Stephen King Fans

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A place to talk about any of King's famous novels or movies. What's your favorite of his works, least favorite, what are you reading, now, next, or later? Anything goes as long as it's about the KING!

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How many books does Stephen King have left?1 ulæst / 1Eastonorfolio, februar 2019
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Favorite Lines12 ulæste / 12srboone, marts 2013
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Giant Stephen King contest : more than 100 gifts to win!1 ulæst / 1ClubStephenKing, september 2012
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Where are you SK fans?3 ulæste / 3angeladeel, april 2011
Stephen King Collector's Set3 ulæste / 3merlin1958, juli 2010
"The Jaunt"5 ulæste / 5drbubbles, juli 2010
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Christine Book Editions1 ulæst / 1Christine_Movie_Car, august 2009
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Merchandise4 ulæste / 4beckylynn, august 2008
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