SerierWalter Foster How to Draw Library

167 Værker Popularitet 7,620 (929 Medlemmer) 2,192 Bøger 16 Anmeldelser 3.7


Drawing Simplified in Pen Pencil Brush Charcoal by Walter Foster 78 eksemplarer1
How to Draw by Walter Foster 51 eksemplarer2
How to Draw Trees by Frederick J. Garner 39 eksemplarer3
Oil Painting New Edition Walter Foster Stock # 4 by Walter Foster 18 eksemplarer4
The Art of Watercolor by Walter Foster 27 eksemplarer5
How to Draw With Pastels by Walter Foster 35 eksemplarer6
How to Draw and Paint Flowers by Walter Foster 16 eksemplarer7
How to Draw and Paint Landscapes by Walter Foster 24 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse8
How to Draw and Paint Seascapes by Walter Foster 13 eksemplarer9
Drawing: Dogs by Walter T. Foster 32 eksemplarer10
Drawing: Horses by Walter T. Foster 73 eksemplarer11
Drawing: Animals by Walter T. Foster 43 eksemplarer12
How to Draw and Paint Cats by Walter Foster 41 eksemplarer13
Portraits (How to Draw and Paint Series) by Stella Mackie 20 eksemplarer14
Portraits in Oils by Stella Mackie 12 eksemplarer15
Faces: Learn to Draw Step by Step by Walter Foster 55 eksemplarer17
Figures From Life by Walter Foster 3 eksemplarer19
Figures from Life (#19) by Robert Duflos 0 eksemplarer19
Drawing: Female Figures by Russell Iredell 34 eksemplarer20
Beginner's Guide: Anatomy by Walter T. Foster 31 eksemplarer21
Comics by Walter Foster 9 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse22
How to Draw Story Cartoons (How to Draw Series) by Walter Foster 1 eksemplar23
Modern Cartoon by Walter Foster 18 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse24
Cartooning: Animation Basics by Walter T. Foster 31 eksemplarer25
Advanced Animation by Preston Blair 131 eksemplarer, 4 anmeldelser26
Cartooning Jobs for Beginning Cartoonists by Howard Boughner 2 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse28
How to Draw and Paint Perspective Drawing by Ernest Norling 82 eksemplarer29
How to Make Your Art Commercial #30 by Dixi Hall 4 eksemplarer30
How to Draw and Paint Children by Viola French 16 eksemplarer31
ABC of Lettering By Carl Holmes #34 by Carl Holmes 6 eksemplarer34
HOW TO DO CERAMICS by Hellen H Lion 6 eksemplarer35
How to do ceramics: Number 2 by Hellen H Lion 3 eksemplarer36
How to Enamel on Copper by Catherine M. Henson 8 eksemplarer37
Sculpture for Beginners by Henry Lion 12 eksemplarer38
How to Do Linoleum Block Printing by Mary E. Hicks 10 eksemplarer42
Designs by Frederick J. Garner: For You --To Trace or Copy by Frederick J. Garner 2 eksemplarer45
Fine Prints to Copy or Frame (How to Draw Books, 48) by Walter Foster 9 eksemplarer48
Drawing in Charcoal with Charles LaSalle by Charles LaSalle 11 eksemplarer51
How to Do Still Life by Leon Franks 25 eksemplarer52
How to Paint by Eugene M. Frandzen 4 eksemplarer53
How To Draw and Paint Birds # 54 by Lynn Bogue Hunt 19 eksemplarer54
How to Draw More Trees by Frederick J. Garner 23 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse55
How to Mix Colors and Materials to Use by Walter Foster 25 eksemplarer56
The Art of Rakusan Tsuchiya by Rakusan Tsuchiya 7 eksemplarer57
Around the World and then Some by Walter Foster 3 eksemplarer60
How to Draw and Paint Fashions by Viola French 7 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse61
Clowns and Characters (Volume 62) by Leon Franks 12 eksemplarer62
Color with Palette Knife and Brush by Merlin Enabnit 10 eksemplarer63
How to Paint From Your Color Slides and Photographs by Walter Foster 9 eksemplarer64
How to Use Color in Portraits by Merlin Enabnit 9 eksemplarer65
How Robert Wood Paints Landscapes and Seascapes by Robert Wood 23 eksemplarer66
Outdoor Sketching, Indoor Painting by Eugene M. Frandzen 8 eksemplarer67
Color in Trees Shrubs Weeds by Frederick J. Garner 13 eksemplarer68
Easy Ways to Do Chinese Painting by Chow Chian-Chiu 24 eksemplarer69
