Modern Library Collectors

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A group for those people who seek out and collect books published by the Modern LIbrary.

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Movie sighting: The Petrified Forest, 1936.1 ulæst / 1benjclark, april 2021
How many do you have?21 ulæste / 21wirkman, april 2021
New Admin?1 ulæst / 1sdawson, februar 2021
Hello?11 ulæste / 11rocketjk, december 2020
Why Do I Collect Modern Library?6 ulæste / 6Jon_Speed, november 2020
On collecting James Branch Cabell in the Modern Library1 ulæst / 1Crypto-Willobie, november 2020
illustrated Modern Library is Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll3 ulæste / 3Jon_Speed, november 2020
Latest Score54 ulæste / 54benjclark, juni 2020
Should we kill this group?3 ulæste / 3sdawson, marts 2015
Modern Library Lady Chatterly's Lover1 ulæst / 1sdawson, januar 2014
Ordering Modern Library when it was in the original run3 ulæste / 3benjclark, juni 2010
IDing a true ML edition3 ulæste / 3benjclark, juni 2010
Great German Short Novels and Stories3 ulæste / 3rocketjk, januar 2009
Wishlist1 ulæst / 1benjclark, november 2008
Celebrity ML Collection on ebay3 ulæste / 3benjclark, september 2008
Stumbling through the Centathlon4 ulæste / 4RoseCityReader, april 2007
Toledano Collection1 ulæst / 1blclark, januar 2007
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