Thing(amabrarian)s That Go Bump in the Night

For devotees of the horror genre and all things from the dark side of literature. Vampires and werewolves and demons... Oh My!

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Who do you think is the worst author of horror fiction?38 ulæste / 38jseger9000, november 2009
My top 5 Horror Comic Books13 ulæste / 13jseger9000, oktober 2009
Favourite Characters in Horror Fiction5 ulæste / 5Moomin_Mama, oktober 2009
Has anybody here entered the CRANIOKLEPTY comp?1 ulæst / 1Moomin_Mama, oktober 2009
Shaun Hutson??12 ulæste / 12cujo9, oktober 2009
Dennis Etchison...6 ulæste / 6KentonSem, oktober 2009
My Top 5 Horror Classics for Newcomers10 ulæste / 10bookmonkey00k, oktober 2009
Mister B. Gone1 ulæst / 1kawika, oktober 2007
Guys, rent The Orphanage if you haven't already9 ulæste / 9beeg, august 2008
The remake of 'Prom Night16 ulæste / 16jseger9000, september 2008
Masters of horror...9 ulæste / 9ollonois, oktober 2009
Gary A. Braunbeck's 'Cedar Hills' books...11 ulæste / 11jseger9000, september 2009
WHy I love Horror: the early years1 ulæst / 1bookmonkey00k, september 2009
Anyone met a horror legend?14 ulæste / 14sorell, december 2009
quiet horror and films...15 ulæste / 15zwoolard, december 2009
Child Vampire Hunters8 ulæste / 8saraslibrary, marts 2010
Worst horror novel you've read?108 ulæste / 108KentonSem, marts 2010
Happy Birthday to Dan Simmons...2 ulæste / 2xenchu, april 2010
John Farris3 ulæste / 3jseger9000, oktober 2009
5 Reasons I love horror fiction3 ulæste / 3bookmonkey00k, oktober 2009
The Stand - Marvel comics8 ulæste / 8bookmonkey00k, september 2009
In honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day... any good pirate (we could stretch it to sea)-the7 ulæste / 7jseger9000, september 2009
Horror Magazines19 ulæste / 19bookmonkey00k, september 2009
What scary movie have you watched recently? Would you recommend it?307 ulæste / 307saraslibrary, oktober 2009
'Salem's Lot (the '70's miniseries that is...)5 ulæste / 5CarlosMcRey, november 2007
Illustrations in Poe's Tales of Mystery & Imagination1 ulæst / 1SJaneDoe, november 2007
The Curse of 'The Shining'4 ulæste / 4Scaryguy, september 2007
Warning: Really long rant spawned by chronic boredom and recent unemployment18 ulæste / 18SJaneDoe, juli 2007
Jack Ketchum Type Horror1 ulæst / 1Scaryguy, september 2007
It's Halloween/Fall/Harvest time! What spooky book are you planning on reading?26 ulæste / 26Huge_Horror_Fan, november 2007
Horror Publishers with the Biggest Bang?10 ulæste / 10Scaryguy, november 2007
Just finished a good read1 ulæst / 1drneutron, juli 2007
Horror Book Into Film40 ulæste / 40TheBratPrince, juli 2007
Nocturnal Ooze1 ulæst / 1Scaryguy, juni 2007
scary scenes from a book7 ulæste / 7VictoriaPL, juni 2007
Looking for a title3 ulæste / 3avaland, juni 2007
Local Legends & Ghost Stories1 ulæst / 1OldSarge, juni 2007
Books for the Holidays8 ulæste / 8jseger9000, december 2007
Anyone watch the new vamp show on CBS? Moonlight...4 ulæste / 4Sarahcoz, december 2007
Formula: Scary versus Good Read versus True Horror?17 ulæste / 17CarlosMcRey, oktober 2007
Poetry of H.P. Lovecraft1 ulæst / 1OldSarge, september 2007
Frankenstein3 ulæste / 3OldSarge, oktober 2007
Observation3 ulæste / 3jseger9000, oktober 2007
Favorite Monsters from Literature32 ulæste / 32John5918, oktober 2007
Tim Waggoner's horror work?6 ulæste / 6Huge_Horror_Fan, november 2007
Broker - Need recommendation12 ulæste / 12TheBentley, december 2007
Zombie book title5 ulæste / 5CarlosMcRey, december 2007
Where does the expression "bump into the night" stem from?3 ulæste / 3SJaneDoe, december 2007
