Catholic Tradition

For LT members of any religion/denomination who love reading/collecting books on Catholicism, the Tradition, Theology, Scripture, Liturgy, the lived experience of Catholicism, Catholic Apologetics, the Magisterium, Popes past and present, etc. "Catholic" means "universal", and all views are welcome, from the most "progressive" to the most "conservative" and everything in between, as long as they are presented courteously and respectfully. Please remember to respect others' beliefs and post with charity, even where there is disagreement.

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PinnedWelcome and Introductions3 ulæste / 3John5918, april 2021
The Synod on Synodality 251 ulæste / 51John5918, I dag 9:37am
Francis (2023)102 ulæste / 102John5918, I dag 9:16am
Mass Report (A.K.A. Mass is Boring)145 ulæste / 145John5918, onsdag 5:35am
Current Catholic Issues (2023)61 ulæste / 61margd, søndag 10:08am
Oscar Romero, Bishop and Martyr51 ulæste / 51John5918, september 16
The Making of Saints14 ulæste / 14John5918, september 9
Nonviolence48 ulæste / 48John5918, august 25
Prominent Catholics RIP23 ulæste / 23John5918, august 23
Traditionis Custodes221 ulæste / 221John5918, august 2
Second Vatican Council Fathers9 ulæste / 9John5918, juli 18
Liturgical translations2 ulæste / 2John5918, juli 14
Dialogue with tradition essential to Catholic spiritual life1 ulæst / 1John5918, juli 13
Presepi 219 ulæste / 192wonderY, juni 28
Laudato Si' follow up64 ulæste / 64John5918, maj 22
Abuse and Safeguarding in the Catholic Church29 ulæste / 29John5918, maj 17
Catholic Social Teaching (2)32 ulæste / 32John5918, maj 10
Bishop Helmut Krätzl dead1 ulæst / 1MarthaJeanne, maj 2
Ecumenism24 ulæste / 24John5918, april 20
Favourite Saints4 ulæste / 42wonderY, marts 24
The pope and married priests20 ulæste / 20John5918, marts 18
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI RIP13 ulæste / 13John5918, februar 20
South Sudan and DRC pilgrimage26 ulæste / 26MarthaJeanne, februar 12
Inculturation43 ulæste / 43John5918, januar 26
Old books looking for a new home11 ulæste / 11MtAlvernoNovitiate, januar 14
Current Catholic Issues 3 (2022 #2)153 ulæste / 153John5918, december 2022
Francis (2022 - part 2)179 ulæste / 179John5918, december 2022
Catholic Nonviolence Initiative263 ulæste / 263John5918, december 2022
The Synod on Synodality217 ulæste / 217John5918, december 2022
Presepi152 ulæste / 152John5918, december 2022
So what are you reading today?33 ulæste / 33bagatelle, december 2022
Thanksgiving Reflection 20224 ulæste / 4John5918, november 2022
Classic Catholic Humour17 ulæste / 17John5918, november 2022
'This God thing...'5 ulæste / 5brone, oktober 2022
Amoris Laetitia78 ulæste / 78brone, september 2022
Women deacons report26 ulæste / 26brone, september 2022
Saintly popes?53 ulæste / 53John5918, september 2022
Praedicate Evangelium - Preach the Gospel30 ulæste / 30John5918, august 2022
Francis (2022)236 ulæste / 236John5918, juli 2022
Fratelli Tutti31 ulæste / 31John5918, juli 2022
Current Catholic Issues 2 (2022)222 ulæste / 222margd, juli 2022
Monetary scandals12 ulæste / 12John5918, juni 2022
Rosemary Radford Ruether RIP2 ulæste / 2MarthaJeanne, maj 2022
not able to post in real time3 ulæste / 3brone, april 2022
Pre-Vatican 2 teaching on “outside the Church there is no salvation”11 ulæste / 112wonderY, marts 2022
Hello5 ulæste / 52wonderY, januar 2022
Current Catholic Issues152 ulæste / 152John5918, januar 2022
Francis (2021)260 ulæste / 260John5918, januar 2022
A Christmas reflection4 ulæste / 4brone, december 2021
Vatican II: 55th anniversary2 ulæste / 2Booknormous, december 2021
New Biography of Pope Benedict XVI2 ulæste / 2brone, december 2021
'Should we be celebrating' 150th anniversary of Vatican I?3 ulæste / 3John5918, oktober 2021
