For BookCrossers: Reduce MTBR Challenge 2014

Denne gruppe er en hvilende gruppe. Det sker når en gruppe har været inaktiv længe. Hvis du vil puste liv i gruppe igen eller oprette en ny gruppe med samme emne, så se først denne side.

Like many other avid readers I have a Mountain of Books that need To Be Read. My mountain never seems to get any smaller. The reasons for that are many gifts of generous BookCrossers and an uncontrolable urge to buy BOOKS, even when I go into town for something completely different.

Are you a BookCrosser?
Do you have the same 'problem'?
Do you want to read and journal (part of) that mountain of books that were not registered by you?
Maybe you even want those books to go on a journey again?

Is the answer to all or most questions a 'YES', then you've come to the right place :-)

Here's how it works:
1. Post on January 1st (or later when you join during the year) the amount of books registered by others on your TBR-shelf.
2. Post the number of books from this selection that you want to read in 2014.
3. Keep us informed about the progress you make.
(Only list books that were on you shelf before January 1st, 2014 and that were registered by other BC-members.)

Please remember to use your membername in the thread's title. That way it's less difficult for people to find you. Thanks!!

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