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This is a group for readers and authors to connect.

The Hobnob with Authors group was created as a safe zone where authors could talk about their own works freely without being accused of transgressing LibraryThing's no promotions rule.

Besides letting authors talk about their works, we also allow promotional posts, but ONLY if they are posted to the appropriate subject threads. For a list of the current promotional threads, please see the READ BEFORE POSTING post.

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PinnedAuthor Introductions 2023114 ulæste / 114RonSchulz, mandag 12:51pm
PinnedREAD BEFORE POSTING5 ulæste / 5Cecrow, maj 2023
M new book- Missing Monarchy4 ulæste / 4JebSmith, I går 4:13pm
I will review your book2 ulæste / 2Leigh_Belrose, mandag 7:16pm
Young Adult and Children's Book Promotion75 ulæste / 75stibbs, juli 9
Book reviewers for new children's book1 ulæst / 1Leigh_Belrose, juli 5
What's your least favorite story structure?1 ulæst / 1sbdrag, juli 4
Inventing Language50 ulæste / 50sbdrag, juli 3
Free Stories by Hobnob Authors44 ulæste / 44sbdrag, juli 3
Author Promotions! Your Announcements Go Here!165 ulæste / 165duygumengioglu, juni 27
Romance Book Promotion82 ulæste / 82authormadisonsheldon, juni 24
Reviewers Seeking Books12 ulæste / 12authormadisonsheldon, juni 24
Authors, what are you working on? (Part II)56 ulæste / 56mmarty164, juni 3
New Book Release / The 5 Moons of Tiiana1 ulæst / 1RezCantor, maj 25
Why Do You Write Books?32 ulæste / 32DeclanM, maj 22
Author Introduction3 ulæste / 3Authjgab, maj 22
Brand new authors seeking reviewers3 ulæste / 3DeclanM, maj 4
Natural History Author Introduction5 ulæste / 5DeclanM, april 28
Author Interviews6 ulæste / 6DeclanM, april 27
Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Promotion II19 ulæste / 19randycorn, april 20
Non-fiction Book Promotion97 ulæste / 97LitaMarson, april 16
Indie authors, what aspect of self-publishing were you totally unprepared for? The more niche the better.14 ulæste / 14LitaMarson, april 15
Fiction Book Promotion111 ulæste / 111mmarty164, april 9
Middle-earth Lore Tolkien's Legends Revealed1 ulæst / 1JebSmith, marts 27
Book Trailers!41 ulæste / 41paradoxosalpha, marts 7
launching for International Women's Day2 ulæste / 2lilithcat, marts 2
It's Always 9/111 ulæst / 1Shepherdessbooks, februar 23
Advice for a New Author?1 ulæst / 1theunravelling, januar 13
The Witch In The Window DC Green3 ulæste / 3lilithcat, januar 7
I will review your books38 ulæste / 38Marissa_Doyle, januar 6
Authors, what are you working on?200 ulæste / 200stefilyn, januar 6
Authors, what are you working on?154 ulæste / 154stefilyn, januar 6
Author Promotions! Your Announcements Go Here!224 ulæste / 224stefilyn, januar 6
My First Book2 ulæste / 2Sam_8.Mar-49, januar 2
Echoes of Resistance Whispers of Assimilation2 ulæste / 2michailfountoulakis, december 2023
Latest crime thriller getting traction1 ulæst / 1cowardbooklover, november 2023
Atticus2 ulæste / 2kitsune_reader, november 2023
Giveaway on Black Friday 24.111 ulæst / 1Ernesto123, november 2023
New book release1 ulæst / 1Sir2Den, november 2023
Reader Introduction Thread75 ulæste / 75stuartperegrine, november 2023
Giveaways!106 ulæste / 106gwernin, oktober 2023
Mystery/Thriller/Suspense Book Promotion112 ulæste / 112JLCrellin, oktober 2023
Hobnob Author Index 202212 ulæste / 12MichaelACimino, september 2023
Do you read reviews?28 ulæste / 28PossMan, september 2023
How much free will do you allow your characters?73 ulæste / 73mysterymax, september 2023
Process Improvement Book Review2 ulæste / 2Nik13, september 2023
