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Denne gruppe er en hvilende gruppe. Det sker når en gruppe har været inaktiv længe. Hvis du vil puste liv i gruppe igen eller oprette en ny gruppe med samme emne, så se først denne side.

This is a group for all the people who have inspiration in their life and are writing books!
On this group you can post extracts of your book and share with us your ideas for your books before you write it. We will give you ideas and hopefully you will share with us yours!
Any age limit, and express your thoughts!

Death Stain

Chapter One

“See ya” I waved to Georgina, my best friend.
“TTFN” she replied, her dark hair bounced off her shoulders as she walked away.
I searched around for my keys in my new bag and finally found them.
When they walked through the door, something was different. Where was my mom rushing like a lunatic trying to get things for my baby brother Alfie? And where the hell was my brat sister Gracie, prancing about being… a brat?
If my family had started family movie night without me I would have gone ballistic!
I put my bag and coat on the steps banister and walked towards the living room.
A pool of blood soaked into the carpet a hand swimming in it. I traced up the torso which led to brunette curls and a love heart face. I gasped in fear as I saw my dead mother’s body; her throat was slit and all her blood had been drained, now insulated in the carpet, she was just lying there, so cold.
I looked ahead and spied a small hand, just about visible. It was pale white; I slowly walked towards it, afraid of the results and then I let out a small whimper as I stared into the lifeless eyes of my six year old younger sister, Gracie.
Held tight in her arms was a tiny baby; blood was dripping from his body from his baby as he too had been attacked, my baby brother, Alfie.
Tears welled in my eyes and dripped down. This was my family, slaughtered! Where was my father? But my question had been answered as I looked at the side of my foot and his finger tip was touching the sole of my shoe.
Petrified, I jumped away from the corpse of my father and ran to my bedroom, my safe area, no one could hurt me there.
I slammed the door shut and ran underneath my bed. My body was constantly shaking and no matter how hard I tried, I could not stop.

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