ForlagsserierMaestri del thriller Piemme

Series author: Michael Connelly

Det sorte ekko by Michael Connelly 4,714 eksemplarer, 137 anmeldelser
De parallelle mord by Michael Connelly 4,548 eksemplarer, 95 anmeldelser1
Blood Work by Michael Connelly 3,320 eksemplarer, 54 anmeldelser3
The Black Ice by Michael Connelly 3,568 eksemplarer, 97 anmeldelser9
Mafiaspil by Michael Connelly 3,376 eksemplarer, 56 anmeldelser23
Den sidste prærieulv by Michael Connelly 3,324 eksemplarer, 76 anmeldelser31
Mørkere end natten by Michael Connelly 3,669 eksemplarer, 56 anmeldelser39
A Faint Cold Fear by Karin Slaughter 2,045 eksemplarer, 41 anmeldelser41
Dead Famous by Carol O'Connell 574 eksemplarer, 12 anmeldelser47
Skeletternes by by Michael Connelly 3,873 eksemplarer, 71 anmeldelser51
Chasing the Dime by Michael Connelly 2,870 eksemplarer, 44 anmeldelser69
Rødhals by Jo Nesbø 3,827 eksemplarer, 142 anmeldelser76
Malstrøm by Michael Connelly 4,027 eksemplarer, 60 anmeldelser79
Det sidste ord by Michael Connelly 4,202 eksemplarer, 79 anmeldelser84
Echo Park by Michael Connelly 4,185 eksemplarer, 87 anmeldelser103


2008(82) adult(81) American(132) audio(139) audiobook(219) Bosch(237) California(278) Connelly(182) crime(1,882) crime and mystery(103) crime fiction(734) detective(706) detective fiction(127) ebook(413) fbi(107) fiction(3,497) first edition(117) goodreads(106) Harry Bosch(1,572) Harry Hole(148) Kindle(276) la(103) lapd(102) library(154) Los Angeles(722) Michael Connelly(295) murder(359) murder mystery(88) mystery(4,072) mystery fiction(100) mystery-thriller(186) mystery/suspense(110) Norway(234) novel(300) own(134) paperback(141) police(285) police procedural(467) policier(174) read(651) serial killer(135) series(422) signed(136) suspense(355) Terry McCaleb(144) thriller(1,435) to-read(1,219) unread(129) usa(272) wwii(92)