problem by P. C. Greiner 1 eksemplar19
The motion of a surface by its mean curvature by Kenneth A. Brakke 3 eksemplarer20
Notes on Crystalline Cohomology by Pierre Berthelot 4 eksemplarer21
On uniformization of complex manifolds : the role of connections by Robert C. Gunning 2 eksemplarer22
Introduction to harmonic analysis on reductive p-adic groups : based on lectures by Harish-Chandra at the Institute for Advanced Study, 1971-73 by Allan J. Silberger 1 eksemplar23
Lectures on Pseudo-Differential Operators by Alexander Nagel 2 eksemplarer24
Non-abelian minimal closed ideals of transitive Lie algebras by Jack F. Conn 2 eksemplarer25
Exact sequences in the algebraic theory of surgery by Andrew Ranicki 1 eksemplar26
Existence and regularity of minimal surfaces on Riemannian manifolds by Jon T. Pitts 2 eksemplarer27
Hardy Spaces on Homogeneous Groups by G. B. Folland 1 eksemplar28
Lectures on exponential decay of solutions of second-order elliptic equations : bounds on eigenfunctions of N-body Schrödinger operators by Shmuel Agmon 3 eksemplarer29
Formal Knot Theory by Louis H. Kauffman 12 eksemplarer30
Cohomology of Quotients in Symplectic and Algebraic Geometry by Frances Clare Kirwan 3 eksemplarer31
Predicative Arithmetic by Edward Nelson 11 eksemplarer32
Lectures on Counterexamples in Several Complex Variables by John Eric Fornaess 5 eksemplarer33
Plateau's Problem and the Calculus of Variations by Michael Struwe 2 eksemplarer35
Casson's Invariant for Oriented Homology Three-Spheres: An Exposition by Selman Akbulut 6 eksemplarer36
D-modules and spherical representations by Frédéric V. Bien 6 eksemplarer39
Elliptic Curves by Anthony W. Knapp 19 eksemplarer40
The Seiberg-Witten Equations and Applications to the Topology of Smooth Four-Manifolds by John W. Morgan 8 eksemplarer44
Blow-up Theory for Elliptic PDEs in Riemannian Geometry by Olivier Druet 4 eksemplarer45
Quadrangular algebras by Richard M. Weiss 4 eksemplarer46
Complex ball quotients and line arrangements in the projective plane by Paula Tretkoff 5 eksemplarer51
Lectures on the H-Cobordism theorem by John Milnor 7 eksemplarer