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Progressives and Conservatives: Here is a place where you can meet, argue, discuss, throw imaginary tantrums, ask questions of each other and share a virtual beer or coffee together.

Simple rules: attack ideas, not people. Be honest. Let others be honest. Be a gracious guest. Try to learn something. Be informative. Don't jerk your knees. Assume that the people who disagree with you are intelligent, but they just need more information to be Truly Enlightened.

If you want to know how to do things like post pictures or links, see the Nuts and Bolts thread here. Feel free to contribute to that.

And have fun.

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SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 (24...)137 ulæste / 137margd, I går 6:44pm
Vaccination, Choice, Public Health Options 337 ulæste / 37margd, I går 6:19pm
COVID-19 - social and political fallout (7)138 ulæste / 138margd, I går 1:21pm
Brexit! Part 566 ulæste / 66John5918, I går 10:19am
The Pretense of "Thinking Differently": Latest Euphemism for Conspiracy Theorists73 ulæste / 73margd, I går 7:47am
Dealing with the dishonorable and the inconvenient (2)104 ulæste / 104John5918, søndag 11:57pm
House Select Committee January 6 Insurrection62 ulæste / 62margd, søndag 7:25am
Quotations 3134 ulæste / 134librorumamans, lørdag 11:26am
Republican Hypocrisy and Double Standards Commence52 ulæste / 52margd, lørdag 10:16am
Climate change issues, prevention, adaptation 8109 ulæste / 109margd, lørdag 8:00am
Tucker Carlson30 ulæste / 30lriley, lørdag 12:24am
Who killed Epstein?85 ulæste / 85lriley, fredag 6:32pm
Domestic Terrorism (3)47 ulæste / 47prosfilaes, fredag 3:35pm
How to Democracy51 ulæste / 51John5918, fredag 8:34am
The Biden Administration Begins (Thread 2)65 ulæste / 65Limelite, torsdag 3:43pm
Cognitive Function Meme Fun! II38 ulæste / 38Limelite, torsdag 11:09am
Humor from both sides of the aisle (2)61 ulæste / 61Limelite, torsdag 10:55am
Righteous Republicans 3123 ulæste / 123margd, torsdag 5:33am
Israel #354 ulæste / 54John5918, torsdag 1:49am
Going to Kabul? A long shot12 ulæste / 12davidgn, torsdag 1:47am
Journalism: a dangerous job, and oft well done (5)193 ulæste / 193John5918, onsdag 11:46pm
Gerrymandering and other voting rights issues (2)62 ulæste / 62margd, onsdag 8:52am
Trump's Truthiness (2)9 ulæste / 9margd, onsdag 3:01am
2022 midterm election games --> 202415 ulæste / 15margd, tirsdag 6:58am
Socialized medicine: a success story8 ulæste / 8lriley, oktober 10
FOX News channel ~ this is center-right politics???21 ulæste / 212wonderY, oktober 8
Contraception and Abortion40 ulæste / 40krazy4katz, oktober 7
Epik Fail Hack10 ulæste / 10Limelite, oktober 4
Sometimes The Top Blows Off - George Floyd and Aftermath / III123 ulæste / 123margd, oktober 4
A Personal Statement from General Flynn to America18 ulæste / 18margd, oktober 3
"Too Fat" Part Three!...91 ulæste / 91margd, oktober 3
Mass Shootings...contd....of course (6)53 ulæste / 53John5918, oktober 3
De-Bunk House57 ulæste / 57Limelite, oktober 1
Bob Woodward's "Peril" -- Plan To Read It?. . .Discussion10 ulæste / 10Limelite, september 30
Vaccination, Choice, Public Health Options 2152 ulæste / 152margd, september 28
Matt Goetz (R-FL): Full-fledged Republican! Sex Trafficker, Too?19 ulæste / 19Limelite, september 27
Rudy, Rudy, Rudy! - Giuliani’s Clown Act118 ulæste / 118Limelite, september 24
Tracking Trump's Criminal Liability Post-Presidency150 ulæste / 150Limelite, september 24
January 6, 202185 ulæste / 85Molly3028, september 24
DOCUMENTING 2020 Election and Voter Fraud111 ulæste / 111John5918, september 22
International Days of Peace and Nonviolence1 ulæst / 1John5918, september 21
An opening for nonviolent change in Afghanistan?9 ulæste / 9LolaWalser, september 20
Donald Trump: mentally, physically, temperamentally compromised #7104 ulæste / 104margd, september 19
The Four Horsemen29 ulæste / 292wonderY, september 16
