Music History, Performance, and Theory


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Characteristic works

Treatise on Harmony af Jean-Philippe Rameau (10), Beethoven: Impressions by His Contemporaries af Oscar Sonneck (7), Debussy : Prelude to "the afternoon of a faun" af William W. Austin (7), Five Graphic Music Analyses af Heinrich Schenker (7), Theory of Harmony (California Library Reprint Series) af Arnold Schoenberg (11), Symphony No. 2 in C Minor, "Resurrection" [score] af Gustav Mahler (6), Foundations of Music History af Carl Dahlhaus (6), Emotion and Meaning in Music af Leonard B. Meyer (11), Late Beethoven: Music, Thought, Imagination af Maynard Solomon (7), Introduction to Post-Tonal Theory af Joseph N. Straus (7), Complete String Quartets af Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (6), Contemplating Music: Challenges to Musicology af Joseph Kerman (7), The Beethoven Quartets af Joseph Kerman (7), String quartets no. 1–16 ; Grosse Fuge (score) af Ludwig van Beethoven (8), The Structure of Atonal Music af Allen Forte (6), Chamber Music: The Growth & Practice Of An Intimate Art af Homer Ulrich (5), A Generative Theory of Tonal Music af Fred Lerdahl (7), Beethoven : Symphony no.8 in F major, Op.93 + Symphony no.9 in D minor, Op.125 'Choral' [full score] af Ludwig van Beethoven (8), Romantic Music: A History of Musical Style in Nineteenth-Century Europ af Leon Plantinga (7), German Requiem, op. 45 [vocal score] af Johannes Brahms (8), Musikalsk Poetik af Igor Stravinsky (11), The Notation of Polyphonic Music 900-1600 af Willi Apel (6), Structural Hearing: Tonal Coherence in Music af Felix Salzer (7), Missa solemnis in D major, op. 123 (sound recording) af Ludwig van Beethoven (7), The Interpretation of Music af Thurston Dart (7)