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Denne gruppe er en hvilende gruppe. Det sker når en gruppe har været inaktiv længe. Hvis du vil puste liv i gruppe igen eller oprette en ny gruppe med samme emne, så se først denne side.

this is for the kids of ecclesfiled school sheffield years 7 - 11 and leavers...age limmit 18... this gives kids, a great place to give there opinion on books they love and series they read and authors they want others to follow...
created for presant and future use..
done by alex class of 2006-2011
chloe class of 2007-2012
liz class of 2009-2014
all ready to pass on the info on great books....

are top 10 books you must readf in the next year... if you haven't already
1. genaration dead
2. kiss of death
3. host
4. witchling
5. love stories with a bite
6. kissed by an angel
7. dark visions
8. watchmen graphic novel
9. teenage idol
10. angus thongs and full frontal snogging

our personal favorates...
top 10 series you should read in the next year....
1. twilight saga
2. house of night novels
3. night world novels
4. it girl novels
5. vampir acdamy saga
6. sucubus novels
7. true blood novel
8. gossip girl novels
9. medusa project, novels
10. supernatural

top 5 comics / manga
1. bleach
2. x-men
3. d-n-angel
4. zombie-loan

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