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Help please looking for a series.1 ulæst / 1kel12489, juli 2018
A historical romance that's been bugging me for years. Please help me solve the mystery.3 ulæste / 3docstur, juli 2018
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Help finding a college romance book1 ulæst / 1teachermom1968, juli 2018
Mob romance genre1 ulæst / 1doloresg, juni 2018
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Find That Book1 ulæst / 1ipilk911, april 2018
Vintage Mills and Boon1 ulæst / 1Artume, august 2018
Historical Romance. Romance. Mystery. Suspence. In Australia1 ulæst / 1mutudu, juli 2018
Looking for a highland romance book1 ulæst / 1nicolerod5082, oktober 2018
Looking for Harlequin Presents Title about a Woman Business Executive1 ulæst / 1GinaNT, oktober 2018
Futuristic, 90's ish, possible cloning, oracles, new planet, taller people, Delphi2 ulæste / 2Tina_Evans, oktober 2018
2018 - What are you reading? Book Recommendations11 ulæste / 11sdbookhound, maj 2018
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PLEASE name this book1 ulæst / 1laurajean18, april 2018
Romance Novel1 ulæst / 1Mon1442, maj 2018
What is the name of the author or title of the book?1 ulæst / 1laurie18, juni 2018
Historical romance from the late 80's set on a plantation.1 ulæst / 1islay504, april 2017
Goodreads1 ulæst / 1MalsKay, maj 2017
Historical Romance fiction about a young girl drugged and carried to hero's room2 ulæste / 2shreyathomas, april 2017
Need help finding the name of a book.1 ulæst / 1vrodri3, marts 2017
Shiloh and Justin5 ulæste / 5emmatoenniges, maj 2017
Regency Era Romance1 ulæst / 1Dayvia, maj 2017
Help needed! Novel abt a hero that hates people with a literature degree1 ulæst / 1iona710, maj 2017
Need help finding a book1 ulæst / 1Hermajestysrle1, marts 2017
HR: wedding night;husband smears blood on sheets.set in Brittain4 ulæste / 4OtakuBookWorm, april 2017
I hope someone can help me remember the title of this book...2 ulæste / 2Lunna, marts 2017
Been looking for the title of this book for years, cannot remember it, please help1 ulæst / 1Brent_Bragg, marts 2017
Please help find title Of Megan & Derek's story!1 ulæst / 1bedazzled101, marts 2017
Lottery Winner2 ulæste / 2bedazzled101, marts 2017
This book memory has been driving me crazy!1 ulæst / 1Simigirl89, maj 2017
What are you reading now? March/April 201716 ulæste / 16sdbookhound, juni 2017
Have spent years searching for title of this book1 ulæst / 1battaniya, april 2017
New: Name that book1 ulæst / 1klinny, april 2017
I have a real challenge for you!1 ulæst / 1battaniya, april 2017
I hope someone can help me remember historical romance3 ulæste / 3mimi77, maj 2017
Help me find name of book please1 ulæst / 1CHallum, april 2017
Historical romance that I can't remember and is annoying me1 ulæst / 1kagukagu23, april 2017
Really need help finding this book.1 ulæst / 1brie23157, maj 2017
Name That Book--Please help!5 ulæste / 5Simigirl89, maj 2017
Historical Romance book1 ulæst / 1scartizzue, maj 2017
Can't find book.1 ulæst / 1Cheska-Retales-L1488, maj 2017
A New Virtual Book Club!1 ulæst / 1Claire-Gem, oktober 2018
Starting a new book1 ulæst / 1PGolden, oktober 2018
Highlander Book---Can't Remember the Name! Please Help!2 ulæste / 2Robin11301, februar 2018
So I too need help finding a book2 ulæste / 2JLynFox, januar 2018
Romance - English to America, Civil War Era, Sailing1 ulæst / 1M_in_KS, februar 2018
Need help finding a harlequin/mills and boon book1 ulæst / 1mistyrogue, februar 2018
Anybody who loves cliched authors like Diana Palmer1 ulæst / 1simona3, februar 2018
Looking for this book for 10 years2 ulæste / 2JLynFox, januar 2018
Help me find this historical novel please1 ulæst / 1yazhkse, november 2017
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Book I read 15-18 years ago1 ulæst / 1Cam_S, november 2017
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Name That Book1 ulæst / 1nightowl182, januar 2018
Book Challenge 201734 ulæste / 34sdbookhound, januar 2018
Help! I cant remember name of book or author2 ulæste / 2Caramellunacy, januar 2018
Need help with a mills and boon book1 ulæst / 1se12355, januar 2018
I need to find this book. Please help.2 ulæste / 2Latinrose, januar 2018
Name of Book? Pre-state and Civil War in California1 ulæst / 1Tracie.Gatewood, januar 2018
MC Romance1 ulæst / 1Katja123, marts 2018
This is driving me crazy!1 ulæst / 1FDorsett, januar 2018
What is the name of this book/ book series3 ulæste / 3jatta, januar 2018
does anyone know the name of this book1 ulæst / 1nightowl182, januar 2018
Teenage Girl falsely accused and sent to prison for Dad's Murder6 ulæste / 6kathyjoey, oktober 2017
Desperate to find!!! Civil war hate brother's friend that is back1 ulæst / 1ona1, oktober 2017
Historical romance1 ulæst / 1sam_1010, september 2018
Historical Romance1 ulæst / 1bobweigel, august 2018
Name that book (please I'm going nuts)1 ulæst / 1BrisaG, september 2018
Name that book1 ulæst / 1Fanpire17, september 2018
Book Giveaway!1 ulæst / 1HaileyRiely, september 2018
Help me find this book1 ulæst / 1Walker95, august 2018
Can't remember the name1 ulæst / 1chandinia, august 2018
Romance Trilogy1 ulæst / 1mommagreen, oktober 2018
Title is elusive1 ulæst / 1SammyZ, oktober 2018
Long lost husband is her new boss, not seen in years, both photojournalists- old2 ulæste / 2Kate11208, oktober 2018
Can't remember the book name2 ulæste / 2courtney98, september 2018
I need to find these books.1 ulæst / 1rose.hayles, marts 2018
Please Help!! Desperate to find this book4 ulæste / 4khadija_33, marts 2018
Looking for a book1 ulæst / 1Nozarok00, december 2017
Historical Romance. Perhaps during feudalism1 ulæst / 1Titania12, november 2017
H rescues maids in danger from employers1 ulæst / 1Susan_Wardzala, november 2017
Looking for a book1 ulæst / 1reddda, oktober 2017
Looking for book1 ulæst / 1Nozarok00, december 2017
Looking for a book3 ulæste / 3Rue09, december 2017
trying to find a book1 ulæst / 1neshaak, november 2017
Trying to find a book1 ulæst / 1lori73779, november 2017
Trying to find contemporary romance about widow and widower who end up together3 ulæste / 3Caramellunacy, november 2017
Looking for a book I must find1 ulæst / 1kjhill1, december 2017
Female Bodyguard, Male Client, a stalker, and the dog gets poison1 ulæst / 1Whoberry2, januar 2018
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