Trollope lovers unite or fight

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This group is for Anthony Trollope fans to discuss their favorite books, their favorite and un-favorite characters, and their views on his style, his attitudes toward women , jews and foreigners (ugh) and anything else about him that interests them. I hope they will contrast him with other 19th /20th century novelists like Henry james, Willa Cather, Charles Dickens, etc.

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Trollope Group Read: Castle Richmond1 ulæst / 1kac522, juli 2020
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MA on Trollope...3 ulæste / 3soniaandree, marts 2012
Which is the darkest of Trollope's novels?5 ulæste / 5stringcat3, marts 2012
The Warden33 ulæste / 33thorold, februar 2012
Group Read Orley Farm?2 ulæste / 2ChocolateMuse, februar 2012
Trollope and women...3 ulæste / 3soniaandree, januar 2012
Neither Barset nor Palliser165 ulæste / 165stringcat3, juni 2011
Where Do I Go From Here?: Or Which Trollope Novel Should I Read Next?17 ulæste / 17mkalech, maj 2011
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Trollope adaptations - what do you think?41 ulæste / 41digifish_books, december 2010
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Chronicles of Barsetshire56 ulæste / 56digifish_books, juli 2009
Books with Trollope references2 ulæste / 2stringcat3, juni 2009
Marion Fay3 ulæste / 3charlottestar, marts 2009
Orley Farm1 ulæst / 1digifish_books, december 2008
Church politics24 ulæste / 24lesezeichen, november 2008
Useful Resources5 ulæste / 5stringcat3, oktober 2008
Barchester Towers - NO SPOILERS, PLEASE50 ulæste / 50stringcat3, oktober 2008
The Small House at Allington14 ulæste / 14digifish_books, september 2008
Trollope website2 ulæste / 2digifish_books, september 2008
Tripping through Trollope . . .5 ulæste / 5alcottacre, januar 2008
Castle Richmond23 ulæste / 23stringcat3, november 2007
Group Read/Discussion - Nov/Dec 07 - Dr Wortle's School17 ulæste / 17digifish_books, november 2007
Group read?32 ulæste / 32digifish_books, november 2007
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