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Are you looking for a good book on a particular subject? Leave your wishes here and if another reader can suggest a good title, they can tell you...

EmneEmneKommentarerSeneste Meddelelse 
Looking for a few things.1 ulæst / 1toast_and_tea, juni 2014
Good reads for sensitive and fragile lady23 ulæste / 23MDGentleReader, oktober 2013
Book for an 8 year old girl who has just become a sister?4 ulæste / 4HatarakiMan, oktober 2013
Looking for a western I read in the late 80's/early 90's...4 ulæste / 4DaveLancaster, juli 2013
Books for preteen girl11 ulæste / 11Booksloth, januar 2013
Books about the Disney company1 ulæst / 1duhhh123, december 2012
leadership1 ulæst / 1densotraining, november 2012
I'm liiking for a book like [Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter]1 ulæst / 1Citizenjoyce, november 2012
Recomendations for non-Western short stories for a high school class?6 ulæste / 6tenth_sheep, februar 2012
The Winchester House4 ulæste / 4PennyDreadful4, januar 2012
Thriller or Horror?4 ulæste / 4quartzite, december 2011
past lives?3 ulæste / 3geitebukkeskjegg, oktober 2011
early 20th century, small town, character wants to leave2 ulæste / 2quartzite, september 2011
Alpha male hero (for a book club read)4 ulæste / 4Booksloth, marts 2011
Books about watches4 ulæste / 4TheoClarke, januar 2011
Childrens books about mentally delayed children.2 ulæste / 22wonderY, november 2010
Books for a 12 year old great reader2 ulæste / 2quartzite, marts 2010
Help! Looking for illustrated Greek/Roman creatures book for children10 ulæste / 10angelikat, januar 2010
WWII era fiction12 ulæste / 12Booksloth, juli 2009
Tools and tool making1 ulæst / 1burgett7, juli 2009
pre-war Iraq?4 ulæste / 4wandering_star, maj 2009
I need a laugh19 ulæste / 19Sandydog1, april 2009
Young reader and teen donation recommendations?3 ulæste / 3ReneeMarie, december 2008
Juvenile Non-Fiction Chapter Book1 ulæst / 1EmScape, oktober 2008
Mysteries for intelligent (but delicate) little old ladies19 ulæste / 19Bookmarque, september 2008
History of central Asia2 ulæste / 2ReneeMarie, august 2008
Decent Medieval Fantasy6 ulæste / 6lynnmc, august 2008
historical fiction about English Civil War?2 ulæste / 2ReneeMarie, august 2008
Books about or set in El Salvador?2 ulæste / 2jdouglas, juli 2008
Books about paintings8 ulæste / 8TeacherDad, februar 2008
Looking for non-fiction book on the Boer War3 ulæste / 3landofashes, november 2007
Mississippi since the civil rights movement?2 ulæste / 2wandering_star, oktober 2007
architect:lawyer :: the fountain head: [BOOK NAME?] :: ayn rand: [AUTHOR?]10 ulæste / 10myshelves, september 2007
Looking for fictional works on mental illness16 ulæste / 16Marchpane, august 2007
Memoir - Obesity/Eating Disorders5 ulæste / 5sqdancer, april 2007
Exploration and Colonization1 ulæst / 1asabel, marts 2007
Looking for a Good History of the English Fabian Movement2 ulæste / 2SimPenguin, januar 2007
Wintry books3 ulæste / 3Fey, januar 2007
Pick my next book6 ulæste / 6Fey, januar 2007
Looking for biography on Lenin and Roosevelt6 ulæste / 6SierraCharlie, november 2006
replying to topics in this group3 ulæste / 3sunny, november 2006
Test1 ulæst / 1eromsted, november 2006
A good thesaurus1 ulæst / 1eromsted, november 2006
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