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Foxing vs. Mold??3 ulæste / 3MarthaJeanne, søndag 2:33pm
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Dollar tree books, anyone else buying them?5 ulæste / 5rocketjk, juli 14
Creating your own Classification System3 ulæste / 3thorold, juli 13
The BIG question: Why do you have a personal library?50 ulæste / 50reidbyers, juli 12
Exploring Books Through Articles, Reviews, Announcements, & Lists 2021-287 ulæste / 87featherbear, juli 2
That time and place18 ulæste / 18asurbanipal, juni 30
What happens to an author's books after they die?13 ulæste / 13ScottTalbotEvans, juni 29
Franklin Library3 ulæste / 3MarthaJeanne, juni 23
How do I find solution to The Malinsay Massacre by Dennis Wheatley2 ulæste / 2MarthaJeanne, juni 14
Philip Roth biography: train wreck12 ulæste / 12AndreasJ, juni 14
Librarything has a book I'm currently reading as an automatic recommendation3 ulæste / 3Settings, juni 9
Fictional Books with Ancient Egypt Themes12 ulæste / 12asurbanipal, juni 7
Hindi Lietrature- Kavya Shrinkhala and Kavya Silsila6 ulæste / 6spiralsheep, juni 5
A Silly Book Game Part 40176 ulæste / 176Selliers, juni 5
reviews2 ulæste / 2MarthaJeanne, juni 4
What is in your opinion the best fine press edition of Dracula right now?2 ulæste / 2Frank_Zwolinski, juni 1
Enemies to Lovers3 ulæste / 3Limelite, maj 30
Children Fable musician steals "smoke" court jester3 ulæste / 3zchsh, maj 30
Marcus’ Readings6 ulæste / 6MarcusBastos, maj 29
Agatha Christie1 ulæst / 1Frank_Zwolinski, maj 29
Music Named in Hollywood Dragon1 ulæst / 1tyler2016, maj 13
Any ideas on how to alter incorrect 'Work Details'?3 ulæste / 3lilithcat, maj 12
I need unblocked manga sites please1 ulæst / 1aanniimmee, maj 12
Must-Read Books By Black Authors31 ulæste / 31asurbanipal, maj 10
What books have you read more than once? Or annually?108 ulæste / 108asurbanipal, april 30
The Folk of Air Series2 ulæste / 22wonderY, april 29
"99% of members have a higher alive percent."26 ulæste / 26asurbanipal, april 29
Seeking a Review of Moby-Dick Illustrated by Evan Dahm1 ulæst / 1simbae, april 28
How did you become a reader?42 ulæste / 42AndreasJ, april 28
Cool titles, part 238 ulæste / 38asurbanipal, april 26
Lesbian Romance Book Recommendations5 ulæste / 5anglemark, april 25
Questions on Star Ratings30 ulæste / 30melannen, april 23
Ratings List?4 ulæste / 4MarthaJeanne, april 22
Good anthropology books?3 ulæste / 3spiphany, april 22
Nature Writing List13 ulæste / 13aileverte, april 20
Erudition5 ulæste / 5melannen, april 19
How big is your wishlist/TBR pile? How do you choose books?23 ulæste / 232wonderY, april 18
Words, Glorious Words5 ulæste / 5haydninvienna, april 13
The Classics10 ulæste / 10melannen, april 12
Colonial reports4 ulæste / 4asurbanipal, april 11
Decatur Book Festival Spring/Summer Virtual Programming7 ulæste / 7Well-ReadNeck, april 9
Recommendations for a contemporary read in literary fiction2 ulæste / 2gilroy, april 5
Exploring Books Through Articles, Reviews, Announcements, & Lists 2021-1206 ulæste / 206featherbear, april 5
Barry Lopez's "Horizon"2 ulæste / 2jasbro, april 2
Franklin Library 'Hierarchy' ?2 ulæste / 2gilroy, marts 28
All The Bright Places5 ulæste / 5krazy4katz, marts 26