Zombies12 ulæste / 12nmelcher, november 2007
Tortured Skin2 ulæste / 2xenchu, maj 2010
Good Werewolf books???57 ulæste / 57Locke, maj 2010
What got you hooked on horror?104 ulæste / 104Twilight45, juni 2009
What are your favorite short story collections?14 ulæste / 14timdt, februar 2009
Cool blog2 ulæste / 2zwoolard, juni 2009
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Ramsey Campbell - What am I missing?16 ulæste / 16HerbertWest, juli 2009
Our top horror books33 ulæste / 33ellevee, november 2008
The Return of "What scary book are you reading right now?"270 ulæste / 270cal8769, december 2008
Any thoughts on Sarah Pinborough5 ulæste / 5TheBentley, september 2008
A new Stephen King reading group1 ulæst / 1jseger9000, oktober 2008
Paranormal 999 Challenge3 ulæste / 3saraslibrary, november 2008
"Forrie" Ackerman gone!2 ulæste / 2KentonSem, december 2008
New (relatively) books.2 ulæste / 2Moomin_Mama, september 2009
Mary E. Wilkins-Freeman3 ulæste / 3OldSarge, september 2009
Asian Horror10 ulæste / 10hemlockclock, marts 2009
New to the horror genre; trying to figure out what to read next18 ulæste / 18cal8769, marts 2009
Win Jack Kilbourn's AFRAID...and grab a free e-novella!1 ulæst / 1adeptmagic, maj 2009
Historical Horror Novels by Dan Simmons17 ulæste / 17KentonSem, april 2009
Tales From the Darkside, Season One on DVD! How'd I miss that?6 ulæste / 6saraslibrary, februar 2009
What do you think of Brian Keene?26 ulæste / 26ScribbleScribe, februar 2009
Used bookstore finds (or 'Lost Classics' is that sounds classier...)20 ulæste / 20SomeGuyInVirginia, juli 2009
Gothic-Fiction6 ulæste / 6CurrLee33, maj 2009
This Is Halloween...1 ulæst / 1BookBindingBobby, maj 2009
Psh, theyre crazy18 ulæste / 18jennsbookshelves, marts 2009
Recommendation Request - Good Horror Authors7 ulæste / 7klarsenmd, september 2008
Elizabeth Massie?3 ulæste / 3SJaneDoe, oktober 2008
Voodoo1 ulæst / 1Scaryguy, januar 2010
Combining groups12 ulæste / 12goydaeh, december 2009
The Return of 'What scary movie have you watched recently?'306 ulæste / 306LitClique, februar 2010
Literary, subtle horror recommendations?17 ulæste / 17drneutron, februar 2010
Peter Stummp - The Orignal Werewolf? (1589)3 ulæste / 3BookBindingBobby, februar 2010
Stories where things are............wrong13 ulæste / 13sorell, december 2009
The Son of "What scary book are you reading right now?"247 ulæste / 247jseger9000, januar 2010
How the living "view" the dead.......7 ulæste / 7saraslibrary, maj 2010
Has anyone read Naomi's Room?2 ulæste / 2bibliobeck, maj 2010
My first horror story1 ulæst / 1sf_addict, marts 2010
New Horror Book1 ulæst / 1Tmtrvlr, februar 2010
Reccomended or avoid horror books?24 ulæste / 24saraslibrary, februar 2010
Mesmeric Revelations By: Edgar Allen Poe1 ulæst / 1ScribbleScribe, september 2009
Horror and Pessimism6 ulæste / 6jseger9000, februar 2009
What should go on my reading list for 2009?42 ulæste / 42TheBentley, februar 2009
Whitley Strieber: Horror writer...8 ulæste / 8desertgrandma, januar 2009
House of leaves Mark Z. Danielewski7 ulæste / 7AnarchoHermetica, januar 2009
Friday the 13th T.V. series11 ulæste / 11goydaeh, februar 2009
Well, I've gone and joined the Leisure Horror book club...13 ulæste / 13jseger9000, januar 2009
The Horror, The Horror: Bad Horror63 ulæste / 63KentAllard1, september 2009
Thread for Horror FIcs1 ulæst / 1ScribbleScribe, januar 2009
Did you see this?3 ulæste / 3saraslibrary, januar 2009
What makes a true Horror Fiction Fan?18 ulæste / 18jseger9000, januar 2009
should zombies run?34 ulæste / 34Moomin_Mama, marts 2009
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