Fr Robert J. Schreiter, C.PP.S., 1947-2021 RIP1 ulæst / 1John5918, august 2021
Allergic to religion?8 ulæste / 8John5918, maj 2021
Number of Catholics is growing on every continent except Europe1 ulæst / 1John5918, marts 2021
Why the Catholic church is still a force for good3 ulæste / 3John5918, marts 2021
NYTimes: Poll shows disconnect between US Catholics and the Church9 ulæste / 9John5918, marts 2021
Change group name?15 ulæste / 15timspalding, februar 2021
'It's time for the Vatican to investigate the US bishops' conference'2 ulæste / 2eschator83, februar 2021
Francis, part 11 (2020)143 ulæste / 143John5918, januar 2021
Can anyone identify this piece of art?5 ulæste / 52wonderY, januar 2021
Sedevacante & The One True Catholic Church (contued) Part IX80 ulæste / 80John5918, december 2020
Seven Core Values of Catholic Social Teaching198 ulæste / 198John5918, oktober 2020
The Amazon Synod83 ulæste / 83John5918, september 2020
How nuns changed the workforce10 ulæste / 10John5918, maj 2020
St George3 ulæste / 3John5918, april 2020
How the Vatican braced for invasion in World War II5 ulæste / 52wonderY, april 2020
Pope Francis orders review of new Mass translation rules23 ulæste / 23John5918, marts 2020
A modest proposal: Spread the priesthood by eliminating clergy21 ulæste / 21John5918, marts 2020
A bit of Roman seasoning can be good for priests1 ulæst / 1John5918, marts 2020
English cardinal John Newman to be declared a saint7 ulæste / 7frahealee, februar 2020
Father George Coyne, astronomer, promoter of science-theology dialogue, RIP1 ulæst / 1John5918, februar 2020
Catholicism offers path to dispel apocalyptic fear41 ulæste / 41John5918, februar 2020
African bishops say Church polarization ‘more political than doctrinal’3 ulæste / 3John5918, februar 2020
Dorothy Day could be a saint for a ‘polarised’ world2 ulæste / 2John5918, februar 2020
'Richard Rohr Reorders the Universe'1 ulæst / 1John5918, februar 2020
Sedevacante & The One True Catholic Church (contued) Part VIII156 ulæste / 156John5918, januar 2020
An atheist conversion to Catholicism – "it’s given me great peace"3 ulæste / 32wonderY, januar 2020
Pope Francis' message for World Day of Peace 20207 ulæste / 7John5918, januar 2020
Francis, part 10 (2019)101 ulæste / 101John5918, januar 2020
Advent 201910 ulæste / 102wonderY, december 2019
When/if should communion be denied to a communicant?56 ulæste / 56John5918, december 2019
Goodbye, climbers! We need to restore servant leadership in the priesthood2 ulæste / 2LesMiserables, december 2019
Pope Francis, The Family and Divorce: In Defense of Truth and Mercy10 ulæste / 10LesMiserables, december 2019
Christus Vincit1 ulæst / 1LesMiserables, december 2019
Thomas Berry: The New Political Alignment11 ulæste / 11John5918, november 2019
Fact or fiction? Secret Societies.12 ulæste / 12margd, oktober 2019
Confronting causes of clericalism1 ulæst / 1John5918, september 2019
Fr Michael Buckley SJ RIP1 ulæst / 1John5918, august 2019
New biography of Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen1 ulæst / 1John5918, august 2019
Sedevacante & The One True Catholic Church (contued) Part VII168 ulæste / 168Joansknight, juli 2019
Catholics resisting the Philippines’ deadly war on drugs1 ulæst / 1John5918, juli 2019
Sedevacante & The One True Catholic Church (contued) Part VI156 ulæste / 156Joansknight, maj 2019
Cardinal Godfried Danneels RIP5 ulæste / 5PossMan, april 2019
Vatican probe ends with olive branch for US nuns25 ulæste / 25John5918, marts 2019
Teilhard & Eugenics3 ulæste / 3hf22, marts 2019
Vatican to unseal archives on controversial WWII pope2 ulæste / 2John5918, marts 2019
Four in five Vatican priests are gay, book claims2 ulæste / 2John5918, februar 2019
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