William: An Englishman by Cicely Hamilton 197 eksemplarer, 18 anmeldelser1
Mariana by Monica Dickens 619 eksemplarer, 24 anmeldelser2
Someone at a Distance by Dorothy Whipple 589 eksemplarer, 25 anmeldelser3
Fidelity by Susan Glaspell 192 eksemplarer, 10 anmeldelser4
Etty Hillesum: An Interrupted Life the Diaries, 1941-1943 and Letters from Westerbork by Etty Hillesum 486 eksemplarer, 12 anmeldelser5
The Victorian Chaise-Longue by Marghanita Laski 441 eksemplarer, 24 anmeldelser6
The Home-Maker by Dorothy Canfield Fisher 419 eksemplarer, 19 anmeldelser7
Good Evening, Mrs. Craven: The Wartime Stories of Mollie Panter-Downes by Mollie Panter-Downes 499 eksemplarer, 24 anmeldelser8
Few Eggs and No Oranges by Vere Hodgson 238 eksemplarer, 7 anmeldelser9
Good Things in England: A Practical Cookery Book for Everyday Use by Florence White 130 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse10
Julian Grenfell: His Life and the Times of His Death, 1888-1915 by Nicholas Mosley 78 eksemplarer, 2 anmeldelser11
It's hard to be hip over thirty ... and other tragedies of married life; and, People & other aggravations by Judith Viorst 91 eksemplarer, 5 anmeldelser12
Consequences by E.M. Delafield 206 eksemplarer, 10 anmeldelser13
Farewell Leicester Square by Betty Miller 105 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser14
Tell It to a Stranger: Stories from the 1940s by Elizabeth Berridge 95 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser15
Saplings by Noel Streatfeild 335 eksemplarer, 17 anmeldelser16
Marjory Fleming by Oriel Malet 75 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser17
Every Eye by Isobel English 168 eksemplarer, 11 anmeldelser18
They Knew Mr. Knight by Dorothy Whipple 192 eksemplarer, 6 anmeldelser19
A Woman's Place, 1910-1975 by Ruth Adam 122 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse20
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson 2,215 eksemplarer, 158 anmeldelser21
Consider the Years: 1938-1946 by Virginia Graham 37 eksemplarer, 2 anmeldelser22
Reuben Sachs by Amy Levy 145 eksemplarer, 7 anmeldelser23
Family Roundabout by Richmal Crompton 180 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser24
The Montana Stories by Katherine Mansfield 75 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser25
Brook Evans by Susan Glaspell 84 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser26
The Children Who Lived in a Barn by Eleanor Graham 216 eksemplarer, 9 anmeldelser27
Little Boy Lost by Marghanita Laski 476 eksemplarer, 12 anmeldelser28
The Making of a Marchioness by Frances Hodgson Burnett 518 eksemplarer, 25 anmeldelser29
Kitchen Essays by Agnes Jekyll 249 eksemplarer, 8 anmeldelser30
A House in the Country by Jocelyn Playfair 154 eksemplarer, 14 anmeldelser31
The Carlyles at Home by Thea Holme 132 eksemplarer, 5 anmeldelser32
The Far Cry by Emma Smith 175 eksemplarer, 9 anmeldelser33
Minnie's Room: The Peacetime Stories of Mollie Panter-Downes by Mollie Panter-Downes 120 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser34
Greenery Street by Denis Mackail 267 eksemplarer, 12 anmeldelser35
Lettice Delmer by Susan Miles 44 eksemplarer, 2 anmeldelser36
The Runaway by Elizabeth Anna Hart 94 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser37
Cheerful Weather for the Wedding by Julia Strachey 450 eksemplarer, 17 anmeldelser38
Manja: The Story of Five Children by Anna Gmeyner 148 eksemplarer, 8 anmeldelser39
The Priory by Dorothy Whipple 342 eksemplarer, 15 anmeldelser40
Hostages to Fortune by Elizabeth Cambridge 114 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser41
The Blank Wall by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding 233 eksemplarer, 16 anmeldelser42
The Wise Virgins by Leonard Woolf 164 eksemplarer, 5 anmeldelser43
Tea with Mr. Rochester by Frances Towers 190 eksemplarer, 9 anmeldelser44
Good Food on the Aga by Ambrose Heath 41 eksemplarer45
Miss Ranskill Comes Home by Barbara Euphan Todd 193 eksemplarer, 9 anmeldelser46
The New House by Lettice Cooper 193 eksemplarer, 6 anmeldelser47
