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PinnedFIRST EDITION: THE TALE OF SINUHE195 ulæste / 195venkysuniverse, november 2023
PinnedROLLING ANNOUNCEMENTS199 ulæste / 199NathanOv, december 2022
PinnedCOMMENT BOX155 ulæste / 155Shadekeep, december 2022
*Sinuhe update*9 ulæste / 9ChestnutPress, tirsdag 5:44pm
Printing of Sinuhe1 ulæst / 1Glacierman, december 12, 2023
The next CP book...9 ulæste / 9Glacierman, december 12, 2023
An observation about Sinuhe2 ulæste / 2venkysuniverse, november 2023
Sign-off is imminent6 ulæste / 6Glacierman, september 2023
POLL RESULTS: PRESSMARK (i.e. Logo) QUESTION16 ulæste / 16Glacierman, august 2023
POLL RESULTS: SIGNATURE QUESTION8 ulæste / 8Shadekeep, august 2023
POLL: signed or not?82 ulæste / 82grifgon, august 2023
Logo Discussion29 ulæste / 29Glacierman, august 2023
NEW POLL: Signatures - all or one?1 ulæst / 1Glacierman, august 2023
Poll: Establishing a Waitlist26 ulæste / 26Glacierman, august 2023
Sinuhe as read by Barbara Ewing.5 ulæste / 5Glacierman, august 2023
Q & A : Mark Askam (Designer)11 ulæste / 11Glacierman, juni 2023
Design Decision: Chemise $70 Reallocation34 ulæste / 34ChestnutPress, april 2023
Design Decision: Chemise19 ulæste / 19ultrarightist, april 2023
Poll: Letterpress Method21 ulæste / 21jveezer, april 2023
F̶I̶R̶S̶T̶ E̶D̶I̶T̶I̶O̶N̶:̶ F̶L̶O̶W̶E̶R̶S̶ F̶O̶R̶ A̶L̶G̶E̶R̶N̶O̶N̶108 ulæste / 108booksforreading, marts 2023
First Edition: The elected proposal is...36 ulæste / 36consensuspress, december 2022
Proposals133 ulæste / 133Shadekeep, december 2022
Imagined Feelings at the Second Ballot Results17 ulæste / 17caszius, november 2022
Why is ordering the book needed for membership?27 ulæste / 27filox, november 2022
Second ballot44 ulæste / 44EdwinDrood, november 2022
Second Round: A Canticle For Leibowitz (Miller)28 ulæste / 28kermaier, november 2022
Second Round: “The Life of Merlin” by Geoffrey of Monmouth34 ulæste / 34Dr.Fiddy, november 2022
Second Round: The Tale of Sinuhe, tr. R. B. Parkinson. With/without illustrations.20 ulæste / 20booksforreading, november 2022
Second Round: A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter Miller Jr.51 ulæste / 51Shadekeep, november 2022
Second Round: The Voyage of Máel Dúin's Boat48 ulæste / 48Shadekeep, november 2022
Leibowitz: what's the appeal?29 ulæste / 29elladan0891, oktober 2022
Second Round: A Flower for Algernon by Daniel Keyes31 ulæste / 31kermaier, oktober 2022
Second Round: Bashō - The Narrow Road to the Deep North42 ulæste / 42ChestnutPress, oktober 2022
Poll: Edition Numbering45 ulæste / 45ChestnutPress, oktober 2022
POLL: Preferred Price Range11 ulæste / 11AMindForeverVoyaging, oktober 2022
Second Round: Letters From a Stoic, by Seneca1 ulæst / 1consensuspress, oktober 2022
Second Round: On the Shortness of Life by Seneca; profound philosophical meditations1 ulæst / 1consensuspress, oktober 2022
Voting Paradigms49 ulæste / 49allbummereverything, oktober 2022
Poll: Advisory Board Process Change7 ulæste / 7grifgon, oktober 2022
Poll: Voting Timeline5 ulæste / 5NathanOv, september 2022
Copyright on Proposals25 ulæste / 25jsavoy, september 2022
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