SerierAmerican Casebook Series

136 Værker Popularitet 7,637 (926 Medlemmer) 2,046 Bøger 3 Anmeldelser 3.4
1998 Supplement to Cases and Materials on European Community Law by George A. Bermann 2 eksemplarer
2004 Civil Procedure Supplement for Use with All Pleading and Procedure Casebooks by John J. Cound 5 eksemplarer
Administrative Law: The American Public Law System by Jerry L. Mashaw 21 eksemplarer
Administrative Procedure and Practice: Problems and Cases by William F. Funk 11 eksemplarer
ADR in the Workplace by Laura J. Cooper 13 eksemplarer
Advanced Criminal Procedure: Cases, Comments and Questions by Yale Kamisar 10 eksemplarer
Agency and Partnership by Reuschlein 1 eksemplar
Agency: Partnership and Other Unincorporated Business Enterprises by Harry G. Henn 1 eksemplar
American constitutional law : structure and reconstruction : cases, notes, and problems by Charles A. Shanor 12 eksemplarer
American Criminal Procedure: Cases and Commentary by Stephen A. Saltzburg 30 eksemplarer
Anti-Terrorism and Criminal Enforcement by Norman Abrams 9 eksemplarer
Appellate Advocacy in a Nutshell by Alan D. Hornstein 9 eksemplarer
Appellate Practice And Procedure by Robert J. Martineau 2 eksemplarer
Basic Contract Law (American Casebook Series) by Lon L. Fuller 20 eksemplarer
Basic Criminal Procedure: Cases, Coments and Questions by Yale Kamisar 22 eksemplarer
Become a Successful Designer by Joachim Kobus 5 eksemplarer
Becoming a Lawyer: A Humanistic Perspective on Legal Education and Professionalism by Elizabeth Dvorkin 6 eksemplarer
Berring's Legal Research Survival Manual by Robert C. Berring 13 eksemplarer
Bioethics: Health Care Law and Ethics by Barry R. Furrow 16 eksemplarer
Business Structures by David G. Epstein 4 eksemplarer
Cases and Analysis on the Law of Corporations and Other Business Entities (American Casebooks) by Daniel Q. Posin 2 eksemplarer
Cases and Commentary on International Law by Mark W. Janis 5 eksemplarer
Cases and Materials on American Property Law by Sheldon F. Kurtz 9 eksemplarer
Cases and Materials on Conflict of Laws: American, Comparative and International by Symeon C. Symeonides 11 eksemplarer
Cases and Materials on Corporations: Including Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies by Robert W. Hamilton 48 eksemplarer
Cases and Materials on Criminal Law by Joshua Dressler 48 eksemplarer
Cases and Materials on Environmental Law by Roger W. Findley 1 eksemplar
Cases and Materials on European Union Law by Roger J. Goebel 12 eksemplarer
Cases and Materials on Federal Courts (American Casebook Series) by Michael Wells 1 eksemplar
Cases and Materials on Federal Indian Law by David H. Getches 32 eksemplarer
Cases and Materials on Land Use by David L. Callies 15 eksemplarer
Cases and Materials on Law and Jurisprudence in American History by Stephen B. Presser 20 eksemplarer
Cases and Materials on Modern Antitrust Law and Its Origins (American Casebook) by Thomas D. Morgan 2 eksemplarer
Cases and Materials on Modern Property Law by Jon W. Bruce 8 eksemplarer
Cases and Materials on Patent Law by Martin J. Adelman 23 eksemplarer
Cases and Materials on Property: An Introduction to the Concept and the Institution by Charles Donahue 2 eksemplarer
Cases and Materials on the Professional Responsibility of Lawyers by Jr. John F. Sutton 7 eksemplarer
Cases and Materials on the Rules of Evidence by Olin Guy Wellborn 11 eksemplarer
Cases and Materials on the Rules of the Legal Profession by Jr. Robert F. Cochran 9 eksemplarer
Cases and Materials on Torts by William C. Powers, Jr. 15 eksemplarer
Cases and Materials on Torts by John Diamond 8 eksemplarer
Cases and Problems on Contracts by John D. Calamari 12 eksemplarer
Children and the Law: Doctrine, Policy, and Practice by Douglas E. Abrams 9 eksemplarer
Civil Procedure, A Modern Approach (American Casebook Series) by Richard Marcus 4 eksemplarer
Civil Procedure: A Modern Approach by Richard L. Marcus 52 eksemplarer
