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How we can be better together in friendships, teams, families and, yes, loving couples. Love to read well-written, research-based books on behavior, brain, psychology, communication, history, narrative non-fiction, fiction - even whimisical books that give insights into making the genuine, authentic connections and deep, long relationships that give life fun, joy, growth, meaning ... As a once shy, stutterer-turned reporter, then author/speaker I love to discover others' favorite books on bolstering connection. If this is the Age of Engagement, dedicated to The Power of Us, then finding ways ot connect, not conflict has never been as valuable.

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Eye Contact6 ulæste / 6skoobdo, juli 2009
The Dance of Connection2 ulæste / 2Relation_Addiction, september 2008
Hmmm ...1 ulæst / 1perodicticus, februar 2007
How to Disagree without Being Disagreeable1 ulæst / 1KareAnderson, februar 2007
Emotions Revealed1 ulæst / 1KareAnderson, februar 2007
What is the What? by Dave Eggers1 ulæst / 1KareAnderson, februar 2007
Illicit by Moises Naim1 ulæst / 1KareAnderson, februar 2007
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