Availability for an interview?9 ulæste / 9kristilabrie, marts 25
[Diamonds behind my eyes] I'd like to read it!2 ulæste / 2krazy4katz, marts 24
Juvenile Biographies of famous americans series 1950s or 1960s12 ulæste / 12Primategeek, marts 23
Advice sought on intelligently packing books27 ulæste / 27kayhag5, marts 22
Seuss and politics18 ulæste / 18nemoman, marts 22
Reading, Listening, reading life259 ulæste / 259NarratorLady, marts 21
'ello! 'ello!! 'ello!!!2 ulæste / 2gilroy, marts 21
The Founding Myths of Christian Nationalism2 ulæste / 2krazy4katz, marts 18
no. of distribution in german books2 ulæste / 2MarthaJeanne, marts 15
Books warping?2 ulæste / 2norabelle414, marts 13
Cleaning books and shelves17 ulæste / 17MrAndrew, marts 7
The Best Mysteries of All Time by Reader's Digest/ImPress Mysteries147 ulæste / 147RedWouldForest, marts 3
Looking for a book4 ulæste / 4gilroy, marts 3
Book Adaptations3 ulæste / 32wonderY, marts 3
Fantasy novel Runaway boy. Water affinity magic.3 ulæste / 3JuliePr, marts 1
Disputed authorship4 ulæste / 4Crypto-Willobie, februar 27
Misprint on the spine19 ulæste / 19MarthaJeanne, februar 26
What kind of author?4 ulæste / 4Crypto-Willobie, februar 24
Book list for women's history month5 ulæste / 5Diversity, februar 22
Book Printing Numbers5 ulæste / 5Frank_Zwolinski, februar 21
Tips on moving or shipping books2 ulæste / 2lilithcat, februar 18
Thanks to the cover donors!6 ulæste / 6norabelle414, februar 16
Any Books where the MC is a Snake?7 ulæste / 7igorken, februar 13
waiting for godot (nly knows what).3562 ulæste / 3562greatunclemort, februar 9
Books and reading in the pandemic1 ulæst / 1anglemark, februar 6
Natural history, anyone? Or....4 ulæste / 4melannen, februar 5
Help find this book, please!!3 ulæste / 3pinoa, februar 2
Name that book4 ulæste / 4AnnaBarber, februar 2
Name that book: Historical Romance. I’m begging you!3 ulæste / 3alexus_, februar 1
YA Girl with healing powers2 ulæste / 2gilroy, februar 1
Need help2 ulæste / 2lilithcat, februar 1
Book written in Japanese about WWII ...need some help5 ulæste / 5Cecrow, januar 31
Free Decimal Classification system1 ulæst / 1whitepinepete, januar 31
Name that book: Christian path, illistrated book.2 ulæste / 2gilroy, januar 31
Find childhood poem3 ulæste / 3gilroy, januar 31
Novels of interconnected stories27 ulæste / 27Crypto-Willobie, januar 30
Don't recall the name of a book. Any assistance would be appreciated.2 ulæste / 2lilithcat, januar 30
Find A Book Please4 ulæste / 4Oran76, januar 30
Trying to remember a book title2 ulæste / 2lilithcat, januar 28
The Paris Predicament10 ulæste / 10Sasha_Lauren, januar 28
Trying to find a romance novel2 ulæste / 2gilroy, januar 28
How to mark book with Dewey decimal number if it contains two works in one book?2 ulæste / 2melannen, januar 27
US Army veteran + brother's death2 ulæste / 2gilroy, januar 27
Name that book2 ulæste / 2gilroy, januar 27
Name that Book - Help Please4 ulæste / 4KMcBook, januar 26
Donald Hamilton/Matt Helm5 ulæste / 5anglemark, januar 26
Mythical creatures. Road Trip. Children's book.2 ulæste / 2gilroy, januar 26
Help YA book series2 ulæste / 2gilroy, januar 26
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