Constitution and Norms under Attack: Military, Judiciary, Administration, Congress, International 378 ulæste / 78mamzel, september 15
20 years of the 'War on Terror'5 ulæste / 5John5918, september 14
Republicans: Political Party or Hate Group?10 ulæste / 10Molly3028, september 12
Extinction countdown 3, unfortunately32 ulæste / 32margd, september 10
Biden-Harris Transition96 ulæste / 96margd, september 9
Working against violence by sitting around2 ulæste / 2John5918, september 9
Hurricanes 2021 (Ida...)9 ulæste / 9mikevail, september 3
Trump is going to lose, badly (Part 2)265 ulæste / 265StormRaven, september 1
Invasive Species, Fellow Travelers, Zoonoses47 ulæste / 47margd, september 1
Which allies has Trump insulted and alienated?64 ulæste / 64margd, september 1
Data Indicates QAnon Believers Likely To Be Mentally Ill35 ulæste / 35Limelite, august 30
The antifascist struggle5 ulæste / 5LolaWalser, august 30
SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 (23)152 ulæste / 152margd, august 29
De-Trumpification of America cont.13 ulæste / 13Cynfelyn, august 29
Natural disasters, the GOP & Trump5 ulæste / 52wonderY, august 28
Black in America, V63 ulæste / 63John5918, august 22
Controversial ...6 ulæste / 6kiparsky, august 20
Trump: pardon me?93 ulæste / 93margd, august 18
Tucker Carlson6 ulæste / 6kiparsky, august 18
Trump Reinsatement Day (aka National Koo-Aid Day)13 ulæste / 13Limelite, august 16
CENSUS 20205 ulæste / 5Molly3028, august 14
Trump's Nominees & Hirees, contd. III157 ulæste / 157Limelite, august 13
Asteroid Day (June 30)23 ulæste / 23Limelite, august 13
Crafting Immigration Policy in America 519 ulæste / 19John5918, august 13
Trump's taxes or lack thereof30 ulæste / 30Limelite, august 11
Lefties are so cute, how they think the monsters they create won’t eat them.305 ulæste / 305Limelite, august 11
Impeach, Indict, 25th Amendment, Vote--REPEAT! 6135 ulæste / 135prosfilaes, august 11
"Information" in the Time of Trump #4110 ulæste / 110margd, august 10
Entry into force of the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty on 22 January 202118 ulæste / 18John5918, august 5
If All the Fraud Is Uncovered, Trump Will Win150 ulæste / 150Limelite, august 3
Sometimes it’s best to feed the trolls?135 ulæste / 135margd, august 3
Vaccination, Choice, Public Health Options154 ulæste / 154Hebor_47294, august 2
Anti-White Pogrom in South Africa20 ulæste / 20John5918, august 1
Trumpian 'New Lows' 571 ulæste / 71prosfilaes, juli 23
Science Is Political, and We Must Deal with It8 ulæste / 8librorumamans, juli 20
Another self-serving Dummycrat just doesn't get it2 ulæste / 2Kuiperdolin, juli 17
The Apology Thread5 ulæste / 5Earthling1, juli 17
The Biden Administration Begins164 ulæste / 164Limelite, juli 15
SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 (22)151 ulæste / 151margd, juli 14
Nix repeal--fix the Affordable Care Act? 217 ulæste / 17margd, juli 9
SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 (21)154 ulæste / 154margd, juli 8
Post-Antibiotic Era—the Antibiotic Apocalypse--is Upon Us?63 ulæste / 63margd, juli 7
Extinction countdown152 ulæste / 152margd, juli 4
Going to Arizona4 ulæste / 4margd, juli 3
Sanctions13 ulæste / 13lriley, juni 28
Michigan: Computer "glitch" wrongly gives victory to Democrat.220 ulæste / 220margd, juni 23
US Election Unleashes Bigots & Bullies (4)150 ulæste / 150margd, juni 21
Bill Barr, AG, Dept of Justice112 ulæste / 112margd, juni 15
Taxes and Subsidies for Corporations and Wealthy3 ulæste / 3margd, juni 13
Rahm Emanuel1 ulæst / 1lriley, juni 13
Big Pharma69 ulæste / 69margd, juni 11
The TX Lawsuit and AG Paxton14 ulæste / 14margd, juni 10
De-Trumpification of America156 ulæste / 156Molly3028, juni 8
To Filibust, or Not to Filibust?10 ulæste / 10lriley, juni 7
What Happens To a Dead Elephant?131 ulæste / 131margd, juni 7
Dealing with the dishonorable and the inconvenient197 ulæste / 197margd, juni 7
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