Japanese Literature

Welcome to the Japanese literature group!

The group is currently very small and quiet but we always welcome new members and would love the opportunity to discuss everything Japanese with you. Two of us have our own threads where we post and review every Japanese book we read as we read it. Perhaps you'd like to start your own thread as well!

In any case, feel free to discuss anything literature-related in Japan: fiction, poetry, drama and non-fiction from Japan and about Japan.

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What are you reading in 2024?25 ulæste / 25Alexandra_book_life, maj 13
Soseki: The Three Cornered World1 ulæst / 1SRB5729, marts 13
Stretch - Japanese Archive33 ulæste / 33SRB5729, marts 12
Kawabata Yasunari: The Sound of the Mountain2 ulæste / 2SRB5729, marts 3
Upcoming Japanese translations46 ulæste / 46Pendrainllwyn, februar 12
Books Read in 20234 ulæste / 4lilisin, januar 12
A Japanese mystery, anyone?12 ulæste / 12Pendrainllwyn, december 2023
Your Japanese Literature Top Three - What are they?21 ulæste / 21Pendrainllwyn, december 2023
Lilisin in Japan, Part 2103 ulæste / 103stretch, november 2023
Haruki Murakami or Banana Yoshimoto?3 ulæste / 3benbrainard8, juni 2020
Fear and Trembling2 ulæste / 2lilisin, september 2019
The Modern Famous Japanese Personal library1 ulæst / 1Taisuke-Yokota, maj 2019
Japanese Fairy Tales - Ozaki1 ulæst / 1Cecrow, januar 2018
Mishima Yukio Prize2 ulæste / 2Cecrow, juli 2016
Characteristics of modern Japanese literature?2 ulæste / 2SqueakyChu, maj 2016
Lilisin's Japanese adventure139 ulæste / 139lilisin, januar 2016
Yasunari Kawabata, The Master of Go3 ulæste / 3heathrel, december 2015
Akutagawa Prize7 ulæste / 7lilisin, marts 2015
Yomiuri Prize4 ulæste / 4lilisin, februar 2015
Japanese Cinema15 ulæste / 15tros, november 2013
The Oxford Book of Japanese Short Stories16 ulæste / 16lilisin, november 2013
What are you reading? (July '12)2 ulæste / 2GYKM, januar 2013
Ningen no jōken 人間の條件2 ulæste / 2lilisin, oktober 2012
Looking for authors and themes for the Japanese Literature Reads in 20132 ulæste / 2lilisin, oktober 2012
Alexander Vivon's Man'yoshu1 ulæst / 1signature103, juni 2012
A study on Nagai Kafu1 ulæst / 1signature103, juni 2012
The Key by Tanizaki Jun'ichiro2 ulæste / 2lilisin, juni 2012
magick in narrative1 ulæst / 1Dario_de_Giacomo, september 2011
Suggestions for a beginner?9 ulæste / 9JanetinLondon, marts 2011
Ryu Murakami // Almost Tranpasparant Blue5 ulæste / 5ConsciousReader, juni 2009
What work(s) are you most likely to return to?21 ulæste / 21gscottmoore, januar 2009
Some books in English trans.22 ulæste / 22nobooksnolife, juni 2008
Kyoko no Ie3 ulæste / 3Rood, maj 2008
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