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I don't know about you but I love Big Fat Books, to encourage other like minded BFB readers this group is for you.

Please join me! Set your own goals and enjoy. Let's see if we can read 100 Big Fat Books in 2017.

A BIG FAT BOOK has to be 600 pages or more to qualify.

EmneEmneKommentarerSeneste Meddelelse 
BIG FAT BOOKS CHALLENGE TOTAL173 ulæste / 173connie53, januar 2018
Montarville's big books of 201720 ulæste / 20Montarville, december 2017
John's 2017 big reads and lots of tea.61 ulæste / 61floremolla, december 2017
floremolla is late to the chunkster party19 ulæste / 19floremolla, december 2017
Yells will try to read the biggest books on the shelf before the house collapses18 ulæste / 18Yells, december 2017
Bryan Big Book Challenge 201735 ulæste / 35bryanoz, december 2017
Clue Reads Big9 ulæste / 9johnsimpson, december 2017
Mabith's Heavy Tomes (Meredith)37 ulæste / 37mabith, december 2017
Hemlokgang's Big Fat Book List 201715 ulæste / 15hemlokgang, november 2017
MissWatson's BFBs23 ulæste / 23MissWatson, november 2017
Connie's chunksters17 ulæste / 17connie53, september 2017
cbfiske devours big fat books in 20179 ulæste / 9cbfiske, august 2017
CurrerBell's Doorstoppers 20177 ulæste / 7floremolla, august 2017
Tess & Her BFBS!9 ulæste / 9floremolla, august 2017
rainpebble's BFBs; 20179 ulæste / 9floremolla, august 2017
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