English majors!

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Can't get enough discussion in your seminars? No one else understands the beauty of a particular device or turn of phrase? Come chat here!

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What do you do?47 ulæste / 47alphaorder, februar 2014
Books for all those essays?4 ulæste / 4betterthanchocolate, oktober 2008
HP: Books for the Ages?13 ulæste / 13bookstopshere, juli 2008
Literary Theory19 ulæste / 19jlane, september 2007
Who's in?14 ulæste / 14firstcitybook, august 2007
The English language is dying...19 ulæste / 19andyray, august 2007
Looking for The King Amazed2 ulæste / 2avaland, december 2006
Sketches/Vignettes?1 ulæst / 1fleurdiabolique, november 2006
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