Learning Ancient Greek

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A site for all of us who are learning Classical Greek, whether at school or as adults. A place to compare learning experiences, to recommend websites and books, in short for anyone caught up in the joys and sometimes the frustrations of learning this great language and getting a glimmering of "the glory that was Greece".

EmneEmneKommentarerSeneste Meddelelse 
Reading Ancient Greek24 ulæste / 24BartGr., oktober 2018
Cassirer's New Testament1 ulæst / 1aulsmith, februar 2015
Online resources1 ulæst / 1BartGr., marts 2013
Iliad Book I16 ulæste / 16BartGr., november 2012
Just beginning72 ulæste / 72richardbsmith, oktober 2012
Reading the Gospel of John.45 ulæste / 45richardbsmith, august 2012
γραφωμεν Ελληνιστι36 ulæste / 36richardbsmith, juli 2012
The Republic10 ulæste / 10LesMiserables, juli 2012
Accents18 ulæste / 18richardbsmith, december 2011
Going in head first11 ulæste / 11LesMiserables, september 2011
Donna Tartt's [The Secret History]2 ulæste / 2vpfluke, maj 2011
Learning Ancient Greek from basics!28 ulæste / 28mandianglesey, januar 2011
Why learn Greek anyway?31 ulæste / 31ianea, september 2010
Modern Greek1 ulæst / 1Faula, april 2009
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