ForlagsserierWilliam E. Massey, Sr., Lectures in American Studies

One Writer's Beginnings by Eudora Welty 1,730 eksemplarer, 25 anmeldelser1983
The American Newness: Culture and Politics in the Age of Emerson by Irving Howe 18 eksemplarer1986
God Land: Reflections on Religion and Nationalism by Conor Cruise O'Brien 10 eksemplarer1987
Highbrow/Lowbrow : The Emergence of Cultural Hierarchy in America by Lawrence Levine 338 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser1988
Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination by Toni Morrison 1,380 eksemplarer, 17 anmeldelser1990
Revolutions: Reflections on American Equality and Foreign Liberations by David Brion Davis 20 eksemplarer1990
Screening History by Gore Vidal 130 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse1991
The Southern Tradition : The Achievement and Limitations of an American Conservatism by Eugene Genovese 91 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse1993
The Dissent of the Governed : A Meditation on Law, Religion, and Loyalty by Stephen L. Carter 56 eksemplarer, 2 anmeldelser1995
Writing Was Everything by Alfred Kazin 75 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse1995
Achieving Our Country: Leftist Thought in Twentieth-Century America by Richard Rorty 454 eksemplarer, 6 anmeldelser1997
The Real American Dream: A Meditation on Hope by Andrew Delbanco 112 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse1999
Reporting the Universe by E. L. Doctorow 36 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse2000
To Be the Poet by Maxine Hong Kingston 64 eksemplarer2000
Architecture as Signs and Systems: For a Mannerist Time by Robert Venturi 46 eksemplarer2004
Circles and Lines: The Shape of Life in Early America by John Demos 47 eksemplarer2004
Reshaping the Work-Family Debate: Why Men and Class Matter by Joan C. Williams 27 eksemplarer2008
Tiger Writing: Art, Culture, and the Interdependent Self by Gish Jen 40 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser2012
Three Songs, Three Singers, Three Nations by Greil Marcus 22 eksemplarer2013
Just a Journalist: On the Press, Life, and the Spaces Between by Linda Greenhouse 13 eksemplarer2015
Architecture as signs and systems : for a mannerist time by Robert Venturi 1 eksemplar

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Engelsk: William E. Massey, Sr. Lectures in the History of American Civilization