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A group dedicated to that vague conglomerate of ideas and works, both philosophical and literary, which goes by the name "existentialism."

"But the point is to live."

-- Camus

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Existentialist Movies30 ulæste / 30LheaJLove, juni 2016
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Who are the existentialists?13 ulæste / 13donbuch1, juni 2012
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authors and works39 ulæste / 39Naren559, februar 2012
Good existentialism primer14 ulæste / 14Naren559, oktober 2009
Required existential reading: fiction16 ulæste / 16Naren559, september 2009
A Current List of Fiction Books On Existentialism2 ulæste / 2Naren559, september 2009
Les Justes Albert Camus2 ulæste / 2Naren559, oktober 2008
Existentialism vs. trnascendentalism2 ulæste / 2Naren559, september 2007
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