ForlagsserierIllustrated Junior Library


Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain 35,871 eksemplarer, 470 anmeldelser
Toms eventyr by Mark Twain 26,273 eksemplarer, 286 anmeldelser
Aesop's Fables by Fritz Kredel 87 eksemplarer
Alice i eventyrland og Bag spejlet by Lewis Carroll 21,027 eksemplarer, 269 anmeldelser
Andersen's Fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen 548 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Anne bliver lærer by L. M. Montgomery 9,899 eksemplarer, 122 anmeldelser
Anne fra Grønnebakken by L. M. Montgomery 22,708 eksemplarer, 477 anmeldelser
Arabian Nights by Earle Goodenow 475 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Black Beauty by Anna Sewell 13,341 eksemplarer, 176 anmeldelser
Dracula by Bram Stoker 27,706 eksemplarer, 528 anmeldelser
Æsops fabler by Aesopus 5,297 eksemplarer, 67 anmeldelser
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew by Margaret Sidney 2,946 eksemplarer, 43 anmeldelser
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley 33,875 eksemplarer, 625 anmeldelser
Ghostly Tales and Eerie Poems of Edgar Allan Poe (Illustrated Junior Library) by Edgar Allan Poe 70 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Grimms' Fairy Tales {Illustrated Junior Library} by Jacob Grimm 737 eksemplarer, 8 anmeldelser
Gulliver's Travels (Illustrated Junior Library) by Jonathan Swift 128 eksemplarer
Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates by Mary Mapes Dodge 3,209 eksemplarer, 22 anmeldelser
Heidi by Johanna Spyri 9,037 eksemplarer, 129 anmeldelser
Jo's Boys by Louisa May Alcott 4,075 eksemplarer, 27 anmeldelser
Junglebogen by Rudyard Kipling 8,555 eksemplarer, 122 anmeldelser
Kidnappet by Robert Louis Stevenson 8,597 eksemplarer, 100 anmeldelser
King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table: From Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur {Sidney Lanier, editor} by Thomas Malory 426 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser
Legend Of Sleepy/spec (Illustrated Junior Library) by Washington Irving 6 eksemplarer
En redefuld unger by Louisa May Alcott 6,502 eksemplarer, 50 anmeldelser
Pigebørn by Louisa May Alcott 15,250 eksemplarer, 226 anmeldelser
Little Women / Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott 11,935 eksemplarer, 178 anmeldelser
Robin Hood by Howard Pyle 4,270 eksemplarer, 36 anmeldelser
The Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes (Illustrated Junior Library) by Arthur Conan Doyle 79 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Eventyret om Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi 6,288 eksemplarer, 114 anmeldelser
The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald 4,235 eksemplarer, 49 anmeldelser
Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe 19,866 eksemplarer, 266 anmeldelser
Den hemmelige have by Frances Hodgson Burnett 27,419 eksemplarer, 482 anmeldelser
A Tale of Two Cities [adapted - Illustrated Junior Library] by Charles Dickens 93 eksemplarer
The Three Musketeers (Illustrated Junior Library) by Alexandre Dumas 247 eksemplarer
Skatteøen by Robert Louis Stevenson 24,721 eksemplarer, 339 anmeldelser
Uncle Wiggily's Story Book by Howard R. Garis 540 eksemplarer, 2 anmeldelser
The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting 1,864 eksemplarer, 37 anmeldelser
Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories by Washington Irving 105 eksemplarer
The Wind in the Willows (Illustrated Junior Library) by Kenneth Grahame 176 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser
Troldmanden fra Oz by L. Frank Baum 17,351 eksemplarer, 388 anmeldelser

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