SerierGraduate Studies in Mathematics

176 Værker Popularitet 15,098 (399 Medlemmer) 1,412 Bøger 3 Anmeldelser 4.0
The general topology of dynamical systems by Ethan Akin 7 eksemplarer1
Combinatorial rigidity by Brigitte Servatius Graver, and Herman Servatius Jack 6 eksemplarer2
An Introduction to Grobner Bases by William W. Adams 16 eksemplarer3
The Integrals of Lebesgue, Denjoy, Perron, and Henstock by Russell A. Gordon 9 eksemplarer4
Algebraic Curves and Riemann Surfaces by Rick Miranda 28 eksemplarer5
Lectures on Quantum Groups by Jens Carsten Jantzen 10 eksemplarer6
Algebraic Number Fields by Gerald J. Janusz 23 eksemplarer7
Discovering Modern Set Theory. I: The Basics by Winfried Just 14 eksemplarer8
An Invitation to Arithmetic Geometry by Dino Lorenzini 11 eksemplarer9
Representations of Finite and Compact Groups by Barry Simon 15 eksemplarer10
Enveloping algebras by Jacques Dixmier 10 eksemplarer11
Lectures on Elliptic and Parabolic Equations in Hölder Spaces by Nicolai V. Krylov 3 eksemplarer12
The Ergodic Theory of Discrete Sample Paths by Paul C. Shields 6 eksemplarer13
Analysis by Elliott H. Lieb 35 eksemplarer14
Fundamentals of the Theory of Operator Algebras: Elementary Theory by Richard V. Kadison 21 eksemplarer15
Fundamentals of the Theory of Operator Algebras. Volume II: Advanced Theory by Richard V. Kadison 6 eksemplarer16
Topics in Classical Automorphic Forms by Henryk Iwaniec 7 eksemplarer17
Discovering Modern Set Theory. II: Set-Theoretic Tools for Every Mathematician by Winfried Just 8 eksemplarer18
Partial Differential Equations by Lawrence C. Evans 104 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse19
4-Manifolds and Kirby Calculus by Andras I. Stipsicz Robert E. Gompf 8 eksemplarer20
A Course in Operator Theory by John B. Conway 10 eksemplarer21
Growth of Algebras and Gelfand-Kirillov Dimension by G. R. Krause 4 eksemplarer22
Foliations I by Alberto Candel 5 eksemplarer23
Number Theory: Algebraic Numbers and Functions by Helmut Koch 12 eksemplarer24
Dirac Operators in Riemannian Geometry by Thomas Friedrich 6 eksemplarer25
An Introduction to Symplectic Geometry by Rolf Berndt 12 eksemplarer26
A Course in Differential Geometry by Thierry Aubin 10 eksemplarer27
Notes on Seiberg-Witten theory by Liviu I. Nicolaescu 6 eksemplarer28
Fourier Analysis by Javier Duoandikoetxea 12 eksemplarer29
Noncommutative Noetherian Rings by J. C. McConnell and J. C. Robson 9 eksemplarer30
Option Pricing and Portfolio Optimization: Modern Methods of Financial Mathematics by Ralf Korn 4 eksemplarer31
A Modern Theory of Integration by Robert Gardner Bartle 13 eksemplarer32
Algebra by I. Martin Isaacs 6 eksemplarer100
A Course in Approximation Theory by Ward Cheney 6 eksemplarer101
Introduction to Fourier Analysis and Wavelets by Mark A. Pinsky 7 eksemplarer102
Configurations of Points and Lines by Branko Grünbaum 7 eksemplarer103
Algebra: Chapter 0 by Paolo Aluffi 39 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse104
A First Course in Sobolev Spaces by Giovanni Leoni 6 eksemplarer105
Embeddings in Manifolds by Robert J. Daverman 6 eksemplarer106
Manifolds and Differential Geometry by Jeffrey M. Lee 13 eksemplarer107
Mapping degree theory by E. Outerelo Domínguez 2 eksemplarer108
Training Manual on Transport and Fluids by John C. Neu 3 eksemplarer109
Differential Algebraic Topology: From Stratifolds to Exotic Spheres (Graduate Studies in Mathematics, Vol. 110) by Matthias Kreck 3 eksemplarer110
Ricci Flow and the Sphere Theorem (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Simon Brendle 3 eksemplarer111
Optimal Control of Partial Differential Equations (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Fredi Tröltzsch 3 eksemplarer112
Continuous Time Markov Processes by Thomas M. Liggett 4 eksemplarer113
An Introductory Course on Mathematical Game Theory by Julio González-Díaz 6 eksemplarer115
Linear Functional Analysis by Joan Cerda 3 eksemplarer116
An Epsilon of Room Real Analysis: Pages from Year Three of a Mathematical Blog by Terence Tao 11 eksemplarer117
Dynamical Systems and Population Persistence (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Hal L. Smith 4 eksemplarer118
