Karl Shapiro and Company

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For readers of the poetry and prose of U.S. poet Karl Shapiro (1913-2000); for those interested in poetry from the 1940s to the present in England, Ireland, Canada, the U.S. and elsewhere--Larkin, (Stevie) Smith, Auden, Spender, Hughes (Langston and Ted), Eberhart, Bishop, Moore, Layton, Jarrell, Sitwell, et al.; for those with some affinity for formal as well as free verse and all the poetry in between; for LT folk who may teach or take classes in creative writing; for LT folk with books on prosody, poetics, verse, etc. For anyone who likes iconoclastic, independent poets like Shapiro, and for anyone who may have known Karl, and taken a class from him, or enjoyed his poetry, his criticism, or his handbook on prosody, written with Robert Beum. Do invite others; it's a big tent.

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