Civil Procedure: Cases and Materials (American Casebook Series) by Jack H. Friedenthal 119 eksemplarer
Civil Rights And Constitutional Litigation: Cases And Materials by Charles F. Abernathy 7 eksemplarer
Commercial and Consumer Law: Teaching Materials by Richard E. Speidel 1 eksemplar
The Commercial Sales Transaction, An Introduction to the U.C.C. by Richard Hyland 2 eksemplarer
Comparative Legal Traditions: Text, Materials and Cases on Western Law by Mary Ann Glendon 12 eksemplarer
Conflict of Laws: Cases-Comments-Questions by David P. Currie 11 eksemplarer
Constitutional Law: Cases, Comments and Questions by Fallon Choper 13 eksemplarer
Constitutional Law: Cases, Comments, Questions by William B. Lockhart 18 eksemplarer
Constitutional Law: Cases, Comments, Questions by Jesse H. Choper 12 eksemplarer
Constitutional Law: Themes for the Constitution's Third Century by Daniel A. Farber 24 eksemplarer
Constitutional Rights and Liberties: Cases, Comments, Questions by William B. Lockhart 8 eksemplarer
Contemporary Property by Grant S. Nelson 9 eksemplarer
Contract and Related Obligation: Theory, Doctrine, and Practice by Robert S. Summers 15 eksemplarer
Contract Law: Selected Source Materials by Steven J. Burton 39 eksemplarer
Contracts: Cases, Problems and Materials by James F. Hogg 5 eksemplarer
Corporations Law and Policy: Materials and Problems by Jeffrey D. Bauman 16 eksemplarer
Criminal Law by Wayne R. Lafave 65 eksemplarer
Criminal Law Case Studies by Paul H. Robinson 31 eksemplarer
Criminal Law: Cases and Materials by George E. Dix 19 eksemplarer
Criminal Law: Cases and Materials by Cynthia Lee 5 eksemplarer
Criminal Law: Cases, Materials and Text by Phillip E. Johnson 13 eksemplarer
Criminal Procedure, Principles, Policies and Perspectives, 4th, 2012 Supplement by Joshua Dressler 3 eksemplarer
Criminal Procedure: Principles, Policies and Perspectives by Joshua Dressler 12 eksemplarer
Cyberlaw: Problems of Policy and Jurisprudence in the Information Age by Patricia L. Bellia 14 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Deposition Questioning Strategies and Techniques by David A. Binder 3 eksemplarer
Dispute Resolution and Lawyers by Leonard L. Riskin 12 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Documents Supplement to International Intellectual Property: Problems, Cases and Materials, 2d (American Casebook Series) by Daniel Chow 2 eksemplarer
Drafting Legal Documents by Barbara Child 8 eksemplarer
Dynamics of Trial Practice: Problems and Materials by Ronald L. Carlson 5 eksemplarer
The Economic Analysis of Tort Law by David W. Barnes 4 eksemplarer
The Economics of Contract Law by David W. Barnes 2 eksemplarer
Employment Discrimination Law: Cases and Materials on Equality in the Workplace by Robert Belton 8 eksemplarer
Equitable Remedies and Restitution: Cases and Materials by Robert N. Leavell 1 eksemplar
Family Law by David Westfall 3 eksemplarer
Family Law: Cases, Comments, and Questions by Harry D. Krause 5 eksemplarer
Federal Administrative Law by Gary Lawson 18 eksemplarer
Federal Courts,Cases, Comments and Questions (American Casebook Series) by Martin H. Redish 7 eksemplarer
Federal Criminal Law and Its Enforcement by Norman Abrams 10 eksemplarer
Federal Income Taxation: Cases, Problems and Materials by Joel S. Newman 2 eksemplarer
Federal White Collar Crime Cases and Materials (American Casebook Series) by Julie O'Sullivan 2 eksemplarer
Finding the Law by Robert C. Berring 49 eksemplarer
Finding the law : an abridged edition of "How to find the law, 9th ed." by Morris L. Cohen 20 eksemplarer
The First Amendment: A Reader by Frederick F. Schauer 13 eksemplarer
Foundations of the Law: An Interdisciplinary and Jurisprudential Primer by Bailey Kuklin 7 eksemplarer
Fundamentals of Pretrial Litigation by Roger S. Haydock 7 eksemplarer
Genetics: Ethics, Law and Policy by Lori B. Andrews 10 eksemplarer
Global Issues in Contract Law by John A. Spanogle 7 eksemplarer