Mathematical statistics : asymptotic minimax theory by A. P. Korostelev 3 eksemplarer119
A Basic Course in Partial Differential Equations by Qing Han 6 eksemplarer120
A Course in Minimal Surfaces (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Tobias H. Colding 3 eksemplarer121
Algebraic Groups and Differential Galois Theory (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Teresa Crespo 4 eksemplarer122
Lectures on Linear Partial Differential Equations (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by G. I. Eskin 3 eksemplarer123
Toric Varieties (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by David A. Cox 5 eksemplarer124
Riemann Surfaces by Way of Complex Analytic Geometry by Dror Varolin 5 eksemplarer125
An Introduction to Measure Theory (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Terence Tao 9 eksemplarer126
Modern Classical Homotopy Theory by Jeffrey Strom 6 eksemplarer127
Tensors: Geometry and Applications (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by J. M. Landsberg 5 eksemplarer128
Classical Methods in Ordinary Differential Equations (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Stuart P. Hastings 3 eksemplarer129
Grobner Bases in Commutative Algebra by Viviana Ene 5 eksemplarer130
Lie Superalgebras and Enveloping Algebras (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Ian M. Musson 4 eksemplarer131
Topics in Random Matrix Theory by Terence Tao 8 eksemplarer132
Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations and Geometric Optics by Jeffrey Rauch 6 eksemplarer133
Analytic number theory : exploring the anatomy of integers by J.-M De Koninck 3 eksemplarer134
Linear and Quasi Linear Evolution Equations in Hilbert Spaces: Exploring the Anatomy of Integers (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Pascal Cherrier 3 eksemplarer135
Regularity of Free Boundaries in Obstacle-type Problems (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Arshak Petrosyan 3 eksemplarer136
Ordinary Differential Equations: Qualitative Theory (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Luis Barreira 4 eksemplarer137
Semiclassical Analysis by Maciej Zworski 5 eksemplarer138
Knowing the Odds: An Introduction to Probability by John B Walsh 5 eksemplarer139
Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems by Gerald Teschl 8 eksemplarer140
A Course in Abstract Analysis (Graduate Studies in Mathematics, Vol. 141) by John B. Conway 3 eksemplarer141
Higher Order Fourier Analysis by Terence Tao 6 eksemplarer142
Lecture Notes on Functional Analysis: With Applications to Linear Partial Differential Equations (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Alberto Bressan 7 eksemplarer143
Dualities and Representations of Lie Superalgebras by Shun-Jen Cheng 4 eksemplarer144
The K-Book: An Introduction to Algebraic K-Theory (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Charles A. Weibel 5 eksemplarer145
Combinatorial Game Theory (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Aaron N. Siegel 5 eksemplarer146
Matrix Theory (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Xingzhi Zhan 3 eksemplarer147
Introduction to Smooth Ergodic Theory (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Luis Barreira 4 eksemplarer148
Mathematics of Probability (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Daniel W. Stroock 5 eksemplarer149
The Joys of Haar Measure (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Joe Diestel 3 eksemplarer150
Introduction to 3-manifolds by Jennifer Schultens 2 eksemplarer151
Introduction to 3-Manifolds (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Jennifer Schultens 1 eksemplar151
An Introduction to Extremal Kahler Metrics (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Gabor Szekelyhidi 3 eksemplarer152
Hilbert's Fifth Problem and Related Topics (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Terence Tao 4 eksemplarer153
A Course in Complex Analysis and Riemann Surfaces by Wilhelm Schlag 4 eksemplarer154
An Introduction to the Representation Theory of Groups (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Emmanuel Kowalski 3 eksemplarer155
