Series Challenge For 2011

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A group for reading books in 2011 that are part of a series. They can be fiction, non-fiction, graphic, or from a publisher's series. Start a thread with your user name in it- this makes it easier to find. You may comment in your thread on books read or just post a list of your books. Read a whole series, part of one, or as many as you can consume. All genres are welcome.

EmneEmneKommentarerSeneste Meddelelse 
Ivy's Books Read29 ulæste / 29luvbug11, november 2011
la12hernandez series challenge28 ulæste / 28LA12Hernandez, september 2011
Clfisha's 2011 Series Challenge12 ulæste / 12clfisha, april 2011
VisibleGhost's 2011 Series12 ulæste / 12VisibleGhost, marts 2011
Annie's series: 2011 edition6 ulæste / 6AnnieMod, februar 2011
arubabookwoman's series challenge4 ulæste / 4arubabookwoman, januar 2011
Beatles1964 2011 Series Challenge4 ulæste / 4psutto, december 2010
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