SerierJudges Guild

136 Værker Popularitet 39,765 (139 Medlemmer) 845 Bøger 3 Anmeldelser 3.3
Amycus Probe: Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future (Traveller Ser) by Dave Sering 5 eksemplarerTraveller
The Astrogators Chartbook by Dave Sering 8 eksemplarerMiscellaneous
The Book of Ruins (Judges Guild) by Michael E Mayeau 11 eksemplarerAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
The Book of Treasure Maps by Jennell Jaquays 10 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Book of Treasure Maps II (Judges Guild: Dungeons & Dragons) by Daniel Hauffe 8 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Book of Treasure Maps III (Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Supplement) by Rudy Kraft 5 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Broken Tree Inn by Rudy Kraft 8 eksemplarerRuneQuest 2nd Edition
Campaign Hexagon System by Bill Owen 2 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Castle Book I by Bob Bledsaw 5 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Castle Book II; Campaign Aid for Fantasy Role Playing Game by Bob Bledsaw 6 eksemplarerMiscellaneous
Caverns of Thracia by Jennell Jaquays 5 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Caverns of Thracia (Sword & Sorcery D20) by James Collura 11 eksemplarerd20
Caves and Caverns: A Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Supplement by John Mortimer 5 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Chivalry & Sorcery Gamemaster's Shield by Judges Guild 0 eksemplarerChivalry & Sorcery
Citadel of Fire (Judges Guild) by Marc Summerlott 14 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
City of Lei Tabor by Paul Nevins 6 eksemplarerRuneQuest 2nd Edition
City State of the Invincible Overlord (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying) by Patrick Lawinger 24 eksemplarerd20 3.5
City State of the Invincible Overlord, Revised Edition by Bob Bledsaw 16 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelseDungeons & Dragons
City State of the World Emperor by Creighton Hippenhammer 9 eksemplarerMiscellaneous
Corsairs of Tallibar (Judges Guild) by Mike Wilson 6 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Corsairs of the Turku Waste by Dave Sering 3 eksemplarerTraveller
Crucis Margin: Science-fiction Adventure in the Far Future (Judges Guild, Approved for use with Traveller) by Dave Sering 8 eksemplarerTraveller
Dark Tower by Jennell Jaquays 22 eksemplarerAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
Dark Tower: The Sunken Temple of Set (Free RPG Day 2021) (Dungeons & Dragons 5E) by Chris Doyle 2 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons 5E
Darkling Ship (Traveller RPG) by Dave Sering 8 eksemplarerTraveller
Darthanon Queen: Science Fiction Adventure in the Ley Sector (Traveller Ser) by Dave Sering 9 eksemplarerTraveller
Demons of Dundurn by Derek Watson 4 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
DONE The Dungeoneer Journal #23 by Mike Reagan 3 eksemplarerThe Dungeoneer
Doom of the Singing Star (Traveller RPG) by Dave Sering 5 eksemplarerTraveller
Dra'k'ne Station by Bill Paley 7 eksemplarerTraveller
The Dragon Crown by Michael E Mayeau 3 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Dragon's Hall by Jim Simon 5 eksemplarerAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
Druids of Doom by Bill Pixley 7 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Duck Pond by Rudy Kraft 12 eksemplarerRuneQuest 2nd Edition
The Dungeoneer #14 by Chuck Anshell 2 eksemplarerThe Dungeoneer
Escape from Astigar's Lair by Allen V. Pruehs 3 eksemplarerAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
F'dech Fo's Tomb by Scott Fulton 7 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Fantastic Personalities by Bill Paley 5 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde (Dungeons & Dragons) by Bob Bledsaw 5 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
The Fantasy Cartographer's Field Book by Judges Guild 3 eksemplarerMiscellaneous
Field Guide to Encounters by Dragon's Byte 1 eksemplarMiscellaneous
Fifty Starbases (Essential Mapping Systems for Planetary Landings, Playing Aid Approved For Traveller) by Judges Guild 7 eksemplarerTraveller
The First Fantasy Campaign by Dave Arneson 6 eksemplarerMiscellaneous