Functional Analysis: An Elementary Introduction (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Markus Haase 6 eksemplarer156
Mathematical Methods in Quantum Mechanics: With Applications to Schrodinger Operators (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Gerald Teschl 3 eksemplarer157
Dynamical Systems and Linear Algebra by Fritz Colonius 5 eksemplarer158
The Role of Nonassociative Algebra in Projective Geometry (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by John R. Faulkner 3 eksemplarer159
A Course in Analytic Number Theory (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Marius Overholt 4 eksemplarer160
Introduction to Tropical Geometry (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Diane Maclagan 5 eksemplarer161
A Course on Large Deviations With an Introduction to Gibbs Measures (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Firas Rassoul-Agha 2 eksemplarer162
Introduction to Analytic and Probabilistic Number Theory (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Gerald Tenenbaum 2 eksemplarer163
Expansion in Finite Simple Groups of Lie Type (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Terence Tao 2 eksemplarer164
Advanced Modern Algebra by Joseph J. Rotman 61 eksemplarer165
Problems in Real and Functional Analysis (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Alberto Torchinsky 3 eksemplarer166
Singular Perturbation in the Physical Sciences (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by John C. Neu 2 eksemplarer167
Random Operators: Disorder Effects on Quantum Spectra and Dynamics (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Michael Aizenman 3 eksemplarer168
Partial Differential Equations: An Accessible Route Through Theory and Applications (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by András Vasy 2 eksemplarer169
Nonlinear elliptic equations of the second order by Qing Han 1 eksemplar171
Combinatorics and Random Matrix Theory (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Jinho Baik 3 eksemplarer172
Differential Galois theory through Riemann-Hilbert correspondence : an elementary introduction by Jacques Sauloy 1 eksemplar177
From Frenet to Cartan : the method of moving frames by Jeanne N. Clelland 1 eksemplar178
Nonlinear Pdes: A Dynamical Systems Approach (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Guido Schneider 4 eksemplarer182
Rational points on varieties by Bjorn Poonen 5 eksemplarer186
Solutions Manual to a Modern Theory of Integration (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Robert G. Bartle 9 eksemplarer32.M
A Course in Metric Geometry by Dmitri Burago 9 eksemplarer33
Differential Geometry, Lie Groups, and Symmetric Spaces by Sigurdur Helgason 25 eksemplarer34
Lecture Notes in Algebraic Topology by Paul Kirk James F. Davis 10 eksemplarer35
Principles of Functional Analysis by Martin Schechter 12 eksemplarer36
Theta Constants, Riemann Surfaces and the Modular Group by Hershel M. Farkas 5 eksemplarer37
Stochastic Analysis on Manifolds by Elton P. Hsu 4 eksemplarer38
Classical Groups and Geometric Algebra by Larry C. Grove 10 eksemplarer39
Function Theory of One Complex Variable: Third Edition by Robert Everist Greene 23 eksemplarer40
Introduction to the Theory of Differential Inclusions by Georgi V. Smirnov 4 eksemplarer41
Introduction to Quantum Groups and Crystal Bases by Jin Hong 10 eksemplarer42
Introduction to the Theory of Random Processes by Nicolai V. Krylov 4 eksemplarer43
Pick interpolation and Hilbert function spaces by Jim Agler 6 eksemplarer44
An Introduction to Measure and Integration by Inder K. Rana 9 eksemplarer45
Several Complex Variables with Connections to Algebraic Geometry and Lie Groups by Joseph L. Taylor 6 eksemplarer46
Classical and Quantum Computation by A. Yu. Kitaev 22 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse47
Introduction to the $h$-Principle by Y. Eliashberg 7 eksemplarer48
Secondary Cohomology Operations by John R. Harper 5 eksemplarer49.S
An Invitation to Operator Theory by Y. A. Abramovich 6 eksemplarer50
Problems in Operator Theory by Y. A. Abramovich 3 eksemplarer51
Global Analysis: Differential Forms in Analysis, Geometry, and Physics by Ilka Agricola 8 eksemplarer52
