Horror Book Club

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For Book lovers of the Horror/Thriller genre.

I'd like this to be club where we can discuss all books from the genre and pick a book monthly to read and discuss. Feel free to recommend.

First book we will discuss for August is: Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz

EmneEmneKommentarerSeneste Meddelelse 
Got a Suggestion?27 ulæste / 27LorenMolloy, april 2016
New book for your club?5 ulæste / 5Aleahmom, januar 2016
The Zombie Era is Back.1 ulæst / 1Sheri.b, juli 2012
Recommendations for small press horror3 ulæste / 3magnumpigg, april 2012
August Pick : Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz6 ulæste / 6scottnicholson, november 2011
would Fear Nothing and The Husband really be considered HORROR1 ulæst / 1tpeck121, oktober 2011
horror stories of non western world1 ulæst / 1Dario_de_Giacomo, september 2011
December pick: The Husband4 ulæste / 4Deejaytee, marts 2011
Book for nov/dec?2 ulæste / 2tabitha6, november 2010
10 greatest horror books writers2 ulæste / 2adventuresingaydatin, september 2010
What else?7 ulæste / 7Mcc109, november 2009
The main Library Thing horror group3 ulæste / 3jseger9000, februar 2008
January Book to Read?4 ulæste / 4Cicci, januar 2008
September Pick: Nightmares & Dreamscapes by Stephen King2 ulæste / 2Lame, september 2007
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