The book the elephant on the train1 ulæst / 1Nik13, september 2023
New book the last ride A thrilling night1 ulæst / 1Nik13, september 2023
Anyone Here have a Blog?15 ulæste / 15bjsikes, august 2023
Marketing a book for self-published authors3 ulæste / 3paradoxosalpha, juli 2023
What tropes are you really tired of seeing?23 ulæste / 23Shakeema, juni 2023
My New Tolkien Book! The Road Goes Ever On and On1 ulæst / 1Jeb.Smith, maj 2023
Alternate History Points of Departure14 ulæste / 14SteveRhinelander, maj 2023
What would a Post-Scarcity economy look like?17 ulæste / 17paradoxosalpha, maj 2023
My First Book, Free on Amazon1 ulæst / 1KeatonRamey, maj 2023
What goes into your iceburg?2 ulæste / 2thorold, april 2023
Discover "Azhar ul Haque Sario's" Books on Amazon and Other Platforms!1 ulæst / 1azharsario, april 2023
Malicious one star reviews12 ulæste / 12paradoxosalpha, april 2023
Are Adverbs Evil?16 ulæste / 16LShelby, april 2023
Editing21 ulæste / 21LShelby, april 2023
Opinions on Bookroar?3 ulæste / 3ThomasNorford, april 2023
Views on using Kindle Direct Publishing Select.6 ulæste / 6MHThaung, marts 2023
Comparing Books to Books26 ulæste / 26LShelby, marts 2023
Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Promotion161 ulæste / 161LShelby, marts 2023
Marketing for self-publishers40 ulæste / 40LShelby, marts 2023
Word's new Editor7 ulæste / 7LShelby, marts 2023
Favorite Antagonists3 ulæste / 3LShelby, marts 2023
What's the best way to get into Character?15 ulæste / 15LShelby, marts 2023
Books that Touch Your Soul3 ulæste / 3LShelby, marts 2023
Easter eggs.5 ulæste / 5TBird58, marts 2023
Do we need more optimistic science fiction?23 ulæste / 23TBird58, marts 2023
Art & Music & Writing51 ulæste / 51LShelby, marts 2023
New LT Author badge7 ulæste / 7MythButton, februar 2023
Reviewing your own book on LT21 ulæste / 21MythButton, februar 2023
A "Novel" musical Challenge17 ulæste / 17MythButton, februar 2023
Your Ideal Writing/Reading Spot17 ulæste / 17LShelby, februar 2023
Should Authors be Characters?21 ulæste / 21Cecrow, februar 2023
Discussion Topics for Non-Fiction Authors?3 ulæste / 3LShelby, februar 2023
So, I need a new world...11 ulæste / 11LShelby, februar 2023
ISBN to get an ARC? or wait?6 ulæste / 6LShelby, februar 2023
Author Introductions 202234 ulæste / 34LShelby, februar 2023
Mastering in C1 ulæst / 1ShivankShekhar, januar 2023
TOO YOUNG TO VOTE BUT OLD ENOUGH TO KILL1 ulæst / 1ryschka, januar 2023
Red Winter Journey1 ulæst / 1paulRB, januar 2023
The meaning of it1 ulæst / 1markBla, oktober 2022
Science, divulgation, Chemistry, short stories,1 ulæst / 1yaviancha, oktober 2022
Finding Other Books Like Yours for Giveaways3 ulæste / 3paradoxosalpha, august 2022
Hello from a debut author, Journey To The Heartland1 ulæst / 1xiaolonghca, august 2022
Fairness: The Blaming and Defending of White America8 ulæste / 8paradoxosalpha, august 2022
Immersive and/or Memorable1 ulæst / 1reading_fox, august 2022
New on Library Thing Author5 ulæste / 5Sam_8.Mar-49, juli 2022
World War II1 ulæst / 1Historybuff8, maj 2022
Free Fantasy Book1 ulæst / 1Peeples, april 2022
Hobnob with Authors appears to be Dead.9 ulæste / 9LShelby, marts 2022
Hi Everyone1 ulæst / 1mato123, marts 2022
Can "Contemporary Fantasy" also be "Epic Fantasy"?15 ulæste / 15NickDuberley, marts 2022
Do we need a thread for Reviewers Seeking Books?15 ulæste / 15lilithcat, marts 2022
Author Introductions 2021143 ulæste / 143Dreamer2022, marts 2022
Mental Health Tropes in Writing18 ulæste / 18Ardys_Richards, januar 2022
FREE eBook: Available in any format of your choice.1 ulæst / 1Miller_library, december 2021
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