Health Law: Cases, Materials and Problems by Barry R. Furrow 34 eksemplarer
Immigration and Citizenship: Process and Policy by T. Alexander Aleinikoff 25 eksemplarer
Immigration and Citizenship: Process and Policy (American Casebook Series) by Thomas Aleinikoff 3 eksemplarer
International Business Transactions: A Problem-oriented Course by Ralph H. Folsom 46 eksemplarer
International Law Cases and Materials: Cases and Materials by Lori F. Damrosch 29 eksemplarer
International Law: Cases and Commentary by Mark W. Janis 6 eksemplarer
International Litigation and Arbitration by Andreas F. Lowenfeld 9 eksemplarer
An Introduction to the Angloamerican Legal System Readings and Cases: Readings and Cases by Edgar Bodenheimer 16 eksemplarer
Introduction to the Law and Legal System of the United States by William Burnham 18 eksemplarer
Jurisprudence: Classical and Contemporary: From Natural Law to Postmodernism by Nancy Levit 14 eksemplarer
Jurisprudence: Text and Readings on the Philosophy of Law by George C. Christie 19 eksemplarer
Law and American History: Cases and Materials by B. Presser Stephen 6 eksemplarer
The Law of Civil Procedure: Cases and Materials by Joel Wm Friedman 4 eksemplarer
The Law of Property: An Introduction Survey by Ralph E. Boyer 8 eksemplarer
The Law of Torts by Dan B. Dobbs 28 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Lawyers and the System of Justice: Cases and Notes on the Profession of Law by David Mellinkoff 1 eksemplar
Lawyers as Counselors: A Client-Centered Approach by David A. Binder 19 eksemplarer
Legal Control of Water Resources: Cases and Materials by Joseph L. Sax 5 eksemplarer
Legal Control of Water Resources: Cases and Materials by Jr. Barton H. Thompson 5 eksemplarer
Legal Problem Solving: Analysis, Research, and Writing by Marjorie Dick Rombauer 5 eksemplarer
Legal Problems of International Economic Relations by John Howard Jackson 16 eksemplarer
Legal Protection for the Individual Employees by Matthew W. Finkin 5 eksemplarer
Legal Writing: A Systematic Approach by Diana Volkmann Pratt 10 eksemplarer
Legislation: Statutes and the Creation of Public Policy by Jr. William N. Eskridge 31 eksemplarer
Liability in Medicine and Public Health by Marcia Mobilia Boumil 2 eksemplarer
Mediation: Principles and Practice by Kimberlee K. Kovach 12 eksemplarer
Modern Constitutional Law: Cases and Notes by Ronald D. Rotunda 23 eksemplarer
Modern Constitutional Theory: A Reader by John H. Garvey 43 eksemplarer
Modern Criminal Law: Cases, Comments and Questions by Wayne R. Lafave 13 eksemplarer
Modern Criminal Procedure, Basic Criminal Procedure and Advanced Criminal Procedure by Yale Kamisar 7 eksemplarer
Modern Criminal Procedure: Cases, Comments and Questions by Yale Kamisar 38 eksemplarer
Political Dynamics of Constitutional Law by Louis Fisher 12 eksemplarer
Privacy Law: Cases and Materials by Richard C. Turkington 10 eksemplarer
Problems in Legal Ethics by Mortimer D. Schwartz 17 eksemplarer
Race, Racism & American Law by Derrick A. Bell 41 eksemplarer
Real estate transfer, finance, and development : cases and materials by Grant S. Nelson 17 eksemplarer
Sales, Leases and Electronic Commerce by John Edward Murray 11 eksemplarer
Secured Transactions: Teaching Materials (American Casebook Series) by James J. White 10 eksemplarer
Smith and Roberson's Business Law by Richard A. Mann 64 eksemplarer
Statutory Supplement to Cases and Materials on Corporations by Robert W. Hamilton 20 eksemplarer
A Student's Guide to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure by Steven Baicker-McKee 12 eksemplarer
Torts and Compensation: Personal Accountability and Social Responsibility for Injury by Dan B. Dobbs 39 eksemplarer
Where the Law Is: An Introduction to Advanced Legal Research by J.D.S. Armstrong 31 eksemplarer
White Collar Crime: Cases and Materials by Pamela H. Bucy 6 eksemplarer


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