Spectral Methods of Automorphic Forms by Henryk Iwaniec 7 eksemplarer53
A Course in Convexity by Alexander Barvinok 12 eksemplarer54
A Scrapbook of Complex Curve Theory by C. Herbert Clemens 12 eksemplarer55
A Course in Algebra by E. B. Vinberg 11 eksemplarer56
Concise Numerical Mathematics (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Robert Plato 6 eksemplarer57
Topics in Optimal Transportation by Cedric Villani 15 eksemplarer58
Representation Theory of Finite Groups: Algebra and Arithmetic (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Steven H. Weintraub 4 eksemplarer59
Foliations II by Alberto Candel 4 eksemplarer60
Cartan for Beginners: Differential Geometry Via Moving Frames and Exterior Differential Systems by Thomas A. Ivey 11 eksemplarer61
A Companion to Analysis: A Second First and First Second Course in Analysis by T. W. Korner 16 eksemplarer62
Resolution of singularities by Steven Dale Cutkosky 5 eksemplarer63
Lectures on the Orbit Method by A. A. Kirillov 9 eksemplarer64
Global Calculus by S. Ramanan 7 eksemplarer65
Functional Analysis: An Introduction by Yuli Eidelman 13 eksemplarer66
Introduction To Quadratic Forms Over Fields by T. Y. Lam 6 eksemplarer67
A Geometric Approach to Free Boundary Problems by Luis Caffarelli 6 eksemplarer68
Curves and Surfaces by Sebastián Montiel 10 eksemplarer69
Probability theory in finance : a mathematical guide to the Black-Scholes formula by Seán Dineen 6 eksemplarer70
Modern Geometric Structures And Fields by S.P. Novikov 4 eksemplarer71
Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance by R. J. Williams 7 eksemplarer72
Graduate algebra by Louis Halle Rowen 8 eksemplarer73
Elements of Combinatorial and Differential Topology (Graduate Studies in Mathematics, Vol. 74) by V. V. Prasolov 5 eksemplarer74
Applied Asymptotic Analysis by Peter D. Miller 4 eksemplarer75
Measure Theory and Integration (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Michael E. Taylor 4 eksemplarer76
Hamilton's Ricci Flow by Bennett Chow 6 eksemplarer77
Linear Algebra in Action (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Harry Dym 5 eksemplarer78.R
Modular Forms, a Computational Approach (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by William Stein 11 eksemplarer79
Probability (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Davar Khoshnevisan 7 eksemplarer80
Elements of Homology Theory by V. V. Prasolov 7 eksemplarer81
Pseudo-differential Operators and the Nash-Moser Theorem (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by gerardsergealinhacan 5 eksemplarer82
Functions of Several Complex Variables and Their Singularities by Wolfgang Ebeling 5 eksemplarer83
Cones and Duality (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Charalambos D. Aliprantis 3 eksemplarer84
Recurrence and Topology (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by John M. Alongi and Gail S. Nelson 7 eksemplarer85
Lectures on Analytic Differential Equations (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Yulij llyashenko 3 eksemplarer86
Twenty-four hours of local cohomology by Srikanth Iyengar 9 eksemplarer87
C*-algebras and finite-dimensional approximations by Nathanial P. Brown 6 eksemplarer88
A Course on the Web Graph by Anthony Bonato 9 eksemplarer89
Basic quadratic forms by Larry J. Gerstein 5 eksemplarer90
Graduate Algebra: Noncommutative View by Louis Halle Rowen 2 eksemplarer91
Finite Group Theory (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by I. Martin Isaacs 11 eksemplarer92
Topics in Differential Geometry (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by Peter W Michor 6 eksemplarer93
Representations of semisimple Lie algebras in the BGG category O by James E. Humphreys 7 eksemplarer94
Quantum Mechanics for Mathematicians by Leon A. Takhtajan 10 eksemplarer95
Lectures on Elliptic and Parabolic Equations in Sobolev Spaces by Nicolai V. Krylov 5 eksemplarer96
Complex Made Simple (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) by David C. Ullrich 5 eksemplarer97
Discrete Differential Geometry by Alexander I. Bobenko 3 eksemplarer98
Mathematical Methods in Quantum Mechanics by Gerald Teschl 7 eksemplarer99


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