The Casino by Margaret Bonham 55 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse48
Bricks and Mortar by Helen Ashton 109 eksemplarer, 5 anmeldelser49
The World That Was Ours by Hilda Bernstein 141 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser50
Operation Heartbreak by Duff Cooper 103 eksemplarer, 6 anmeldelser51
The Village by Marghanita Laski 204 eksemplarer, 7 anmeldelser52
Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary by Ruby Ferguson 207 eksemplarer, 8 anmeldelser53
They Can't Ration These by Vicomte de Mauduit 45 eksemplarer, 2 anmeldelser54
Flush: A Biography by Virginia Woolf 1,362 eksemplarer, 34 anmeldelser55
They Were Sisters by Dorothy Whipple 270 eksemplarer, 9 anmeldelser56
The Hopkins Manuscript by R. C. Sherriff 274 eksemplarer, 11 anmeldelser57
Hetty Dorval by Ethel Wilson 99 eksemplarer, 5 anmeldelser58
There Were No Windows by Norah Hoult 91 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser59
Doreen by Barbara Noble 113 eksemplarer, 6 anmeldelser60
A London Child of the 1870s by M. V. Hughes 216 eksemplarer, 7 anmeldelser61
How to Run Your Home Without Help by Kay Smallshaw 113 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse62
Princes in the Land by Joanna Cannan 77 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse63
The Woman Novelist and Other Stories by Diana Gardner 57 eksemplarer, 5 anmeldelser64
Alas, Poor Lady by Rachel Ferguson 110 eksemplarer, 7 anmeldelser65
Gardener's Nightcap by Muriel Stuart 59 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse66
The Fortnight in September by R. C. Sherriff 453 eksemplarer, 19 anmeldelser67
The Expendable Man by Dorothy B. Hughes 480 eksemplarer, 26 anmeldelser68
Journal of Katherine Mansfield by Katherine Mansfield 246 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser69
Plats du Jour by Patience Gray 108 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser70
The Shuttle by Frances Hodgson Burnett 439 eksemplarer, 23 anmeldelser71
House-Bound by Winifred Peck 118 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser72
The Young Pretenders by Edith Henrietta Fowler 53 eksemplarer, 6 anmeldelser73
The Closed Door and Other Stories by Dorothy Whipple 108 eksemplarer, 5 anmeldelser74
On the Other Side: Letters to My Children from Germany, 1940-1945 by Mathilde Wolff-Monckeberg 89 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser75
The Crowded Street by Winifred Holtby 251 eksemplarer, 10 anmeldelser76
Daddy's Gone A-Hunting by Penelope Mortimer 142 eksemplarer, 5 anmeldelser77
A Very Great Profession: The Woman's Novel 1914-39 by Nicola Beauman 199 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser78
Round About a Pound a Week by Maud Pember Reeves 169 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser79
The Country Housewife's Book by Lucy H. Yates 34 eksemplarer, 2 anmeldelser80
Røre i andedammen by D. E. Stevenson 1,219 eksemplarer, 95 anmeldelser81
Amours de Voyage by Arthur Hugh Clough 57 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser82
Making Conversation by Christine Longford 117 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser83
A New System of Domestic Cookery by Maria Eliza Ketelby Rundell 95 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse84
High Wages by Dorothy Whipple 252 eksemplarer, 11 anmeldelser85
To Bed with Grand Music by Marghanita Laski 113 eksemplarer, 7 anmeldelser86
Dimanche and Other Stories by Irène Némirovsky 229 eksemplarer, 10 anmeldelser87
Still Missing by Beth Gutcheon 306 eksemplarer, 9 anmeldelser88
The Mystery of Mrs. Blencarrow. [A novel.] by Mrs. Oliphant 8 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse89
The Winds of Heaven by Monica Dickens 200 eksemplarer, 7 anmeldelser90
Miss Buncle Married by D. E. Stevenson 488 eksemplarer, 38 anmeldelser91
Midsummer Night in the Workhouse by Diana Athill 89 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser92
The Sack of Bath by Adam Fergusson 43 eksemplarer93
No Surrender by Constance Maud 81 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser94
