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EmneEmneKommentarerSeneste Meddelelse 
If you had to throw away all books but could keep the one you like most?3 ulæste / 3SandraArdnas, I dag 3:39pm
Recommendations for interesting books about hidden dimensions of consciousness, perception, or mental transcendence?3 ulæste / 3VoicelessTorment, I går 8:17pm
A mystery, fantasy, thriller, or Supernatural book set in a Circus10 ulæste / 10clivers, søndag 9:09am
Literary fiction with compelling romances6 ulæste / 6SandraArdnas, februar 21
YA fantasy with juvenile fantasy vibes9 ulæste / 9goldenwillow_9, januar 9
Caravaggio3 ulæste / 3MauroFrancesco, december 23, 2023
books about discoverers/explorers10 ulæste / 10GilbertDutton, december 11, 2023
post-Julio-Claudian ancient Roman Empire26 ulæste / 26Shrike58, november 2023
Another crime author for my daughter16 ulæste / 16NancyB.Div, november 2023
Books about how pharmacies,hospitals,doctors are money-business9 ulæste / 9aedoue, november 2023
Realistic horror1 ulæst / 1flippinpages, november 2023
Once upon a broken heart energy1 ulæst / 1goldenwillow_9, oktober 2023
Kierkegaard's Knight (Similar?)4 ulæste / 4tealadytoo, oktober 2023
Fantasy or science fiction with conscious dogs (or cats)106 ulæste / 106merrystar, oktober 2023
Self Help - Learning to care about education?1 ulæst / 1CatherineCampbell, oktober 2023
Viet Cong perspective4 ulæste / 4susanbooks, september 2023
Books featuring the "obsessed artist" trope16 ulæste / 16Bookmarque, september 2023
Books where time works differently20 ulæste / 20susanbooks, august 2023
Early chapter books with animals8 ulæste / 8RosetheReader, juli 2023
Books where the central character is absent the whole time9 ulæste / 9h_lew, juli 2023
Books on the multiverse3 ulæste / 3susanbooks, juli 2023
I am looking for a book i read a very long time ago, but I cant remember the name just the beginning, and partially endi3 ulæste / 3COCOCHANNEL, juni 2023
Pandemic books41 ulæste / 41zasmine, juni 2023
Please help me find a book on topics of violence, fashion, visual, narrative, color, cult, religion, dream, fear2 ulæste / 2sarahemmm, maj 2023
Oddly specific programming/engineering related books13 ulæste / 13FosterWest, maj 2023
Authors like Ward Just1 ulæst / 1June, april 2023
I just need some recs, please and thank you.16 ulæste / 16defaults, april 2023
American History for YA4 ulæste / 4RosetheReader, april 2023
Tracing legends/folklore through history5 ulæste / 5Cecrow, marts 2023
Books for 13 years old girl!24 ulæste / 24humouress, marts 2023
Cute romance subplot3 ulæste / 3merrystar, marts 2023
what next recommendations for some Maurice Sendak books3 ulæste / 3ggprof, februar 2023
Best Non-Fiction Folklore Books17 ulæste / 17GrimFiend1977, februar 2023
YA books on planes and flying8 ulæste / 8Shrike58, februar 2023
Manga suggestions for seven to eight year olds?5 ulæste / 5Jenson_AKA_DL, februar 2023
book series like "nora jacobs/underworld chronicles" and "shane davis" by Jackie may1 ulæst / 1Thelamon1, februar 2023
Comprehensive and beautiful books on the Carnival of Venice?3 ulæste / 3VoicelessTorment, februar 2023
Children's fiction about astrology and zodiac signs4 ulæste / 4merrystar, februar 2023
Books to make a play4 ulæste / 4VivianDennis, januar 2023
"Solondzian" Writing?1 ulæst / 1slimeboy, januar 2023
Fall of the Berlin Wall5 ulæste / 5thorold, december 2022
Prohibition and Russian History for a 10-year-old?7 ulæste / 7TooLittleReading, november 2022
6th grade/ bildungsroman32 ulæste / 32EGBERTINA, november 2022
Best and/or most comprehensive books on Japanese and Chinese mythology?9 ulæste / 9SandraArdnas, oktober 2022
Books about characters being in stories19 ulæste / 19RosetheReader, september 2022
History of psychology for a middle-schooler2 ulæste / 2RosetheReader, september 2022
Best history books on knights, castles, chivalry, and medieval Britain?8 ulæste / 8Cecrow, august 2022
American historical fiction YA level6 ulæste / 6ggprof, august 2022