The Cats in Action by Walter J. Wilwerding 11 eksemplarer70
Understanding and Painting Abstract Art by Elsa Nelson 16 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse71
How Linford Donovan Paints Heads by Linford Donovan 2 eksemplarer72
How Canedo Draws the Figure by Alexander Canedo 2 eksemplarer73
From India Paintings By Arul Raj (Foster How to Series #74) by ARUL RAJ 4 eksemplarer74
How Claude Parsons Paints Flowers by Claude Parsons 10 eksemplarer75
Color: Simplified Steps to Painting in Color by Merlin Enabnit 8 eksemplarer76
Painting on Location by Blaine Henrie 6 eksemplarer77
How to Draw and Paint Hoofed Animals by Walter J. Wilwerding 5 eksemplarer78
Leon Franks on Techniques (Walter T. Foster Art Books, 79) by Leon Franks 6 eksemplarer79
How to Draw Horses and Riders of the Old West by Ernest Tonk 7 eksemplarer80
How to Begin Painting for Fun HT-81 (How to Draw, 81) by Estelle Fedelle 4 eksemplarer81
How Nell Walker Warner Paints in Oils by Nell Walker Warner 7 eksemplarer82
The Sea in Action by Earl Daniels 14 eksemplarer83
How to Paint Exotic Butterflies and Moths by Ralph S. Coventry 6 eksemplarer84
The Art of Costume Design by Marilyn Sotto 6 eksemplarer85
Trends and Techniques in Modern Art by Elsa Nelson 5 eksemplarer86
Dancers in Action by Claretta White 2 eksemplarer87
Painting in the South Seas (Walter T Foster Series #88) by Paul Blaine Henrie 3 eksemplarer88
How to Draw Bears by Joseph Maniscalco 5 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse89
How to Draw and Paint Textures in Animals by Walter J. Wilwerding 4 eksemplarer90
SKETCHES ABROAD by Mary E. Hicks 2 eksemplarer91
Leon Franks Paints Fruits and Vegetables by Leon Franks 6 eksemplarer92
Moods in Oils and Felt Pens Walter Foster Stock # 93 by Al Nestler 6 eksemplarer93
The Folk Art Of Mexico #94 by Linford Donovan 3 eksemplarer94
Beginner's Guide to Art Materials and Terms Used by Dixi Hall 12 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse95
The NUDE (96) by Fritz Willis 3 eksemplarer96
A Fun Book on Painting and Mixing Colors by Walter T. Foster 8 eksemplarer97
How to Draw and Paint Boats by Ralph S. Coventry 13 eksemplarer98
How to Draw and Paint Animal Expressions by Walter J. Wilwerding 14 eksemplarer99
Oil painting 2 by Walter T. Foster 10 eksemplarer100
Oil: Sunsets (HT101) by Violet Parkhurst 15 eksemplarer101
Painting People and Places in Oil - Acrylic - Watercolor by Ralph Hulett 3 eksemplarer102
Drawing in Industry by Emile B. Willes 4 eksemplarer103
Drawing in Industry Book 2 by Emile B. Willes 4 eksemplarer104
Oil: Faces & Features by Fritz Willis 31 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse106
Collage the Art of Painting with Paper and Paste (107) by Dixi Hall 4 eksemplarer107
Color and Composition by Al Nestler 4 eksemplarer108
Painting for Pleasure by Merlin Enabnit 4 eksemplarer109
Seapower by Earl Daniels 13 eksemplarer110
Red Barns and Other Scenes (Walter Foster Series, 111) by Arden von Dewitz 9 eksemplarer111
Still Life is Exciting by Nan Greacen 4 eksemplarer112
32 Painting Lessons in Oil by Bela and Jan Bodo 5 eksemplarer113
How to Compose Pictures and Achieve Color Harmony by Hal Reed 5 eksemplarer114
Quick Sketching by Paul Coze 10 eksemplarer115
Indians of the Northwest by Winold Reiss 6 eksemplarer116
The Model (#117) by Fritz Willis 3 eksemplarer117
It's Fun to Sketch with Pencil and Crayon by Joanne Thompson 3 eksemplarer118
Painting City & Village Streets Around the World by Ralph Hulett 3 eksemplarer119
Indians & Scenes of the Southwest by Gerard Curtis Delano 4 eksemplarer120
A Fun Book on Acrylic Painting Polymer by Arden von Dewitz 5 eksemplarer121
Painting at the Seashore by Violet Parkhurst 3 eksemplarer122
Moderns Around the World (Volume 123) by Elsa Nelson 2 eksemplarer123
How To Draw and Paint Today's Fashions by Viola French 5 eksemplarer124
Common Faults in Oil Painting by Claude Parsons 28 eksemplarer125
