Book Addicts Anonymous

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A group for anyone who needs an outlet for their excessive enthusiasm for books. If you get excited at the prospect of buying *that* new book then feel free to come and tell us all about it.

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rate the book55 ulæste / 55Tess_W, januar 2012
Bad reads9 ulæste / 9Tess_W, januar 2012
Would you say that you are a Book addict??43 ulæste / 43Tess_W, november 2011
How many is too many?3 ulæste / 3rolandperkins, marts 2011
Bill and Bert's Confessional47 ulæste / 47katelisim, maj 2010
Other Addictions2 ulæste / 22wonderY, marts 2010
What books have you bought recently?165 ulæste / 165JimThomson, marts 2010
Where do you like to read?18 ulæste / 18Kat32, oktober 2009
what are you reading?111 ulæste / 111Kat32, oktober 2009
Character VS Character22 ulæste / 22njdevils26, august 2009
Brenda's Tearoom12 ulæste / 12katelisim, august 2009
Read that Book!!!43 ulæste / 43JessicaLouise23, juni 2009
FREE books in Baltimore every week-end1 ulæst / 1JimThomson, juni 2009
Book Watch5 ulæste / 5JessicaLouise23, april 2009
Where do you keep your books?11 ulæste / 11JessicaLouise23, marts 2009
Temptation Avenue - Book Recommendations2 ulæste / 2JessicaLouise23, marts 2009
Bookmarks9 ulæste / 9JessicaLouise23, marts 2009
Addictions and OCD6 ulæste / 6JessicaLouise23, marts 2009
Book to Film Adaptations7 ulæste / 7RLMCartwright, marts 2009
Favourite Genre7 ulæste / 7JessicaLouise23, februar 2009
If and when...3 ulæste / 3RLMCartwright, februar 2009
Top 52 ulæste / 2RLMCartwright, februar 2009
What do you love most about reading?2 ulæste / 2RLMCartwright, februar 2009
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