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PinnedPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!48 ulæste / 48ontograph, januar 6
PinnedGeneral help and topic title change requests71 ulæste / 71amanda4242, I dag 12:18pm
PinnedAnnouncements60 ulæste / 60Petroglyph, august 23
PinnedTips for Finding Requested Books18 ulæste / 18Bargle5, maj 17
Paranormal Romance?1 ulæst / 1curiousitythecat, I dag 7:47pm
Looking for the name of a children book from the 90s with banana trees on the cover3 ulæste / 3YomoniShira, I dag 6:05pm
indian-inspired fantasy YA2 ulæste / 2keachachu, I dag 5:09pm
fantasy YA with courts named after the 4 seasons (not ACOTAR)2 ulæste / 2RosetheReader, I dag 4:37pm
Looking for title of sci fi book about gender war4 ulæste / 4melia21, I dag 3:29pm
Lectura Erótica, la conocés?1 ulæst / 1Thaira_Ga_Ma, I dag 1:08pm
Teen/YA: Girl buys wild horse at auction1 ulæst / 1ninilli_, I dag 12:03pm
a boy solves puzzles with old technology1 ulæst / 1semmiederacer, I dag 10:52am
Found: Fantasy Novel possibly by Mercedes Lackey4 ulæste / 4calm, I dag 10:41am
Found: YA Horse Stables/Ranch Story12 ulæste / 12timbeguard, I dag 8:33am
SF Novel by Mostly Mystery Writer52 ulæste / 52Bargle5, I dag 6:42am
Mystery/Historical Fiction1 ulæst / 1LeeBirdHarris, I dag 4:56am
Girl possesed after accident1 ulæst / 1NetherEerie, I dag 12:52am
Kid uncovers mystery of black flying creatures and is enlisted to help1 ulæst / 1CHend01, I går 11:53pm
Ghost Story abt Woman with fire coming out of her eyes1 ulæst / 1Hazel_Rose, I går 5:25pm
Found: Experimental Novel Told Through Auction Descriptions7 ulæste / 7beyondthefourthwall, I går 4:55pm
Found: Picture book, boy gets visit from uncle from outer space3 ulæste / 3catherinehhills, I går 4:28pm
Found: Novel in verse4 ulæste / 4lilithcat, I går 9:19am
Horror Book, Possibly 2, from 70s-80s (Spoiler Ahead)34 ulæste / 34Bargle5, I går 6:42am
Depression Prohibition Era Outlaws34 ulæste / 34Bargle5, I går 6:41am
Portnoy's Complaint Knockoff26 ulæste / 26Bargle5, I går 6:40am
1950s fiction single red flower high near cave or ledge1 ulæst / 1RubyBan, I går 6:36am
I've been searching for a certain book for a while...3 ulæste / 3bookel, I går 12:49am
YA/NA Girl with a fated destiny, supernaturals, angels, guardians...9 ulæste / 9Morgie99, tirsdag 6:40pm
Children's Book: Old Woman with a Dead Bird Friend6 ulæste / 6Ann2882, tirsdag 4:01pm
Found: YA Murder Mystery in Italy3 ulæste / 3pegasicore, tirsdag 1:46pm
Found: woman (Giselle?) perceived as messiah Sci-fi 90s or 2000s8 ulæste / 8Gabrieliko, tirsdag 11:03am
Found: Fantasy/Written in a dialect/2 best friends6 ulæste / 6Sakerfalcon, tirsdag 10:28am
middle grade/ya murder mystery2 ulæste / 2timbeguard, tirsdag 10:03am
Name that book3 ulæste / 3juels, tirsdag 9:04am
Found: Asian Historical Fantasy Book about Assassin Girl2 ulæste / 2humouress, tirsdag 4:54am
Found: YA Artificial Intelligence Dystopian4 ulæste / 4FayBel_Veya, mandag 8:53pm
Middle-grade novel '80s/'90s checkered cover7 ulæste / 7bookel, mandag 7:50pm
Kids solve mystery by finding note in coat3 ulæste / 3MissSquish, mandag 6:55pm
high school falls into 'big brother' style dystopia2 ulæste / 2MissSquish, mandag 6:52pm
YA Pulp Cheerleader Thriller4 ulæste / 4MissSquish, mandag 6:45pm
Children’s book I’ve been looking for years1 ulæst / 1soph1999, mandag 4:22pm
Long lost book1 ulæst / 1CarSickKitty, mandag 3:35pm
Found: 80s British mystery series, woman has 4 musical brothers7 ulæste / 7vorkosigan, mandag 1:44pm
YA parallel universe two friends discover machine in back of a shop3 ulæste / 3beyondthefourthwall, mandag 1:04pm
Zombie novel - Adults are infected, attacking kids2 ulæste / 2jollyavis, mandag 12:40pm
Contemporary romance about concierge doctor and female helicopter pilot1 ulæst / 1libraryfriend, mandag 12:17pm
children's book about boy, dog, truck driver father2 ulæste / 2beyondthefourthwall, mandag 11:37am
book name2 ulæste / 2juels, mandag 9:19am
Help me find this book!!!2 ulæste / 2lilithcat, mandag 8:40am
Small town bad boy good girl pregnancy romance2 ulæste / 2indu902, mandag 6:16am
Friends to lovers steamy2 ulæste / 2rmbf, mandag 12:05am