So You Want Snow Scenes to Paint by Mannie Gonsalves 9 eksemplarer126
My Adventures in Europe by Mary E. Hicks 3 eksemplarer127
Chinese Painting 2 by Chow Chian-Chiu 12 eksemplarer128
The Magic of Flower Painting (Volume 129) by Nan Greacen 6 eksemplarer129
How to Paint Roses and Other Flowers by Lola Ades 28 eksemplarer130
Dramatic Paintings from Familiar Scenes by Jack Laycox 3 eksemplarer132
32 Painting Lessons in Oil 2 by Mona Mills 1 eksemplar133
Animals: [Learn to Draw Cartoons Step by Step] by Ed Nofziger 19 eksemplarer134
Horses' Heads in Oils and Pastels by Don Schwartz 3 eksemplarer135
Scenes from SouthEast U.S.A. #136 by Carsten Jantzen 3 eksemplarer136
Painting the Desert by Wilton McCoy 2 eksemplarer137
Claretta White Paints Still Life by Claretta White 2 eksemplarer139
How To Paint with Felt-Tip Pens by A.V. Almazar 1 eksemplar140
The Artists: A Pronouncing, Biographical Dictionary by Dixi Hall 2 eksemplarer141
Art Secrets and Shortcuts by Fritz Willis 12 eksemplarer143
Painting From The Family Album by Maxine Runci 4 eksemplarer144
Painting the American Landscape by Carl Stricker 2 eksemplarer145
Landscape Seascape in Acrylic by Maurice Harvey 5 eksemplarer148
How to Paint Rocks and Surf by Arden von Dewitz 4 eksemplarer150
Flowers and Still Life by HERBERT PARRISH 1 eksemplar151
Painting with Oil Pastels by H. P. - Walter T. Foster Editors McLaughlin 6 eksemplarer152
Understanding Color by Wm. F. Powell 10 eksemplarer154
Painting Water and Weather (A Walter T. Foster Publication) by Charles L. Cochrane 12 eksemplarer155
Of Course You Can Paint by Dorothy Dunnigan 5 eksemplarer156
Stella Mackie Paints Heads in Oil Pastel by Stella Mackie 2 eksemplarer159
The Magic of Oil Painting by W. Alexander 13 eksemplarer162
Creative Painting by Lenore Sherman 4 eksemplarer163
How to Paint Mountains by Alfred Wands 7 eksemplarer166
Painting The Four Seasons by Carl Stricker 2 eksemplarer168
How to Paint Widlife Portraits by H. P. McLaughlin 2 eksemplarer173
Horses in Action (How to Draw and Paint Series) by Walter Foster 7 eksemplarer174
How to Paint Beautiful Landscapes and Seascapes by Anton Gutknecht 16 eksemplarer180
How to Animate Film Cartoons by Preston Blair 34 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse190
Drawing: Figures in Action by Andrew Loomis 20 eksemplarer191
How to Improve Your Painting by Dorothy Dunnigan 3 eksemplarer195
How to Draw and Paint Heads/2 by Andrew Loomis 60 eksemplarer197
Acrylic: Landscapes (HT198) by Anton Gutknecht 9 eksemplarer198
Watercolor: Landscapes: American Scenes by Kolan Peterson 20 eksemplarer205
How to Draw and Paint Special Effects in Watercolor by Kolan Peterson 18 eksemplarer207
How to Draw and Paint Boats in Watercolor by Duane R. Light 5 eksemplarer210
How to Draw and Paint Airbrush Rendering by Gary Buckley 6 eksemplarer212
Oil: Roses by Lola Ades 2 eksemplarer214
Drawing: Still Lifes with Gene Franks by Gene Franks 11 eksemplarer215
How to Draw and Paint Buildings in Pencil by Gene Franks 23 eksemplarer217
Drawing: Landscapes with Gene Franks by Gene Franks 12 eksemplarer225
Oil: Horses (HT228) by Cindy Larimore 9 eksemplarer228
How to Draw and Paint Seascapes in Watercolour by Frank Germain 22 eksemplarer229
How to Draw and Paint Transportation in Pencil by Gene Franks 2 eksemplarer230
Drawing: Wildlife with Gene Franks by Gene Franks 10 eksemplarer231
Watercolor: Chinese Brush by Lucy Wang 19 eksemplarer233
How to Draw and Paint People of the World in Pencil by Gene Franks 7 eksemplarer234
Watercolor: Flowers: Special Effects by Shirle Bedient 19 eksemplarer237
Oil: Portraits by Annette A. Hanna 3 eksemplarer238
Drawing: Colored Pencil by Sandra Angelo 22 eksemplarer243
Beginner's Guide: Pastel 1 by Ken Goldman 7 eksemplarer268
Acrylic: Still Lifes by Nathan Rohlander 2 eksemplarer287

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