Greenbanks by Dorothy Whipple 155 eksemplarer, 8 anmeldelser95
Dinners for Beginners by Rachel Ryan 20 eksemplarer96
A Writer's Diary by Virginia Woolf 1,241 eksemplarer, 15 anmeldelser97
Harriet by Elizabeth Jenkins 166 eksemplarer, 6 anmeldelser98
Patience by John Coates 87 eksemplarer, 5 anmeldelser99
The Persephone Book of Short Stories by Persephone Books 117 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser100
Heat Lightning by Helen Hull 63 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser101
The Exiles Return by Elisabeth de Waal 244 eksemplarer, 9 anmeldelser102
The Squire by Enid Bagnold 147 eksemplarer, 5 anmeldelser103
The Two Mrs. Abbotts by D. E. Stevenson 301 eksemplarer, 22 anmeldelser104
Diary of a Provincial Lady by E.M. Delafield 1,095 eksemplarer, 38 anmeldelser105
Into the Whirlwind by Eugenia Ginzburg 778 eksemplarer, 14 anmeldelser106
Wilfred and Eileen by Jonathan Smith 50 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser107
The Happy Tree by Rosalind Murray 34 eksemplarer, 2 anmeldelser108
The Country Life Cookery Book by Ambrose Heath 23 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse109
Because of the Lockwoods by Dorothy Whipple 123 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser110
London War Notes by Mollie Panter-Downes 144 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser111
Vain Shadow by Jane Hervey 41 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse112
Greengates by R. C. Sherriff 91 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser113
Gardeners' Choice by Evelyn Dunbar 12 eksemplarer114
Maman, What are We Called Now? by Jacqueline Mesnil-Amar 37 eksemplarer, 2 anmeldelser115
A Lady and Her Husband by Amber Reeves 47 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser116
The Godwits Fly by Robin Hyde 77 eksemplarer, 2 anmeldelser117
Every Good Deed and Other Stories by Dorothy Whipple 26 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse118
Long Live Great Bardfield: The Autobiography of Tirzah Garwood by Tirzah Garwood 58 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse119
Madame Solario by Gladys Huntington 92 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser120
Effi Briest by Theodor Fontane 2,169 eksemplarer, 29 anmeldelser121
Earth and High Heaven by Gwethalyn Graham 155 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser122
Emmeline by Judith Rossner 151 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser123
The Journey Home and Other Stories by Malachi Whitaker 13 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse124
Guard Your Daughters by Diana Tutton 134 eksemplarer, 7 anmeldelser125
Despised and Rejected by A. T. Fitzroy 85 eksemplarer, 2 anmeldelser126
Young Anne by Dorothy Whipple 53 eksemplarer, 2 anmeldelser127
Tory Heaven: or Thunder on the Right by Marghanita Laski 42 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser128
The Call by Edith Ayrton Zangwill 28 eksemplarer, 2 anmeldelser129
National Provincial by Lettice Cooper 45 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse130
Milton Place by Elisabeth de Waal 43 eksemplarer131
The Second Persephone Book of Short Stories by Persephone Books 23 eksemplarer132
Expiation by Elizabeth Von Arnim 71 eksemplarer, 2 anmeldelser133
A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf 12,067 eksemplarer, 162 anmeldelser134
One Woman's Year by Stella Martin Currey 31 eksemplarer135
The Oppermanns by Lion Feuchtwanger 365 eksemplarer, 11 anmeldelser136
English Climate: Wartime Stories by Sylvia Townsend Warner 30 eksemplarer137
The New Magdalen by Wilkie Collins 126 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser138
Random Commentary by Dorothy Whipple 28 eksemplarer139
The Rector's Daughter by F. M. Mayor 327 eksemplarer, 12 anmeldelser140
The Deepening Stream by Dorothy Canfield 82 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse141
The Other Day: An Autobiography by Dorothy Whipple 26 eksemplarer144


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