History of the Book

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A group for those who wish to share topics for reading, research, and enjoyment. In a word Bibliophiles. Whether you enjoy bookbinding, typography, private presses, collecting, history of the book trade-- whatever.

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Amy Sacker !!8 ulæste / 8lilithcat, marts 2011
Book History Books On Sale1 ulæst / 1benjclark, oktober 2010
Conference: Book culture from Below1 ulæst / 1Hakkapelit, maj 2010
Have you been good this year?5 ulæste / 5benjclark, december 2009
Topics of interest9 ulæste / 9cbellia, marts 2009
CBS Sunday Morning Fine Binding segment2 ulæste / 2varielle, juli 2008
Patrick Henry's Library1 ulæst / 1benjclark, april 2008
Moving the Group1 ulæst / 1benjclark, oktober 2007
Printing on the Frontier1 ulæst / 1benjclark, marts 2007
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