RYM/Rate Your Music

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A book group for users of the website rateyourmusic.com. As we compulsively catalog music, let's compulsively catalog our books.

EmneEmneKommentarerSeneste Meddelelse 
Hello3 ulæste / 3saraslibrary, februar 2015
What's Your Favorite Book on Music?13 ulæste / 13davess, februar 2015
List of users1 ulæst / 1Hughie2, marts 2010
Hi1 ulæst / 1waitingtoderail, januar 2010
Can you read and listen at the same time?9 ulæste / 9antimuzak, marts 2008
What has been the most useful book about music you've come across?3 ulæste / 3WholeHouseLibrary, marts 2008
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