Bibliophiles of the Kingdom of Northshield

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This group includes the personal libraries of the populace of the Kingdom of Northshield. Note: This group is not sponsored by nor affiliated with the SCA, Inc or the Kingdom of Northshield, SCA Inc. It is simply a way for us to share our libraries and knowledge contained within them!

From here you can leave a message for the owner of a book or sometimes find it online to buy for yourself. If you are looking for a specific book for research purposes, contact the owners of individual books to arrange viewings/loans. Such agreements are solely between lender and borrower. The Kingdom of Northshield, the SCA, or is NOT responsible for books that are loaned. Happy researching!

When cataloging, it is helpful to mark books appropriate to this group with the tags "Northshield Reference Library" or "SCA". You may also wish to include lending/viewing options in the comments section. (ie. view at my home, will bring to events, will lend for one month, etc.)

{With profound thanks to the bibliophiles of the Kingdom of Atlantia for providing the outstanding group description.}

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