Frontier Forts of Kelnore (Judges Guild, Dungeons and Dragons) by Dave Sering 12 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Glimmerdrift Reaches (Traveller RPG) by Dave Sering 9 eksemplarerTraveller
Glory Hole Dwarven Mine by Edward R. J. Mortimer 6 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Guide to the City State [of the Invincible Overlord] by Bob Bledsaw 2 eksemplarerGeneric Fantasy
Hazard: IPSP/ISIS Official Map 7 (Superhero 2044) by Robert Bingham 5 eksemplarerSuperhero 2044
Hellpits of Nightfang by Jennell Jaquays 9 eksemplarerRuneQuest 2nd Edition
Heroes & Villains (Dragonquest) by Edward R. G. Mortimer 5 eksemplarerDragonQuest 1st Edition
Heroic Expeditions (Dungeons & Dragons) by Edward R. G. Mortimer 6 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
House on Hangman's Hill by Jon Mattson 5 eksemplarerAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
The Illhiedrin Book by Daniel Hauffe 13 eksemplarerAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
Imperial Infantry Squad by Marc Summerlott 1 eksemplarMiscellaneous
In Search of Kelandor's Gold (Judges Guild) by Greg Geilman 6 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Inferno by Geoffry O. Dale 7 eksemplarerAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
Initial Guidelines Booklet I by Bob Bledsaw 1 eksemplarGeneric Fantasy
Island Book I: Campaign Hexagon Sub-System, Wilderness Series by Bill Davis 4 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Judges Guild #1: Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor by Robert Conley 11 eksemplarerd20
Judges Guild #2: Citadel of Fire by Steve Stottrup 13 eksemplarerd20
Judges Guild #3: Dark Tower by Greg Geilman 6 eksemplarerd20
Judges Guild Deluxe Collector's Edition, Volume One by Bob Bledsaw Jr. 1 eksemplar
The Judges Guild Journal 1 eksemplarJudges Guild Journal
Judges Shield by Judges Guild 1 eksemplarDungeons & Dragons
Jungle of Lost Souls by Glen Rahman 2 eksemplarerTunnels & Trolls
Legendary Duck Tower by Jennell Jaquays 7 eksemplarerRuneQuest 2nd Edition
Ley Sector Guidebook by Judges Guild 0 eksemplarerTraveller
Lost Man's Trail by Bob Bledsaw 3 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Magebird Quest (DragonQuest) by Dave Sering 6 eksemplarerDragonQuest 1st Edition
The Maltese Clue by Paul Karczag 6 eksemplarerAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
Maranantha-Alkahest Sector (Traveller RPG) by Dave Sering 8 eksemplarerTraveller
Marooned on Ghostring (Traveller RPG) by Staff 6 eksemplarerTraveller
Masters of Mind by Charles Wilson 7 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelseMiscellaneous
The Mines of Custalcon (Judges Guild, Wilderness Book One) by Bryan Hinnen 6 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Modron by Bob Bledsaw 12 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Navigator's Starcharts by Dave Sering 3 eksemplarerTraveller
The Nightmare Maze of Jigrésh by Michael E Mayeau 5 eksemplarerEmpire of the Petal Throne
Of Skulls and Scrapfaggot Green by Bob Blake 9 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Operation Ogre by Michael E Mayeau 9 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
The Original Tegel Manor: Revised & Expanded by Bob Bledsaw 10 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Pegasus #4 by Bob Bledsaw 1 eksemplarPegasus
Pegasus, Issue 2 1 eksemplarPegasus
Pegasus, Issue 3 by Bob Bledsaw 1 eksemplarPegasus
Pirates of Hagrost (Judges Guild, Wilderness Book Four) by Bryan Hinnen 8 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Players Guide to the Wilderlands (Sword and Sorcery D20) by Bob Bledsaw 16 eksemplarerd20
Port O' Call: Tarlkin's Landing by Dave Sering 8 eksemplarerMiscellaneous
Portals Of Irontooth by Rudy Kraft 9 eksemplarerAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
Portals of Torsh by Rudy Kraft 4 eksemplarerAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
Portals of Twilight (AD&D Judges Guild) by Rudy Kraft 4 eksemplarerAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
Prey of Darkness by Edward R. G. Mortimer 7 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Quest for Lara's Tower (AD&D Adventure) by Kevin Nunn 2 eksemplarerAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
Rat on a Stick by George R. Paczolt 4 eksemplarerTunnels & Trolls
Ravenscrag by Scott Fulton 1 eksemplarUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Ready Ref Sheets (Volume 1) by Judges Guild 19 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelseDungeons & Dragons
