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The Analects by Confucius 5,011 eksemplarer, 49 anmeldelser
Antigone; Oedipus Rex; Oedipus at Colonus by Sophocles 10,751 eksemplarer, 44 anmeldelser
Canterbury-fortællingerne by Geoffrey Chaucer 18,375 eksemplarer, 147 anmeldelser
Emma by Jane Austen 31,472 eksemplarer, 429 anmeldelser
Homers Iliade by Homer 32,260 eksemplarer, 327 anmeldelser
The Memoirs of Hector Berlioz 1803-1865 by Hector Berlioz 324 eksemplarer, 5 anmeldelser
De elendige by Victor Hugo 21,229 eksemplarer, 286 anmeldelser
Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen 18,029 eksemplarer, 368 anmeldelser
Nostromo (Nostromo) by Joseph Conrad 4,054 eksemplarer, 52 anmeldelser
The Souls of Black Folk by W. E. B. Du Bois 4,048 eksemplarer, 59 anmeldelser
Augustins bekendelser by Saint Augustine 17,942 eksemplarer, 128 anmeldelser128


19th century(1,803) ancient(514) Ancient Greece(882) Augustine(704) Austen(716) autobiography(762) biography(896) British(1,045) British literature(1,107) Christianity(849) classic(5,459) classic literature(845) classical literature(503) classics(7,466) drama(1,225) ebook(680) England(1,178) English(670) English literature(1,288) epic(1,035) epic poetry(621) fiction(11,643) France(666) French(527) French literature(645) Greece(952) Greek(1,588) Greek literature(894) historical fiction(715) history(1,130) Homer(912) Jane Austen(995) Kindle(731) literature(4,446) medieval(737) mythology(1,649) non-fiction(1,182) novel(1,601) own(774) philosophy(1,918) plays(574) poetry(4,180) read(1,458) Regency(515) religion(1,679) romance(1,691) Theology(1,107) to-read(4,450) translation(697) unread(877)