Fiction book about locust2 ulæste / 2keachachu, søndag 8:50pm
Found: Irish romance in Chicago4 ulæste / 4kjohn98371, søndag 7:46pm
Picture Book-includes cupcakes, a witch/witches, blackbirds, rain, petals1 ulæst / 1BetsyLong, søndag 4:08pm
YA Baby Princess left in woods3 ulæste / 3humouress, søndag 2:02pm
Adult fiction about woman with nine lives1 ulæst / 1Lokileague, søndag 11:45am
Mid-1970s Suspense Story - Possible Popular Summer Read?3 ulæste / 3RiesDralle, søndag 12:48am
Estranged Sisters 2000s Women's Fiction1 ulæst / 1linden81, lørdag 11:18pm
Fiction about a family on a trip that get stranded3 ulæste / 3welt-kids, lørdag 9:31pm
Best friend's brother romance3 ulæste / 3merrystar, lørdag 9:02pm
Paranormal YA school project turned ghost hunt1 ulæst / 1wearyinsomniac, lørdag 8:57pm
YA ghost story5 ulæste / 5merrystar, lørdag 8:45pm
90s kid book, grandma and kid have a day out, but they can secretly fly.1 ulæst / 1koalabanjo, lørdag 8:16pm
Found: Fantasy series(?) about learning magic7 ulæste / 7lanterns22, lørdag 7:50pm
Found: YA - Girl dealing with false accusation made against teacher3 ulæste / 3spacepuppy5, lørdag 3:12pm
Musician sleeps with h mom. He gets h pregnant. h gets drugs from brothers best friend1 ulæst / 1Nicole999, lørdag 11:20am
Adult suspense/scifi people using hypnosis look into past lives to make a movie with that information9 ulæste / 9PowerOfTheIllusion, lørdag 8:40am
Junior Fiction Time Travel Australian Forrest 90s-early 2000's19 ulæste / 19bookel, lørdag 6:15am
YA Sci-Fi Book Early to Mid '80s: Valley and the Popeyes4 ulæste / 4beyondthefourthwall, lørdag 5:47am
MM: ML discovers he has been writing love letters to a man1 ulæst / 1bored5hit, lørdag 1:17am
Old FictionPress story that I think was later published as an eBook1 ulæst / 1RuffRider, fredag 10:16pm
Help me find the title of this children’s book3 ulæste / 3Murray712, fredag 9:23pm
Book(maybe a series) about a world that created a simulation1 ulæst / 1mackenzie_teems, fredag 9:15pm
Junior Kindy Picture Book - Monster involving gross feet/Shoes?3 ulæste / 3Murray712, fredag 9:08pm
Australian YA book- Themes of rape and murder3 ulæste / 3Murray712, fredag 8:59pm
Crime/thriller woman wrongly jailed for killing mother10 ulæste / 10grosvenorgirl, fredag 7:06pm
A series about a hidden princess3 ulæste / 3kelsmart, fredag 3:27pm
Found: YA Novel about Teen faking death4 ulæste / 4beyondthefourthwall, fredag 3:26pm
Found: Crime novel: missing woman's body found on farm17 ulæste / 17eclbates, fredag 1:27pm
Found: Do you know the name?3 ulæste / 3amanda4242, fredag 1:17pm
Morder romance- Scottish Hotel tycoon and his receptionist1 ulæst / 1ZeeRose, fredag 11:52am
Please help find Contemporary Romance With a Scot Hotel tycoon and his receptionist.1 ulæst / 1ZeeRose, fredag 11:46am
Found: Do you know the name?5 ulæste / 5Nyx_shadow, fredag 9:27am
YA coming of age/summer drama1 ulæst / 1GinaViVi, fredag 3:07am
YA? Fiction: Kid gets trapped and escapes from cave4 ulæste / 4bookel, fredag 12:52am
YA Crime Fiction Missing Aunt Mute Grandpa1 ulæst / 1BookNeeder, fredag 12:25am
Children’s hardcover picture book about famous women from A-Z.2 ulæste / 2marykins, fredag 12:22am
Found: YA Summer Camp Entrepreneur, Read 1980s7 ulæste / 7zbretz, torsdag 8:56pm
Can’t remember this book1 ulæst / 1r3bel, torsdag 8:51pm
WW2 historical romance1 ulæst / 1WickedPhx, torsdag 5:49pm
Looking for Vintage Baby Book1 ulæst / 1Jrose95, torsdag 2:37pm
help2 ulæste / 2amanda4242, torsdag 12:49pm
Sci Fi: dystopian Earth1 ulæst / 1readerup, torsdag 10:13am
Fiction: Male hacker living in murder house2 ulæste / 2amanda4242, september 20
Found: A book where there is a girl falling in her dream.6 ulæste / 6Cecrow, september 20
Looking for an adult romance novel with a pink cover5 ulæste / 5solo16, september 20
Beauty And The Beast Parody2 ulæste / 2RosetheReader, september 20
Found: need help finding a children's book4 ulæste / 4MissSquish, september 20
Fiction, male main character who steals a painting with the help of his girlfriend's daughter5 ulæste / 5Settings, september 20
Daughter kidnapped by mothers childhood best friend1 ulæst / 1Robynh.25, september 20
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