Comprehensive books about the history of magic, automatons, and the circus?5 ulæste / 5VoicelessTorment, august 2022
Comprehensive books about how Victorian banks worked?10 ulæste / 10susanbooks, august 2022
Largest and most comprehensive books on Celtic mythology?7 ulæste / 7VoicelessTorment, august 2022
Michener 'read alikes"5 ulæste / 5nessreader, maj 2022
Novels featuring a dysfunctional family?4 ulæste / 4vwinsloe, maj 2022
Books NOT Featuring Stealing Away16 ulæste / 16RosetheReader, april 2022
Book about the history of plot6 ulæste / 6katya21, april 2022
Fantasy with a talking/conscious artifact23 ulæste / 23karenb, april 2022
Assassin Romance1 ulæst / 1scythe78890, april 2022
Culinary mysteries16 ulæste / 16jbegab, april 2022
Poetry Writing Guide with Prompts and Exercises10 ulæste / 10dianeham, marts 2022
Dark Romance...I think?7 ulæste / 7IzaraWolf, marts 2022
Short fiction - science fiction or fantasy13 ulæste / 13Cecrow, marts 2022
Travel books with extreme vivid imagery and poetic perception3 ulæste / 3Cecrow, marts 2022
China's Red Guards: what do they think now about what went on in the sixties?3 ulæste / 3Shrike58, februar 2022
Agatha Christie4 ulæste / 4ironjaw, februar 2022
Funny fiction for morose adult?19 ulæste / 19jay8anks, februar 2022
Fiction featuring cooking or restaurants13 ulæste / 13vwinsloe, februar 2022
whimsical surrealist/nonsense/trippy books with light-hearted plot and vivid imagery writing11 ulæste / 11cindydavid4, januar 2022
Recommend a book with "fire" in the title please30 ulæste / 30cindydavid4, januar 2022
Speculative fiction + tragic romance = ?9 ulæste / 9cindydavid4, januar 2022
Young man who wanders through the city immersed in his own thoughts or meeting random people.12 ulæste / 12cindydavid4, januar 2022
Recommend an 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die adventure story by BIPOC autho1 ulæst / 1jeshakespeare, januar 2022
Realistic fiction/easy reads for teenagers6 ulæste / 6merrystar, december 2021
Rec's for Vintage style erotic with humor4 ulæste / 4wartgin, november 2021
Adventure Books4 ulæste / 4Cecrow, november 2021
Salad dressing5 ulæste / 5susanbooks, november 2021
Experimental books by Spanish/Latino writers6 ulæste / 6merrystar, november 2021
Memoir - love story, author learns about love3 ulæste / 3wllmst, oktober 2021
Cozy autumn/halloween themed books?4 ulæste / 4brizzzy, oktober 2021
Novel featuring Narcissistic Personality Disorder?1 ulæst / 1LCKain, september 2021
Psychological Suspense w/Male Protagonist?1 ulæst / 1LCKain, september 2021
Reccomendations like Night School by C.J. Daugherty3 ulæste / 3lilithcat, september 2021
Recommendations for an Elderly Lady83 ulæste / 83LadyLo, september 2021
Novels About AI in the Not Too Distant Future7 ulæste / 7elphie93, juli 2021
Creative Footnotes/Annotations24 ulæste / 24vwinsloe, juni 2021
Non-fiction history of the "Regency" romance genre6 ulæste / 6nessreader, juni 2021
Golden age mysteries that aren't the usual authors?10 ulæste / 10nessreader, juni 2021
Autumnal novels?7 ulæste / 7susanbooks, juni 2021
Similar novel8 ulæste / 8June, juni 2021
Pocket sized potry6 ulæste / 6Frank_Zwolinski, juni 2021
Novels about the underworld in older times11 ulæste / 11nessreader, juni 2021
Recommendation requested for some contemporary literary fiction11 ulæste / 11Limelite, juni 2021
Romance7 ulæste / 7Ennas, maj 2021
Baking Cookbook for Type 2 Diabetes3 ulæste / 3Julie_in_the_Library, maj 2021
Enemies to Lovers3 ulæste / 3Aquila, maj 2021
Recommendation from the under 30s10 ulæste / 10aspirit, maj 2021
Fantasy Fiction but clean35 ulæste / 35MichaelWynn, april 2021
Science fiction inspired by Hebrew Bible10 ulæste / 10librisissimo, april 2021
What to read after Demon Cycle4 ulæste / 4Thelos12, april 2021
About Patrick Modiano5 ulæste / 5karenb, marts 2021
Ideas for What I Should Read Next in General?12 ulæste / 12HeatherVoight10, marts 2021
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