The Global Challenge

Welcome to the reenergized Global Challenge!

Founded in 2010, the Global Challenge is a place to track your reading from countries around the world and, if you wish, try to complete the original challenge of reading five books from every country (see details below). Feel free, however, to customize the challenge however you wish. It's up to you!

There are currently 193 member states of the United Nations, but 208 sovereign states are recognized. Some Global Challenge participants have added even more countries or broken some large countries into subsections. See the pinned post A New Country List for ideas.

You might also want to check out the sister group, Reading Globally. This year there is also an African Novel Challenge.

Happy Reading!

Here is the original challenge as created by fmgee: to read a book that is set or about (at least in part) as many countries as possible. This is an ongoing challenge (not limited to a year) and you can use any books you have read in the past as your base.

The rules (and scoring) are simple.

-You can read and list up to five books per country.
-Each book is worth one point.
-All books can only be listed once! If you are reading a travel book that goes through Africa you need to choose which country you want to put it in (BUT ONLY ONE!).
-Fiction or Non-Fiction (Novels, Lonely Planet, even Children's Books if you need a fifth from Rwanda!)
-193 Countries and 5 books each is a maximum of 965 points.

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