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Books can be a wonderful way to appreciate any style of music. Be they insightful biographies, story-like swaths of music history, harmonic theory and practice, or just plain scores, often finding the right companion to your recordings is a time consuming task, while getting the perfect gift of one can turn a bibliophile onto a new love.

Let this be a place where people can ask, talk, feedback, and dish about music, and how to get the most out of it

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Kepler and the Music of the Spheres1 ulæst / 1barclayb, marts 2009
The Rest is Noise18 ulæste / 18defaults, februar 2009
Emblems of Mind1 ulæst / 1barclayb, oktober 2008
Alex Ross and Mann's Doctor Faustus1 ulæst / 1rebcamuse, april 2008
Hi Everyone I'm New!8 ulæste / 8lily2124, marts 2008
Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks2 ulæste / 2Thrin, januar 2008
Myspace for music1 ulæst / 1GojirasHejira, januar 2008
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