ForlagsserierToronto Medieval Latin Texts

Gospel of Nicodemus (Toronto Medieval Latin Texts) by H.C Kim 10 eksemplarer2
Selected Letters (Toronto Medieval Latin Texts) by Peter the Venerable 10 eksemplarer3
Thirteenth-Century Anthology of Rhetorical Poems by Bruce Harbert 9 eksemplarer4
Two Alcuin Letter-Books by Alcuin 17 eksemplarer5
Three Latin Comedies (Toronto Medieval Latin Texts) by A. K. Bate 13 eksemplarer6
The life of Gundulf, Bishop of Rochester by Rodney M. Thomson 8 eksemplarer7
Genealogie deorum gentilium libri by Giovanni Boccaccio 20 eksemplarer8
Selected sermons of Stephen Langton by Stephen Langton 8 eksemplarer10
Philippe de Mézières' Campaign for the Feast of Mary's Presentation by Philippe de Mézières 6 eksemplarer11
The Rule of St. Benedict by Saint Benedict 3,075 eksemplarer, 35 anmeldelser13
Templum Dei by Robert Grosseteste 8 eksemplarer14
Oxford Poems (Toronto Medieval Latin Texts) by Hugh Primus 15 eksemplarer15
Avitus, the Fall of Man: De Spiritalis Historiae Gestis Libri I-III by Bishop of Vienne Saint Avitus 5 eksemplarer16
The fall of man : De spiritalis historiae gestis libri I-III by Avitus 8 eksemplarer16
Nigel of Canterbury: Miracles of the Virgin Mary, in Verse (Toronto Medieval Latin Texts) by Nigellus Wireker 6 eksemplarer17
Speeches from the Oculus pastoralis by Terence Tunberg 4 eksemplarer19
Vulgate Commentary on Ovid's Metamorphoses (Toronto Medieval Latin Texts) by Frank Thomas Coulson 9 eksemplarer20
Three lives of English saints by M. Winterbottom 25 eksemplarer21
Latin Colloquies from Pre-Conquest Britain (Toronto Medieval Latin Texts) by Scott Gwara 4 eksemplarer22
Stella clericorum by Erich Reiter 5 eksemplarer23
The fables of 'Walter of England' by A.E. Wright 4 eksemplarer25
A Book of British Kings 1200 Bc-1399 Ad: 1200 Bc-1399 Ad (Toronto Medieval Latin Texts) by A. G. Rigg 6 eksemplarer26
Saints Lives by Walter of Chatillon by Walter of Châtillon, 5 eksemplarer27
An Epitome of Biblical History (Toronto Medieval Latin Texts) by David Townsend 4 eksemplarer30
The sermons of William of Newburgh : edited from Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Rawlinson C.31, London, Lambeth Palace Library, MS 73, and London, British Library, MS Stowe 62 by William of Newburgh 3 eksemplarer31