ROOT - 2013 Read Our Own Tomes

Denne gruppe er en hvilende gruppe. Det sker når en gruppe har været inaktiv længe. Hvis du vil puste liv i gruppe igen eller oprette en ny gruppe med samme emne, så se først denne side.

Together in 2012 we read more than 3,000 of our own books - BOMBS was successful but some of the members were not happy with the name. So this year we have a new name and it's one that states it all. We will be Reading Our Own Tomes (those old books that deserve their time in the limelight). Join in the fight against unread books! But ROOT also says how we support each other in the effort and cheer each other to their own goal.

Many of us have mountains of books that are just waiting to be read and this is are way of making that decision to read those books. Newer and prettier books are always catching our eyes so older books fall farther to the bottom of the pile. This group is designed to help everyone see those books that have been hiding, and read them with the same joy as a new book arriving from the bookstore.

We will have a joint ticker and a monthly thread to encourage all who enlist for this fight against the unread book. We will root on each other to reach our goals and win the fight against unread books.

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