The 'verse

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For any fans of Joss Whedon and his work. From Toy Story to Buffy, from Firefly to X-Men. Anything Whedon-related has a place in the 'verse

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Coming Jan 2022 - In Every Generation by Kendare Blake1 ulæst / 1lavenderagate, september 2021
Firefly essays are SHINY!5 ulæste / 52wonderY, august 2021
Official (Canonical) Firefly novels announced3 ulæste / 3lhungsbe, februar 2018
Castle7 ulæste / 7LisaMorr, december 2012
Joss's Glee Episode!2 ulæste / 2Mandy2, juni 2010
Last night's Dollhouse (may contain spoilers in discussion)4 ulæste / 4Mandy2, januar 2010
Dollhouse44 ulæste / 44Mandy2, september 2009
Cakes!2 ulæste / 2selkie_girl, september 2009
chronological order of paperback series2 ulæste / 2AnnieMod, september 2009
Buffy vs. Edward1 ulæst / 1biblioholic29, august 2009
xkcd.com3 ulæste / 3ghilbrae, maj 2009
RIP Andy Hallet2 ulæste / 2Mandy2, marts 2009
Help NASA name Node 31 ulæst / 1ghilbrae, marts 2009
Watching Buffy/Angel8 ulæste / 8biblioholic29, marts 2009
Dr. Horrible25 ulæste / 25MrsLee, januar 2009
The obligatory intro67 ulæste / 67chrismccr, januar 2009
Ripper3 ulæste / 3PhoenixTerran, december 2008
Arr.1 ulæst / 1shrew, september 2008
Catalog Dr. Horrible's library32 ulæste / 32shrew, august 2008
who checks this group?1 ulæst / 1Mandy2, maj 2008
Kids Need to Read (Nathan's Charity)3 ulæste / 3tardis, april 2008
Season 8 comics10 ulæste / 10deliriumslibrarian, maj 2007
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