M/M Romance... A cocky li'l group

For all who love men...
For all who love Love...
For all...
This group is for you.

Come and discuss your favorite M/M Romance books, authors, wishes and wants!

It's a delightful way to spend an afternoon.

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What are some of your favorite books for this group?12 ulæste / 12aspirit, I dag 6:16pm
Currently reading Close Range by Annie Proulx7 ulæste / 7Dave_v2, juli 2020
What are your expectations when it comes to erotica?11 ulæste / 11Dave_v2, april 2020
I'm new to the group. Anyone still around?12 ulæste / 12Dave_v2, april 2020
Just started "A Very English Scandal" by John Preston3 ulæste / 3lilithcat, april 2020
Anyone have a favorite they would like to mention?3 ulæste / 3Dave_v2, april 2020
Independently published is code for ?3 ulæste / 3Dave_v2, marts 2020
What are you looking for after a long sweaty bike ride?1 ulæst / 1Dave_v2, marts 2020
I've decided on a few books1 ulæst / 1Dave_v2, marts 2020
I love my local public libraries!3 ulæste / 3aspirit, I dag 6:31pm
The door has been opened to read more now that this virus has people hibernatiing.1 ulæst / 1Dave_v2, marts 2020
Do the author's preferred pronouns matter when reading erotica?1 ulæst / 1Dave_v2, marts 2020
What are you reading to keep your primal urges at bay?1 ulæst / 1Dave_v2, marts 2020
What have you just read & enjoyed, and what you're looking forward to reading next15 ulæste / 15Dave_v2, marts 2020
Philadelphia2 ulæste / 2aspirit, september 2019
Hi All, New Here3 ulæste / 3ChrisGonzalezLibrary, september 2013
Do you know this book?4 ulæste / 4Booksloth, august 2011
21 Member Salute!3 ulæste / 3ChloeStowe, juli 2010
Anyone else new from Goodreads? Or not?12 ulæste / 12MDGentleReader, april 2013
The return of Chloe Stowe, your erstwhile host *gathers up a brave smile*2 ulæste / 2mahootchee, oktober 2010
Jet Mykles' readers please congregate here! Cookies for all who share.2 ulæste / 2ddeej56, august 2010
Have you curled up with your BARBARIAN today?2 ulæste / 2mahootchee, oktober 2010
What is your Favorite scene from Chloes book Taken?6 ulæste / 6ChloeStowe, juli 2010
Have you ventured into Kate Douglas' literary realms? Pull up a sofa and share!1 ulæst / 1ChloeStowe, juli 2010
Readers of Rachel Bo here you go! You're very own topic!1 ulæst / 1ChloeStowe, juli 2010
Readers of Madeleine Urban come on in!1 ulæst / 1ChloeStowe, juli 2010
Jane Seville readers gather here! Come in and tell us what you think...1 ulæst / 1ChloeStowe, juli 2010
Welcome!17 ulæste / 17ChloeStowe, juli 2010
Have you read any Mechele Armstrong? Come on in and share!1 ulæst / 1ChloeStowe, juli 2010
Friday Follies... What are you reading right now?12 ulæste / 12piranha, september 2010
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