Restormel by Scott Fulton 4 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Revised Guide To the City State of the Invincible Overlord by Bob Bledsaw 0 eksemplarerGeneric Fantasy
Rogue Moon of Spinstorme (Traveller Ser) by Dave Sering 8 eksemplarerTraveller
Sea-Steeds and Wave Riders by Dave Sering 4 eksemplarerMiscellaneous
Shield Maidens of Sea Rune: Wilderness Book Three (Dungeons & Dragons) by Bryan Hinnen 4 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Simba Safari (Traveller RPG) by Dave Sering 7 eksemplarerTraveller
Spies of Lightelf (Judges Guild, Wilderness Book Two) by Bryan Hinnen 12 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Starships and Spacecraft (For Use with Traveller) by Dave Sering 3 eksemplarerTraveller
Starsilver Trek by Diane Mortimer 6 eksemplarerDragonQuest 1st Edition
Survival of the fittest!: A solitaire dungeon for 1, 2, 3, or 4 players (Judges Guild) by Michael Mayeau 4 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Sword of Hope: Official Adventure Approved for Dungeons and Dragons by David Emigh 2 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Tancred by Dave Sering 6 eksemplarerTraveller
Tarantis by Bob Bledsaw 4 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Tegel Manor by Bob Bledsaw 8 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Temple Book I (Dungeons & Dragons) by Bob Bledsaw 8 eksemplarerMiscellaneous
Temple of Ra: Accursed by Set (AD&D/Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) by Thomas McCloud 6 eksemplarerAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
The Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor (Dungeons & Dragons) by Marc Summerlott 10 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Toughest Dungeon in the World (Tunnels and Trolls) by Ken St. Andre 2 eksemplarerTunnels & Trolls
Tower of Indomitable Circumstance by Corey Cole 10 eksemplarerMiscellaneous
Tower of Ulission by Dave Emigh 6 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
The Traveller Logbook by Dave Sering 5 eksemplarerTraveller
Traveller Referee Screen by Judges Guild 4 eksemplarerTraveller
Treasure Vaults of Lindoran (AD&D/Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) by Geofrry O. Dale 3 eksemplarerAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
Treasury of Archaic Names by Bill Owen 13 eksemplarerMiscellaneous
Trial By Fire by Mike Wilson 5 eksemplarerAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
Under the Storm Giant's Castle by Thomas McCloud 5 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
The Unknown Gods by Bob Bledsaw 7 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Verbosh by Paul Nevins 9 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Village Book 1 by Bill Davis 5 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Village Book 2 by Bryan Hinnen 5 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
War Cry by Dave Petrowsky 3 eksemplarerMiscellaneous
Waspwinter (Traveller RPG) by Game Designers Workshop 4 eksemplarerTraveller
Wilderlands Of High Fantasy (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying, Campaign Setting) by Necromancer Games Staff 14 eksemplarerd20
Wilderlands of High Fantasy (Judges Guild, Dungeons and Dragons) by Bill Owen 6 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Wilderlands of High Fantasy Map Pack 1 eksemplarGeneric Fantasy
Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches: Official Campaign Aid Approved for Dungeons & Dragons by Jennell Jaquays 6 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Wilderlands of the Magic Realm by Mark Holmer 2 eksemplarerDungeons & Dragons
Witches Court Marshes (Wilderness Book Five) by Bryan Hinnen 7 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Wondrous Relics: A Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Supplement by Rudy Kraft 6 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Wondrous Weapons 120 Enchanted Weapons by Joseph Weingand 4 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Wraith Overlord (Terror Beneath the City State) by Scott Fulton 4 eksemplarerUniversal Fantasy Supplement
Zienteck by Mark Ellis Harmon 4 eksemplarerAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons


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